Sunday, June 29, 2014

California International Triathlon (Troy)

June 29, 2014 – Pleasanton, CA
1.5km S - 40km B - 10km R

2:27:37 (29:46 - 1:57 - 1:05:42 - 1:27 - 48:45)


17th / 56


OLYMPIC: Chad Moore, Dale Jackson, Dave Campbell, Dave Leroy. FCA TeamMates – Carrie & Steve Chavez, Flor Hodges, Karen Nickel.
SPRINT: David Slothower. FCA Teammates - Christy & Cory Floyd, Clyde Floyd, Steve Corrales, Timothy Hess.

Shadow Cliffs Regional Park in Pleasanton is a great race venue.  A beautiful lake, at the perfect temperature.  A bike course that isn't hard and a run on meandering trails with some shorts climbs.  It also brings back memories from the Tri-4-Fun races held 4x a year here while I lived in Silicon Valley.  The greatest part of this weekend, though, is being with my family and racing with so many of our FCA TeamMates and Silicon Valley friends!

For me, this race is a test.  4 weeks ago I crashed at the Auburn Omnium circuit race at Montserrat, breaking 6 ribs and puncturing my lung.  I thank the Lord for the steady, fast improvement I've had each week.  Biking is pretty comfortable now, but running is still difficult, and swimming is the hardest.  A few days ago I swam 500yds.  Today I'll have to do 1.5 km.  That's the part that concerns me, and my daughter, Anna, who doesn't want me "to drown".  I'll be ok, it's just a question of how often I'll have to stop and float in my wetsuit for a moment.  A few people keep telling me the hardest part will be getting the wetsuit off but I really don't think that will be a problem at all.

Race announcer, Nick Tuttle, alerts everyone to the FCA pre-race prayer on the beach.  A group gathers round and we pray for athletes in general and specific needs.  It's really great taking some time before a big event to talk to God, remembering who makes all this possible and who helps us through all hard things.  Others have told us at the FCA booth that when they've seen athletes praying before a start, it makes them stop to say a quick prayer themselves.

I carefully get in the water and breast stroke to the deep water start.  The added compression from the wetsuit around my torso feels good. Water's perfect & the course is set up to avoid swimming into the sun.  Going to be great.

Go!  It's nice not having to sprint at the front.  I can go at my own pace.  It feels good.  Better than I was expecting.  Love the flotation the wetsuit gives.  I just relax and try to keep good form so I'll glide more.  It's sore pulling through with the right arm so I emphasize the left.  The breathing is slightly limited but it's not a problem if I remind myself to relax and not force it.

My goggles are fogging, but I'm glad to see the giant yellow shape of the buoy come into view.  1/2 way across the 2nd leg of the triangle, I look at my watch and am surprised to only see 16 min.  Maybe I can get in around 25!  Normally I'd swim 23-24 minutes and was expecting to take much longer this time.  This motivates me a lot.  After the final turn I get a little more excited and find my first draft.  It helps not having to navigate, even though he's zig-zagging.  It's getting more difficult to pull through and breathe but I'm excited to get a good time.  25, 26, 27min.. it's longer than I thought to the shore.  Finally I carefully stand up.  29:46 swim split, 20th in my age.  I did it!  Anna is excited, too, and runs with me up to the transition area.

I usually take off my wetsuit right at the water's edge.  This time, with catching my breath, I leave it on all the way to transition.  Shouldn't be a problem...  Ugh!  Can't get the sleeves off!  I can't believe everyone was right.  It takes me probably 20 secs longer to get it off.  Factors were letting it dry as I ran and not being able to jerk my arm out.

Now I'm on my bike, the best part!  I climb up to the road with my feet on my shoes.  Jim Silk, who started 8 min behind me in the Aqua-bike division goes by while carefully letting me know.  On the street I finally, carefully, get my feet into my shoes.  Now.. let's push it!  Let's try to catch Jim.  It feels good.  I thank the Lord for allowing me to race my bike again so soon.

