Sunday, May 12, 2019

Folsom Lake International Triathlon (Troy)

April 13th, 2019 – Lake Berryessa, CA
1.5km S – 40km B – 10km R

2:26:57 (25:55 S – 1:13:26 B – 47:36 R)


2nd 45-49, 20th o/a


OLY – Dave Campbell, Keith Hansen, Dominic Pollizzi

AQUA BIKE - FCA: Troy Outman

SPRINT – FCA: Ariel & Anna Soares; Josh Cagney

Anna, Ariel and I arrive at Granite Beach.  Robin is sick and not able to do the Super Sprint as planned, so Ariel is doing it in her place!  It will be Ariel’s longest race event.

There’s a lot to get ready and we get to the start barely in time but we always stop to pray beforehand.  We want to remember there is so much more going on here than just seeing who is fastest.  Triathlons are about persevering and giving your best even when things aren’t going your way – which is perfect training for “life”.  This is something I need constant reminding of.

I’m doing the Olympic distance which starts an hour after the Super Sprint so I have time to swim with Ariel in her race before doing my race.

The Super Sprint starts!  Anna’s in the middle. Ariel’s near the back.  And I’m still putting my wetsuit on – with help from others near me.  I jump him and catch up to Ariel.  Thankfully she had a different color cap (due to changing Robin’s entry to her) so I could find her. 

Ariel is doing terrific, swimming straight.  I swim alongside talking to her peridically.  The water feels great.  Usually I’d be concerned about getting cold before my race but it’s nice.

Near the end of the swim I see Anna get out and struggle with her wetsuit.  I have a new water-level view of my girls racing.  Ariel gets out next and I get to watch her, too, while standing in the water beside her.

I watch their race while in my wetsuit, cheering through transitions, and even seeing Anna sprint to her finish before I have to run to the start of my race.

Go!  Into the swim.  And into the sun.  So hard to see.  It takes so long to get to the first buoy.  Finally, after the turn, I can see again.  We seem a long way out in the lake and the wind is making the water choppy.  Coming back in, I try to get some glide out of some of my strokes.  I see Dave Campbell just ahead as I come out of the water about 16th in the Over-45.  I struggle a bit with my wetsuit and run for the bike.

T1:   It’s a perfect day so I don’t need a jacket.  Keith Hansen is a couple minutes ahead.  I leave T1 before Dave somehow.  And my friend Troy Outman is probably not far behind because he starting a few minutes back in the Aquabike division.

Bike:  Biking out of the park, Dave Campbell, goes flying by.  He’s really biking strong lately.  I start pushing harder.  I was really concerned before the race because I realized I had the wrong 11 speed cog set on my wheel for my 10 speed bike.  But thank the Lord, it’s working ok.  I catch and pass Dave.  It was really helpful biking most of this course in a practice tri workout with Troy Outman a week ago.  It felt good then and today is shorter so I have no reason not to push hard.  I get different pains in my glute, foot, legs.. but each time I focus on the Lord and try to trust Him and not get anxious.  Each pain goes away and I’m riding pretty well.

On the way back (a long descent down Auburn Folsom), I catch up to Keith Hansen and go back and forth a bit.  Another rider passes me and drafts off Keith for along time.  Does he not know that drafting is not allowed in triathlon?  I remind him not to draft as I push hard to get by him.  Eventually Keith and I get far enough ahead.  It’s really hard staying in front of Keith.  We always make sure to keep the required 7 meters between us.  Keith goes by one time and even says, “Don’t worry, I wasn’t drafting”.  And I say the same to him when I go by.

I’m really tired and sore for the last climb up Twin Rocks Rd but now I’m almost done with the Bike


T2:  I roll into transition with a great dismount.  Anna and Ariel are cheering for me.  Such great supporters. 

Run:  There’s someone right behind me so I start off pretty fast.  I hope I can hold it.  My achilles has been bothering me lately and I pray the Lord will hold it together for me.  It’s a pretty course, winding through single-track under a lot of shade.  It is getting hot out.  On the dirt road it’s continuous up and down.  It’s tough on the legs.  Many racers who started earlier are coming back.  One says, “watch out, there’s a snake on the road”.  I wonder if it’s a rattlesnake coiled up on the side of the road.  I keep my eyes open.  Then I see a runner coming towards me reach down quickly and PICK UP the snake and move it off the road!  That’s when I notice it was only a King Snake.  At the turn-around, I make a move and end up passing 3 strong runners.  I don’t know the course at this point.  It’s a new trail which winds around and down and then up a steep climb back to the levy.  It’s really hard work but I’m able to stay ahead of the others.

