Saturday, February 25, 2017

Happy Kids Duathlon #2–Anna & Ariel-2017

Date/Location: 2/25/17, Granite Bay
Distance: 1mi R – 3miB – 1mi R
Time: Anna: 29:53 (
Ariel: 40:52 (
Place: Anna: 1st age/1st Overall
Ariel: 2nd in age group



Click here for VIDEO.


Go! I start running and I pass some people. I am in 2nd place.  There is a girl in front of me but I pass her. I follow the bike guide and keep running over some small or big puddles.

WP_20170225_08_34_30_ProWhen I get to the road where we started from, I cannot see anybody behind me. I am going fast and catch up to the biker. I talk with the biker. But he goes ahead while I still follow him. I have to jump over a pit but it was fun.

I get into transition and try to tie my shoe fast but I cannot do it so I get onto my bike with my shoe untied. I start biking up the hill. I bike across the bridge and drink some sport drink. I keep biking and my shoe lace gets tangled up on my bike pedal. It startles me but I coast and peddle backwards to untangle my shoe lace. I keep biking around a loop and start biking back. WP_20170225_08_47_19_Pro

I smile at the kids coming my way. This little kid goes by and says good job to me. So after that I starte saying good job to everyone I pass.

WP_20170225_08_47_53_ProWhen I get back to transtition, I jump off my bike and start running. I point up to God as I went off running the same loop. My shoe lace was still untied but I keep running. I run and run and run over the sand. Then I jump over the pit again. I run to the finish line with my hands up pointing to God. It was fun God helped me get through it.








10, 9, …1, go!  I run up the hill to a trail and get a cramp!  I keep running but it’s hurting more and more.  So I start walking for a little bit.  I decide to run even though it hurts.

Then I get to a sandy hill and run up it.  I see this girl in front of me.  I really want to pass her. 

WP_20170225_08_37_26_Pro (2)Then I went up another hill and down and start hear people cheering.  There’s this creek I need to cross.  So I jump but fall down.  I get up and start running up from the creek.  I see Mommy and Daddy and they start cheering for me. 

I get into transiton and get on my bike and go!  I bike up a big hill!  I see our friend Dave Campbell at the top.  He says “go Anna!”.  That’s okay he called me the wrong name. 

I come to a bridge and pass that girl!  After I keep biking, I see Anna in the lead!  I get to the WP_20170225_08_55_38_Proturn around and see the people that are behind me as I come back.  I keep going and get to the bridge again.  I see Dave again and he says “go Anna!”.

Then I start biking down the hill and get to transition and head out for the run. 

I run up the same hill and see Dave.  He says “go Anna!”.  This time I say “my name is actually Ariel”.  He says sorry and shouts “go Ariel!”. 

WP_20170225_09_06_35_ProI come up the same sand hill and keep running.  Then I go up a hill and down a hill and see my Mom and Dad.  But there’s the creek again.  This time, I made it without falling down.  And, Mom, Dad and Anna cheer me to the finish.  I sprint home and finish!  I feel good!WP_20170225_09_07_38_Pro