I'm thinking of keeping my feet light on the pedals.  There's no discomfort to the rib muscles.  Onto the main road, Isabel, and North to the new bike course.  I pass Jim Silk who says, "I knew you'd be back".  Then I pass Dave Campbell, telling him, "Jim is coming for you."  They're big time rivals, even though they're in different divisions today.140628_catri_oly_troy_bike2

The road turns rural and gradually climbs into the hills.  I hear a kid's bike bell, "Ding, ding.."  Jim passes me and we both laugh.  A cheap bell, on an expensive bike, to alert riders ahead. It's a great idea to keep from yelling "On your left!" all the time.

I'm doing real well up the hill.  It's hard to breathe deep but I do it periodically just to stretch out the lungs.  I think the "light feet" technique is keeping my heart rate and breathing down.  I gladly make the turn-around at the top and enjoy breathing easier coming down.  I keep the intensity up, I'm really hoping to have a competitive bike split.  I look for TeamMate Karen Nickel and friend Chad Moore on the way down.  I drink a lot and stay focused - definitely can't have another bike incident now!

Back onto the main Rd and over the Hwy 580.  I like the new course but am concerned about the amount of law enforcement it requires to control the large intersections and on-ramps.  Now we climb another slight grade, which I push well, and then turn down a fun road coming back to Isabel again.  I'm getting tired.  I calculate my average to be around 22 something.  Seems low for how fast I feel.  I put one last big effort on Stanley into the wind and do real well.  And then coast down into the park for the run.  Oh boy.  Bike split was 1:05:52, 22.7mph ave, 11th in my age.140628_catri_oly_troy_bike

At the dismount, Francie Campbell sees me and adjusts her repeated warning to, "Dismount at the line.. very carefully!"  She knows getting off the bike is still hard for me.  I'm careful and with a smile I jog into transition.  This is so cool to be racing again and the body doing well.

Starting the run my family here giving me great support!  Anna runs quite a ways with me giving me advice and encouragement.  Onto the gravel trail.  I take small steps because the jostling is still uncomfortable.  I try to relax as much as possible so I don't strain my back from being tense.  I encourage others going by.  A couple guys are already on their 2nd lap.

Mile 1: 8:55. Great.  If I bring it down some, I can break 2:30 at the end!  My friend, Chad Moore, is here from Texas.  He's a great guy I've known since middle school.  We played baseball together.  He's been improving in triathlon lately and told me his goal is to break 2:30 today.  That's where I got my goal from.  I really hope he comes by so I can cheer him on.  He will be running 7:45's so should be catching up to me.140628_catri_oly_troy_run

Dave Campbell goes by.  He's always so fast on the run.  The hill up to the turn-around is steep.  I slow but don't stop running.  Great.  Going downhill is fine.  I'm just careful not to fall.  That would bite.

Mile 2: 7:58.  All right!  Along the creek, through the trees, excited that I'm doing it and it's not feeling bad, actually getting better as I go.  A friend, Steve Woo, goes by and excitedly tells me this is his come-back year after 6 yrs off.  That gets me motivated, too.WP_002767

Mile 3: 7:56. At the end of the 1st lap I come through the finish area.  Many friends are cheering.  Robin & the girls are in full support. Ariel has a great sign she made for me and flashes that big smile.  Even Karen's daughter, Ellie, is cheering for me.  Robin asks my pace and I'm happy to finger "8" to her. She's happily surprised as it's faster than we expected.WP_002765

The 2nd lap feels better than the first.  I'm taking a little bigger steps.  I'm drinking water and sports drink.

Mile 4: 7:47. I take a Hammer Gel.  I keep looking for Chad but don't see him.  He can still do it if he catches up because I'm on track to break 2:30.  One more time up the steep hill.  I go by a 56 year old guy who looks like 40 and is built like a Marine.  He says, "Praise God", when he sees my FCA kit.  "God is good!"

Mile 5: 8:11. I'm pushing.  It's like the last mile at the track.. and maybe I can pass someone.  This has been a great day.  Hard enough to stretch me and loosen up the tight muscles, but not too much to do any damage. 

140628_catri_oly_troy_finishMile 6: 7:56.  There's the finish, woo hoo!  I finish in 2:27 and so thankful to the Lord for letting it go so well.. better than expected.  Run split 48:45, 23rd in age. The announcer mentions my "recovery from the broken ribs a *couple* weeks ago" instead of 4 weeks ago.  Now that would be crazy.