I don’t know what my place or time is but I feel like I’m pushing hard and making the best of every part of the course.  I know God wants my best effort with a smile, not my best time with a medal.  On the way back, I’m not seeing anyone ahead of me to chase, but I try to push as if there is someone.

We round the water-tower hill and I’m so glad we didn’t have to climb it.  Finally down the finish stretch, there’s my girls, I thank the Lord, and I’m done!  I gave it my all and my body hurts.  Good effort.  Dave Campbell, 10 years older, finished just 30 secs behind me, which means his run was almost 2 min faster.  Another mile and he may have caught me.  Or the next race.. 


God is good and with His strength I can keep persevering in Triathlon and more importantly in life.  God Bless.


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Folsom Super Sprint–Anna - 2019

Location: 5/11/19, Granite Bay
Distance: 400yr S – 6.5miB –  2mi R
Time: 48:20
Place: 1st, Overall Female + 14 & Under  Girls

We are at the triathlon and I am setting up my transition. I am running out of time but I feel ok. I finish and need to hurry. I then realize I need to be body marked. I go over and wait in line. I thought they would let me go ahead because my race starts in about 5 minutes. They didn’t body mark me right away and after I finished, I had to run down to the water. Ariel went to get something from the car and didn’t get body marked. She will be fine though. It is now 2 minutes until I have to race. I get on my wetsuit with dads help and get ready to go. The race director gives a 30-second countdown and I run over quickly and ask him a question. Ariel was going to do a relay with mom but mom was sick so that Ariel is now doing the whole race by herself. I ask him if Ariel should swim in this heat because she has a different cap and originally was supposed to be in a different heat. He said for her to be in this heat. I quickly tell her and dad this. My Dad was also going to swim with her because it was her first sprint. I line up and there is 5-seconds until the race starts. 5, 4, 3, 3, 2, Go!

I start swimming and feel good. It is a 400-yard swim, but seems longer. After swimming for a while, I look back. Ariel and Dad are swimming close to me. I start to pick it up. I pass the first buoy and am about halfway. It is choppy and I start to feel dizzy. I keep swimming and try not to slow down. I keep looking ahead to make sure I’m going the right way. I finally get to the second buoy and head for the shore. I swim strong but still feel a little dizzy. I swim to shore and look down. I watch as the ground appears and gets closer. I hit the shore and start to take off my wetsuit. As I am taking off my wetsuit everything looks like it is spinning. I try to stand up and take my wetsuit off but I fall over. I try again but I fall over. I take off my wetsuit in the water and then start running. As I run the dizzy feeling goes away. I get in transition and get my bike and bike gear and head to the bike out.

I jump on my bike and start biking. I bike out of the set-up area and start to slip my feet into my bike shoes. It takes me a while to get the shoes on. When I try to put my foot in the shoe, it would move. I finally get my feet in the bike shoes and take off. I get to the levy and start to bike hard. Because I was slow in the swim, I wanted to pick it up and get farther ahead in the bike. I get off the levy and start riding through the trees. It is a winding but relaxing bike course. There is some uphill but not too much. I keep biking. I fly down one hill and take the corner tight. The bike course is fun and I thank God for getting me this far. I remember that I am doing this for him. After biking for a while, I make a turn onto a road I have never been on before. I bike for a little bit and then realize that I am in a campsite, no one is camping though. I then turn around and go back. I bike and look for Ariel. Before I get to the road where I turned in to the campsite, I see Ariel. I continue on the road and come to a parking lot where a guy takes my picture and I turn around and head back to transition.

I see people biking as I am biking back and I am surprised to see many adults behind me. It is the super sprint though, so the adults doing it aren’t as experienced. I get to the hill I had flown down and now I have to climb it. I get to the top and I am close to the levy. After a little bit, I hit the levy. It is windy as I bike across but I keep my head low. I get to the other side and get ready to unstrap my feet from my bike shoes. I see a biker ahead of me starting to take his feet out of his bike shoes. I take my feet out of my bike shoes and pedal down to transition. I get in transition and jump off my bike.

I put my bike and bike gear by my wetsuit and put my running shoes on. They were a little tight and it was difficult to slide them on. I finally get them on, grab my visor and run out of transition. I see Dad as I start running. He cheers me on. I also see the guy that was ahead of me on the bike. I focus on him and gain ground.

When we hit the trails, I pass him. I run through the trails and enjoy the view. The trail hits the road and I see two people ahead of me. I pick up my pace slightly. I hope I can catch up to them and maybe get first woman overall. I feel content with whatever place I get. About half way down the road, I catch up to the man who was ahead of me. We say good job and I keep running. I can now see the lady in front of me. I think I am going a faster pace meaning that I should catch up soon. We are getting close to the end of the road and I am closer to her. I pass her right before we turn. There is an aid station at the turn and I grab some water. I accidentally cut her off a little bit, but say sorry.

It is all trials now. I zip along on the trails feeling good. I start to recognize the trails now and know that I am close to the finish. I cross a road and then I am back on the trails. I then come out of the trails and hit a dirt road. I know this dirt road leads to the finish. I smile as I run down the path. I turn the corner and see the finish. I sprint in. I finish strong. Ariel also finishes strong getting 2nd place in her age group. We watch Dad later and he too finishes great with 2nd in his age group.

Praise the Lord for He Is Good, His Love, Endures Forever.


Folsom Super Sprint–Ariel–2019

Location: 5/11/19, Granite Bay
Distance: 400yr S – 6.5miB –  2mi R
Time: 1:00:17
Place: 2nd, 14 & Under  Girls

(Robin was too sick to race so Ariel raced in her place.  This was her longest triathlon!)


The race director says 10, 9, 8, 7, and I am still getting my cap on. Finally, I get it on right, when he says 2,1, go! I start to swim. This is my first super sprint (longest triathlon) so I'm kind of scared. The water isn't that cold and it's kind of warm. Dad says that this is like four 100 yd swims in the pool which should be easy. I keep swimming straight and keep looking up to make sure that I'm not going the wrong way. I try to stay with the people I'm swimming with, but I'm not doing that well. I hope I can catch up to Anna on the swim. She's really fast so I don't think I will. I see Dad swimming with me. Dad told me that he was going to swim with me because it was my first super sprint (longest swim). Dad is doing the Olympic which is an hour after mine so he was going to do a practice swim with me and help me. It is a win-win!

I go around the first buoy and keep swimming. I'm swimming in like a rectangle. I can see that the other race is going to start soon so I try to swim faster. I'm trying to swim as fast as I can so no one from the next wave will catch up to me. I go around the second buoy and I'm starting to feel good. I can see the finish line now. I see that there's a person in front of me I wonder who that person is. And then I realize that that person is Anna. I swim to the finish line just as Anna is finishing getting off her wetsuit. I take off my wetsuit and then quickly run transition.


I get on my bike and bike out of transition. I bike up a hill. I am biking the same bike course as the Happy kids' Duathlon series. In the place where I usually do a U-Turn, I keep biking onto a course I have never been on. I keep getting passed which doesn't feel that good.

I get to a really big hill. People are still passing me. The bike has a lot of up and downs and it’s winding. There a lot of spots that are not flat but are like hills. There are a lot of winding spots and up and down rodes and some with both.

Then I turn and go around a small turn-around in a parking lot. Then I bike straight. I’m heading back to the start now. There is a guy with a camera who is taking pictures of people.

And now I am back onto the course I was on before and I finish the rest of the course that I did on the Happy kids' Duathlon.


I get into transition and I take off my helmet and start running out. I keep running. This course is also like the Happy Kid's Duathlon. On the course, I see these people in orange outfits. I wonder if they are friends or if they are on a team. I like their group. I keep running.

I see a path of the Happy Kid's duathlon but I turn off onto a road which goes straight until the turnaround and then goes on to a path. As I pass some racers, a girl says “that girl is amazing. She used normal shoes on her bike!”