Afterwards I feel tired but the ribs and torso feel fine.  Better than they have in days.  I'm so glad I did it.  I was 17th place which is great but also indicates how far I still have to go.  I hope, if it's God's will, to continue back up to where I used to be, get in some really big rides and runs and be ready to give my best at the Lake Tahoe Ironman in 12 weeks!

WP_002769I'll do my best, try to put Christ first, and then the rest is up to Him.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

California Sprint Triathlon–Robin

June 28, 2014 – Pleasanton, CA
.5m S - 11m B - 5km R

1:13:21 (15:45 – 1:19 - 33:15 - 00:58 – 22:04)




SPRINT: FCA Teammates - Christy & Cory Floyd, Clyde Floyd, Steve Corrales, Timothy Hess; David Slothower
OLYMPIC: FCA Teammates – Carrie & Steve Chavez, Flor Hodges, Karen Nickel; Dale Jackson, Dave Campbell, Dave Leroy

It’s going to be short and sweet today!  I’m looking forward to the race being done quickly…but on the flip-side, I have to push harder.  I ride my bike to the start and enjoy the quiet streets on a Saturday morning. 

I arrive to a booming transition area.  I first register and then find the FCA Endurance rack.  The Floyds are there: Clyde, Cory & Christy.  It’s nice to see them!  And, great to see Clyde back to running once again!  Other teammates arrive too, Steve Corrales and Tim Hess. 

Troy and the girls arrive.  We run into our friend David Slothower who has had some health setbacks.  We tell him we will pray for him at the pre-race prayer.  We head to the beach and put up the FCA flag.  We get a nice group of folks for the prayer including Carrie Chavez.  We pray for a calm spirit in the swim, safety on the bike and fellowship with Christ.

It’s time to swim a bit.  I feel tired but I know with Christ it’s still going to be a good day! 

Cal_tri_swim_start_robinThe Swim
Ready, set, go!  I realize I’m not in the best position right away.  I’m too far right.  I try to move left but it seems like I’m not getting any closer.  Finally at the first buoy, I make some contact with other swimmers. 

Heading to the next buoy, I am unable to find a draft but I keep looking.  I don’t quite feel like my normal self in the water.  I should be totally hammering this short swim but just seem out of wack… but I press on as best as I can.

The last buoy is here!  To the finish!  I find a swimmer to follow and keep as close as possible all the way to the shore.  I’m done, already?!  Boy, it’s good to be finished!

The Bike
140628_catri_sprint_robin_bikeI make a good transition getting my wetsuit off and to my bike.  My shoes are on my bike already for a quicker get away.  Clyde had just been asking me about doing that and feeling proficient.  So far this season, it’s been no problem.

I exit transition and am greeted by Francie Campbell.  She directs me to the mount line.  I get on and head straight uphill.  I get one foot in and decide to wait for the other one…but then I think I have a good position and try anyway.  The shoe falls right off…dough!  I have to go back and get it.  That will cost some time. 

Finally, I’m on my way!  It’s nice and flat once at the top!  I get aero and push.  Just when I think I’m flying, two girls go by.  Wow, they are strong!  I focus and catch up to one of them and pass her.  It’s hard to push hard but it’s so short I have to!

Halfway through I’m feeling strong and am passing a lot of folks from previous waves.  I’m trying to stay light on my pedals and spin!

Soon we are heading back…yeah!  That girl passes me back and so does another guy.  I am able to keep them in sight and don’t loose much ground.

Down to T2 I go!  My dismount goes way better and I keep my shoes on my bike.  That girl and I are neck and neck now.  I transition quickly and head out.

The Run
As I’m 500m from exiting transition, I go to hit my watch to start the run splits.  No Garmin?!  Bummer, I left it on my bike.  Wow, 2 rookie moves today.  Well, I just need to run hard and try to catch anyone that might be ahead of me…maybe that girl that passed me early on is in my age group?

My hamstrings have been hurting chronically.  I can barely run over 3 miles at a fast pace 140628_catri_sprint_robin_brunwithout tightening up.  This is a blessing today since the race is a 3 mile run.  Even with a lot of soreness, I can push hard, so I do.