I keep running. I come to the turnaround and get a drink of water then I keep running and running. I'm on the path now. I keep running on it. I see the people on the road. I keep running and start to recognize this part of the course. I remember the boulders from the last race I did here. Again, this is part of the Happy Kid's duathlon course. I go through the boulders and now I'm on the straight away. I run as fast as I possibly can and finish.

Then I realize that Dad hasn't left yet for his race. Anna and I run down to Dad's race start as fast as we can run. We get down there right as they are starting to say 10, 9, 8, .., 2, 1, Go! We cheer Daddy on as he starts to swim but I don't think he hears us.

I finished in 2nd place in my age group. Anna finished 1st place in her age group. And Dad finished 2nd place in his age group.


Sunday, April 21, 2019

Copperopolis Road Race–Robin -2019

April 21st, 2019 – Milton, CA
2nd, Cat 4
Anna Soares, Hunter Glass, Troy Soares

It’s been two years since I’ve raced here. Thanking God that the entire family can be here! Usually the girls are with family or friends. Anna is racing the 14 & Under Junior race with her friend Hunter Glass. Ariel gets to hang out with Hunter’s sister Ashley and family. I just got a new road bike this past week. I gave Anna my road bike and was without a road bike for several months. I’ve been riding my triathlon bike so hoping I can adjust to all the changes today!

The time flies by and it seems like we all barely get warmed up. Even so, we stop and pray together with the Glass family. The Lord has to remain most important! We see Troy off. I find out that since there are very few women, they are starting us all together (Women 4, Women 5 & Masters 30+). This means I have some extra time to warm up and get ready. Thanks God!

There are 7 of us lined up. Ready, set, go! We roll out. One of the Masters riders from Thirsty Bear sets a quick pace. I’m in descent shape right now but this reveals that I have some work to do. The master’s gal and another girl from my category (no team, purple jersey) pull away as the climb starts. I make a push to bridge the gap. I work with another master’s from Peninsula Velo to catch the purple gal but the master’s gal is gone! The Peninsula gal tells us that the Thirsty Bear gal is a National Champ and hard to beat. The three of us make it to the top of the climb. The remaining 3 riders are far behind.

The three of us ride together. There is little talk. I am feeling tired and know I need to conserve in hopes I can possibly pull ahead on the climb before the big descent. I am a wimp on descents and especially here because it’s really torn up. I always hope to get ahead and started down the hill first. I let them do a lot of the pulling but make an effort to show I’m not slacking.

The final climb is coming up. As it approaches, I try to pull ahead. Right away, I can tell I don’t have the energy to pull ahead. The girls are right with me. I am forced to stick with them. There is a brief descent towards the top and short climb to the main descent. The purple gal pulls ahead and I pull ahead of the Peninsula master’s gal. I’m in 2nd hitting the descent. I forget how bumpy this is! I am afraid but try to avoid hitting the breaks. The Peninsula gal goes by but I am able to keep her in my sights. About 2/3 down I notice that one of my bike bottles is moving around. I quickly discover that the whole bottle cage is very loose and ready to fall off! I just put these cages on and failed to secure them well. I try to hold it as I finish the descent.

As the course flattens out, I put the water bottle in my pocket and try to tighten the cage bolt by hand as much as possible. The purple gal has pulled ahead quite a bit. I can see the Peninsula gal and work to catch her. The bottle cage is rattling a lot. I’m going to have to find someone with a wrench to tighten this down. It’s not going to last another descent and the noise is distracting.

I pass the finish line and hear the Glass Family and Ariel cheering. I smile and wave. Got to keep a good attitude despite the challenges… for God’s glory!

I decide to find some help at the aid station at the start of the next loop. I’m almost caught up with the Peninsula gal. I see a volunteer and stop and ask if he has a wrench I can use. He’s super helpful and pulls out a whole kit. Unfortunately, it takes a few minutes to find the right wrench. I find myself getting anxious and I’m thinking now that this stop was a bad choice. He gets it tightened down and I thank him. I feel bad for not being patient. Sorry Lord, I can do better!

I’m off and alone. In a way I’m relieved that some pressure is off of me because I’m so far behind now but I know that I’m tempted to not try as hard. As Troy often reminds me, you never know what can happen. That makes me continue to try and hope I can catch up.

I make it to the top of the long climb pretty tired but I’m still trying. I can see a rider way off in the distance. It must be the Peninsula gal. Don’t give up!

The backside of the course is rolling. I continue to look for my competition. Every so often I get a glimpse. It seems like I’m not gaining at all. It’s a fight with my flesh to continue pushing.


It’s bumpy along the backside and it seems to be wearing me down more. It just takes more effort to main a good rhythm.

I make it to the last climb before the descent. I’m still alone and I’m still trying to move. I am tired! I want to get this done and see my family. I’m hoping the day went well for Troy and Anna!

At the top, relief. I just need to get down and finish. I’m a bit more cautious this time. The bottle cage should be good but that’s in the back of my mind.

Finally, at the bottom! I push as hard as I can across the finish line. I’m alone but glad to be done and reunited with my wonderful family! Thank you Lord! I wasn’t sure if I could even get a road bike in time for this race and did. I’m thankful it all worked out!


Copperopolis Road Race–Anna- 2019

April 21st, 2019 – Milton, CA
23 Miles
1st , Junior 9-14
Hunter Glass, Robin Soares, Troy Soares
We are at the starting line and are ready to bike. This is my friend Hunter's first road race. This is my second road race. At the starting line, they tell us to put our bikes in the big chain ring. I don’t know why they had us do that. Soon the race director blows the whistle and we are off. We start to bike and I feel good. We turn onto a road that is super bumpy. I try to look for potholes so that I don't get a flat tire. It feels cool to be biking with a pack. As I am biking along, I find out that the only other girl in the race is a friend of mine, Shantelle. She normally races triathlons with me. We talk a little bit and I find out that she really doesn't like the bumpy road.

We have been going downhill for a while. We go past an aid station but it is so soon that nobody needs anything. It is mainly for the bikers that do two laps or more. Sometimes there is a smooth space but most of the time it is bumpy.

We hit the uphill and it is smoother. My legs are starting to hurt but I keep up the pace. I stay with the bikers as we bike uphill. I try to stay to the side because they warned us not to cross the yellow line. Some parts on the hill are bumpier than others.

After a while, my legs really hurt. I fall off the group, which includes Hunter and Shantelle, when they surge. I am not too far behind though. I keep pushing up the hill but they are getting farther ahead. That's ok though. I smile and know that I will be fine because I have God. After a while, I make it to the top. I see the group in the distance and try to not to let them get farther away. I feel content though and focus on doing my best and smiling for God.

It is windy and I wish that I had someone to draft behind. That is ok though. Sometime later I start to realize that I am gaining on them. I start to pick it up. Even if I can’t catch up it is cool to be gaining. I am getting closer and closer. I am surprised they aren’t pedaling hard and that I can catch up without a draft. I get close to the two cars that are following behind the group and they move over for me. I push hard and catch up to the group. I am so happy. I am glad God let me catch up. I slow down when I get there because they weren’t going as fast as I was just going. I get to finally draft. I stay behind and try not to lead in the front. We go through the countryside on a smooth road. I start to realize that every once and a while someone will surge and everyone then follows. But then it goes back to an easy pace. You just have to stay with the group when they surge and then you get a break.

Two people mostly lead and everyone else drafts. Shantelle is one of them along with a boy I don’t know. I have only been in the front once so far, and that was in the beginning. At mile 18, I start to get excited. We are almost done. We are going uphill and Shantelle and I pull ahead. We weren't trying to, but everyone was going slow. I hear the group surge and I start to pick it up so I don’t get left behind. We are biking uphill and are getting closer and closer. I try to save my energy and get ready to push.

At mile 19 we get to a downhill. Three boys pull ahead and I miss the opportunity to get in their group. I am drafting behind a boy who also couldn’t get in the group. Behind us is Shantelle, Hunter and some others. The boy I was drafting behind signals to me to pass him. I think he wants to draft. I get in front of him and realize I can go faster on this downhill. I take off and he doesn't stay with me. I don’t have anyone to draft of but I am going really fast. This hill is like the beginning and is really bumpy. I try and to hold on too tight so I don’t shake a lot. I also try not to let go because it is really bumpy. I get to the bottom of the hill and catch up to the group of three.