Within the first mile I have passed a dozen people.  I see some women in the distance and dig deep to catch them.  I pass one gal and she says “you’re supposed to be racing tomorrow!”  I tell her not this time. 

It’s nice not having the pressure of my Garmin.  By the 2nd mile, I have only been passed by one guy and I am flying by others.  On the out and back I can see some gals.  They look younger than me so I start to think I’m leading my age group.  I also see Cory Floyd coming back looking strong.

As I make the turn and head back, I can see I’m in a good position.  I see Tim Hess running really strong…”good job Tim!”

140628_catri_sprint_robin_finishOne more mile to go.  There are fewer people to pass but I keep trying.  There is a Marine, below the knee amputee, ahead.  I’m doing my best to catch him but he is flying.  He flew by me on the bike and continues to go strong! 

Home stretch!  My hamstrings are hurting a lot but I’m not tightening up…thanks God!  I dig deep and finish strong!  It sure is nice to be done.

I find out later there were 2 girls ahead of me today.  Cal_Tri_Robin_AwardsThey are impressive cyclists and I’m just blessed to be in their company. 

This is my last triathlon until October.  Time to focus on helping Troy to his Ironman finish in Tahoe in September.  He’s racing tomorrow for the first time since the crash.  I’m excited to see what the Lord is going to do!





Age Group





TIMOTHY HESS SPRINT 1:11:38 M50-54 3rd 15:27 30:34 23:44


SPRINT 1:13:21 W40-44 3rd 15:45 33:15 22:04
CORY FLOYD SPRINT 1:14:50 M30-34 7th 16:40 32:00 23:14
DAVID SLOTHOWER SPRINT 1:15:43 M55-59 2nd 15:08 31:57 25:39
CLYDE FLOYD SPRINT 1:18:58 M55-59 4th 19:05 30:57 26:11
STEVE CORRALES SPRINT 1:25:10 M45-49 14th 18:59 36:18 26:54
CHRISTY FLOYD SPRINT 1:36:16 W30-34 17th ? ? ?
DALE JACKSON OLY AQUAB 1:30:23 M 3rd 25:53 1:04.?? NA
STEVE CHAVEZ OLY AQUAB 1:32:05 M 4th 27:04 1:04.?? NA
DAVE CAMPBELL OLY 2:16:27 M55-50 2nd 26:27 1:08:31 39:55
DAVE LEROY OLY 2:18:25 M50-54 6th 26:03 1:06:20 44:17
FLOR HODGES OLY 2:23:21 ELITE 1st 27:03 1:09:13 45:23


OLY 2:27:37 M45-49 17th 29:46 1:05:42 48:45
CARRIE CHAVEZ OLY 2:30:11 W45-49 2nd 34:04 1:07:48 45:25
KAREN NICKEL OLY 2:38:18 W35-39 2nd 35:18 1:14:50 45:35

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Robalos vs. Cordova–Anna & Ariel

June 14th, 2014 –  Rancho Cordova, CA  
  1. 100 Yard Medley Relay, 2nd swimmer, Breast)
  2. 25 Yard Breaststroke
  3. 50 Yard Free
  4. 25 Yard Butterfly
  5. 100 Yard Freestyle Relay, 1st swimmer
  1. 100 Yard Freestyle Relay, 3rd swimmer
  2. 25 Yard Free
  3. 25 Yard Back
  1. 2:03.84 (Team Previous Best – 1:46.39)
  2. PR! 27.79; 2nd Fastest Time Overall! (Previous Best 29.34) 
  3. 1:01.83; 4th Overall (PR - 1:01.76)
  4. PR! 38.44 (Previous Best – 43.43)
  5. 1:46.66 (Team Previous Best – 1:42.37)
  1. 3:55.05 (Team Previous Best 3:09.10)
  2. PR! 47.17 (Previous Best - 54.54)
  3. PR! 45:12; 3rd Fastest Overall! (Previous Best -48.92)
  1. 3rd  
  2. 2nd, Heat 2 
  3. 3rd, 2nd Heat 
  4. 1st, 2nd Heat
  5. 4th
  1. 4th 
  2. 5th, 2nd Heat
  3. 3rd, 3rd Heat

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Folsom Long Course Tri – Robin