We are getting close to the finish line. I get a little too excited and start to lead. I try to slow down so I can draft. We get to the hill to the top and we go for it. The two old kids go ahead and I know I can’t stay with them. I am racing one kid though. My legs are burning and I try to keep pushing. I get ahead of the kid and keep pushing. I cross the finish line and point to God with one finger. When I get my balance down, I will point with two fingers. I was able to get the first girl. My friend Hunter did well, but he sadly didn’t have his glasses so had so trouble going down the big hill fast.

Praise The Lord For He Is Good, His Love Endures Forever!


Saturday, April 20, 2019

Copperopolis Road Race (Troy) 2019

April 21st, 2019 – Milton, CA
1st, Master 45+ Cat 4
Anna Soares, Hunter Glass, Robin Soares

We've done this race 5 times. It's always on Easter Wknd. This year, Anna (13) is also doing it, along with her friend, Hunter. I hear rumor that the dreaded pot-holes have been somewhat repaired this year and that eases my fear of Anna crashing because of a big bump.

For Robin & I, it's 2 loops of the big climb, bumpy road and steep descent. I haven't trained a lot on hills lately so this could be painful. I haven't slept much lately, so energy could be short-lived. But the biggest concern is safety.

There have been crashes in my last 2 races. I thank the Lord that I wasn't included. I know I'm no more deserving of protection over anyone else, but I'm so glad the Lord offers it to me if I ask. I trust Him and would never want to take these risks without Him!

Ps 56:3-4 "When I am afraid, I will trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid…"

Our family and the Glass family gather to pray for the race and for safety for everyone. I really want to help my fellow riders. I seek to do that by 1) being careful not to crowd or cut someone off 2) giving good warnings of obstacles or dangers 3) treating them with respect.



There are 50 riders and 5 categories represented: Cat 3 45+, Cat 3 55+, Cat 4 45+ (my group), Cat 4 55+, and Cat 5.

I guess there are about 8 with me. I gave the back racing wheel to Robin and took the front one for myself because it can be harder to control in the wind.. and more scary on the bumps.

I could run out of energy out there but my plan is to sit in with the pack until the 2nd loop, push the climb and try to summit with a couple others, paceline together and try to pull ahead before the last descent to the finish. If I summit alone, I will have to solo across the top which will hurt a lot.

My last race here, I also was ill-prepared and tired and didn't expect much but my friend, Trixie had prayed that it would be incredible and that made me realize anything is possible with Christ. I found myself going solo across the top after the 2nd climb and surprisingly rode well. I had never been out in front and it was super exciting. I flatted with 7 mi to go and the chase pack passed me but it was a thrill being in that position and gave me experience.

As we start into the base of the first climb, a rider shoots off the front. No one reacted and I started pulling ahead to keep him near. But I think maybe he's in another race on a later lap. Back in the pack I ask another guy and he agrees he's not in our group. Another guy goes by us and eventually bridges to the break-away. Again I figured they're from another race.

Up the hill I keep from getting near the front but pay attention to who is a strong climber. A guy in black and a couple others challenge the hill with ease. Across the top, the guy in black breaks away, but not convincingly, as if trying to see what the pack would do. The pack does nothing. A slight climb is approaching and I decide to bridge up to him to see what happens. I push off the front hard, hit the hill and maintain speed and am happy to catch him fairly easily near the top, but also see that the pack has also caught us at the same time.

From this I gather 1) the guy in black is a climber and wanting to break-away 2) I can stay with him on climbs and 3) the pack will chase with 2 off-the-front.

Before we hit the big descent, I calmly shout out a reminder to check tires.. you don't want a slow leak on a front tire while desdending a steep road of pot-holes. The rumor about the potholes being fixed wasn't true. It's still crazy bumpy and my "plastic" front racing wheel sounds like it's taking a beating.

As we shake and rattle down the scary descent at great speed, I am focused on the Lord. My trust is in Him, not my bike. My bike could explode but the Lord will never fail.

Ps 20:7 "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God."

I'm praying for me.. for Anna and Robin.. for others around me. Thank you, Lord, for getting me to the bottom.

I come through the finish of lap 1 with the pack and see the Glass family (Chad, Andrea and Ashley) cheering for me with smiles. Such an encouragement.

I start preparing for battle. I eat and drink. Starting into the big climb, I calmly pull to the front and slowly increase effort. I grab water at the feed zone, drink it fast and toss it. I increase the pressure. I'm breathing hard. 3 other guys are around me, now putting the pressure on me. ½ way up the hill, I'm really winded but it's paying off. The others are slowing down and the guy in black is the only one challenging me. A couple times he pulls ahead on really steep parts. I feel anxious but remind myself to keep to my recent pedal stroke strategy.. spinning, not forcing. Thank you, Lord, the pain in my legs eases and I do catch up. Just got to be patient.

We make it to the top! The guy in black and myself have a 10 sec lead. We know what we have to do and settle in to a rotating lead. As I come through he says, "Right now, we're teammates. At the end, we can battle it out."

We work well together, taking turns leading. Keeping speed about 22 mph. He mentions that there are 2 others up the road! Now I remember the start of the race when I thought they were another group. He says we might catch them but they are no where in sight. I figure if they're in our category, we're racing for 3rd, but if they're in a different category, we could be racing for 1st!

½ way across the top, we have a minute lead! The bumps keep trying to wreck pedal efficiency. And the wind is brutal at times. I've come to really appreciate my "new teammate", blocking the wind, allowing me to recover.

Suddenly, as I pull through, the guy in black loses his chain. I immediately reach out give him a push to keep him going while he fixes his chain. The thought to attack him doesn't occur to me because I want his help so much. He gets it back on while coasting and we ramp the speed back up.

A mile before the big descent. There's a 1/2mi climb right before it. I hate to do it but I know I must attack it. I plan the rotating pulls so that he will pull into the hill. Something my friend, Clint Gaver, once taught me (and used on me often). He's pulling. I'm drinking and preparing. At the base of the hill I pull around quick and start pushing a hard pace up. The race is on! I keep spinning, try to ignore the legs complaining. I can feel him behind a few seconds. Over the top I see I have a 5 sec gap. And the chase pack is 2 min behind.

Now to fly down. Again, my focus is on God. This is scary. I try to listen to the Lord for how fast to go. Not crazy, but still with plenty of risk. My hands holding lightly, absorbing the numbing shaking. My eyes trying to see clearly despite vibrating.

Sometimes I look back and he's still 5secs behind.

Thank you, Lord! At the bottom, but now the hard part begins.. 200m to the finish. It's possible I could be in 1st place, so even though everything hurts, I have to persevere just to see what could be.

Surprisingly, for how tired and unprepared I was coming into this race, I'm digging deep and climbing to the finish fast… and I'm done!

The guy in black finishes 5 secs behind and we find out we're 1st and 2nd in the cat 4 45+ because the other 2 guys were different categories.


For the first time in 24 years, God gave me the opportunity to finish 1st in a bike race. I feel like all those years of falling off the back, dying on the 2nd climb, getting flats, or just not being with the right riders during attacks… they were all important experiences. And this time, it just worked out perfectly that I had a 2nd rider to work with at the right time.

The Lord answered my prayers, our family and other riders finished safely.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

HITS Sprint-Anna-2019

April 14th, 2019 – Lake Berryessa, CA
750m Swim – 12.4mi Bike – 5km Run

1:21:54 (15:56 – :57 – 44:02 – :48 – 20:08)


1st (13-15 Females), 6th Female Overall


LC – FCA: Troy Soares

OLY – Dave Campbell

SPRINT – FCA: Caryn Galeckas, Chad Glass, Karen Nickel, Linny Gigoryey, Lori Bergenstock, Suzanne Galeckas; Hunter Glass

OPEN – FCA: Ariel Soares; Ashley Glass

I'm down at the swim ready to do the HITS Sprint Triathlon. My friend Hunter starts first, 3 minutes ahead of me. Now it's my turn. I walk towards the water. It's kind of cold but not bad. I walk about waist deep and wave to Ariel.


They start the countdown and I'm ready. They say go and I plunge in the water. The water actually doesn't freeze my face right at the moment, after a while I start to feel my face freeze up. I do what my dad told me, and force my face in the water. I feel strong as I swim, but my dad strapped the neck strap too tight and it’s uncomfortable. I get to the first buoy and I'm feeling great. All the swim practice I did with my mom and dad this winter paid off. The next buoy is far ahead, but I don't worry about that. I consistently swim straight ahead, following everybody around me. After a while, I reach the buoy. I turn around and head straight back to the dock. I focus on getting to the guide buoy ahead. I don't feel like I'm getting tired at all. I am really enjoying the swim. I am not cold, not hot, but feel perfect. I can't see the dock so I just follow everyone. I try to pick it up a little bit.

After a while, I can see the dock ahead. I keep swimming and get more and more excited as I get closer. I am super close to the dock now. I swim around the dock and towards the ramp. I get to the ramp and try to pull down my zipper. It is stuck. I start to run up the deck pulling at the same time. It finally comes loose and I start taking it off at the top of the deck. I flick off the wetsuit and start running to transition. I get to transition and quickly switch to my biking gear. I grab my helmet and glasses and I am off.


I get to the line where you can jump on your bike. I jump on and start to bike up the hill. My bike shoes are already on my bike so I bike with my feet on top of them. I get to the top of the hill and turn onto the bike course and slip by feet into my shoes. I pedal hard because my mom said Hunter was in front of me. But very soon Hunter passes me. I later find out that I passed him in transition. I stay with him and pass him up. I try to drink some water from my bike and end up partly off the road in the gravel part! I bike back onto the road and stay focused. Hunter passes me but I really don't mind, I'm going to get him back in the run. I try not to fall too far behind though.

The bike isn't that difficult although it's a little tiring. We go mostly uphill, which is great because on the way back it will probably be mostly downhill. After a little bit, Karen Nickel bikes by me. We both say hi. After a lot of uphill and downhill, I start to see people biking back. That means I’m almost to the turnaround. After a while, I come to a hill and climb it. At the top, I see the turn around in the distance. I get closer and see Hunter and Karen Nickel turning around. I get to the turnaround and turn. It is a little flat then it’s downhill. I enjoy the downhill and go fast. There are some uphills, but not as many this direction. I enjoy it and then I see Suzanne going towards the turnaround and wave. After a little bit, I see Caryn G also and wave. I keep biking through the hills enjoying it and also fueling at the same time.

I get to about two miles left and know it’s almost all downhill. At about a mile left I know I’m close. I bike a little bit and see the downhill to transition. I slip my feet out of my bike shoes and coast down. I get to the dismount and jump off.  I run into transition and put my running shoes and hat on.



I run out of transition and Ariel and dad tell me I am 40 seconds behind Hunter. I know I can catch him. I see him running up the hill in front of me. I run past his sister Ashley and his mom Andrea. They cheer me on and tell me to catch Hunter. I get to the top of the hill and feel good although I don’t feel like I am in my running mode. That is probably because I just got off the bike. I am gaining distance and am close to Hunter now. I pass him and tell him good job.

I keep running on a windy road and pass a girl in pink who could be in my age group. She tries to stay with me but falls behind. I hit the bridge and get into my running mode. I feel completely comfortable. I run across the bridge and hit an uphill. It is not painful, and it almost feels like I’m running on a flat road. After running uphill for a bit I see the aid station and turnaround up ahead. I get to the turnaround and grab some water. I drink some and pour the rest on my head.

The next 1-1/2 miles is all downhill and flat. I start running downhill and feel great. I run down and see Hunter. We are both tired and give each other a thumbs up. I coast all the way down to the bridge and start to run across. I pass a grown-up friend of my parents, Noel Kosiek. She tells me to try to catch a girl up ahead. I ask where and she says she is around the corner. I pick it up even though she is probably too far ahead. I get to the turn and have the winding road back to the finish. I am feeling strong and tired. I soon see the turn into the park. I don't see any girl though. I turn and run down the downhill. I pass Ashley and Andrea and they cheer me on. I can now see the finish line and run fast in. The gravel is a little slippery though when I am running. I finish and point to God. He helped me finish strong.

Praise The Lord For He Is Good His Love Endures Forever.