June 8th, 2014 – Folsom, CA
Swim 1.2M – Bike 56M – Run 13.1
5:29:40 (33:46-1:30-3:00:01-1:33-1:52:50)

1st/9; 6th Woman
Sprint: FCA TEAMMATES – Janell Peterson, Kris Kennedy; Todd Osterberg

Int Distance: FCA TEAMMATES – Connie Wilson, Scott Hodson, Steve Chavez (AquaBike); Dave Campbell, Elise Winter, Mike Bradley, Sara McKinley (AquaBike), Trixie Bradley

Long Course: FCA TEAMMATES – Rosie Kracher (AquaBike); Faron Reed, Lee McKinley
It’s been a week since Troy crashed and broke 6 ribs and punctured his lung.  He spent 4 days in the hospital and I didn’t know what to expect.  Amazingly he is doing extremely well and almost completely self sufficient.  I’m praising Jesus that he’s come so far and for the opportunity to pause and appreciate all I have.
I’m going to the race without Troy and the girls this time which is tough.  Fortunately my friend and FCA Endurance teammate, Desiree Swift, is going with me to help with our ministry booth and to support.  And ultimately I’m never alone because Christ is beside me.
It’s a long wait to park and drop off the FCA gear.  I park the car and come back to find Desiree has it all set up…wow, she’s good!  It’s a whirlwind getting ready for the race.  So many friends check in to see how Troy is doing.  Dave Campbell brings over his TrackMyAthlete GPS device for me to borrow today so that Troy can watch me from the computer at home.  That makes me happy knowing he can watch and pray for me.
Desiree and I meet for the pre-race prayer and we realize the swim start for the long course is further down the beach…oops!  We head down and find our other teammate Rosie Kracher.  It’s just the 3 of us for the prayer but “for where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20).  Christ is here and I know He is answering our prayers.
Time for a swim warm-up!  The water is not as cold as expected, phew!  As I finish up I see Lee McKinley and swim over to him.  It’s his one tune-up race for Ironman Hawaii.  I thank him for visiting Troy in the hospital…meant a lot!
Time to go!  Men and women 35 to 44 are going together.  I’m a little nervous that I’ll get pummeled but the wave doesn’t seem too overwhelming.  The swim is my chance to pray so I shouldn’t be worried. 
Ready, set, go into the sun!  Turns out this is a calm start.  I feel so relaxed that I have to remind myself that I’m actually doing a race.  I get my head back into the game and start looking for a draft.
The sun makes it hard to see and I’m afraid I’m going to run right into swimmers coming the other way if I cannot find someone to follow.  By the first turn, I have found a swimmer and have turned away from the sun…yeah!
140608_folsomtri_lc_robin_swimI’m getting into a good groove and talking to God about some things that have been on my mind.  My draft is having a hard time staying straight so I let him swing back and forth and try to catch the ride each time. The fast swimmers from the wave behind are catching up.  I try go with one but he’s soon long gone!
Last turn and now it’s time to head to shore.  A girl in my wave swims by and I try to match her pace.  Soon 2 more swimmers from the last wave go by and I push to try to catch the draft.  Too fast!  I jump back on that gals feet and let her bring me in.
Yeah, I’m done!  I pull off my wetsuit on the ramp, say hi to Desiree and run to my bike.
I make a quick transition and head out.  I give Francie Campbell a high five as I run by her in transition.  She is volunteering so it’s nice to thank her on the way out.
I head out on the same race wheels Troy crashed on.  Victory Velo totally gave us the green light to use them…amazingly there was no damage…phew! 
I remind myself of the 3 things Troy told me to focus on: 1. Minimize pressure on bottom of cleats, 2. On flats and downhills, focus on pushing down 1/2 way and then pulling back up, 3. On uphills, pretend my knees are quickly tapping my elbows.  With this race being more about finishing, I can focus more on my technique.
We head away from Folsom into more rural country starting with Prairie City Road.  I pass a few girls and get passed by one. This time I don’t want to become negative when girls pass but just to be patient and save something for the run.
Mile 10.  I’m on White Rock tackling the rollers.  The hills are not too big but they can mentally wear you out.  By focusing on “tapping the elbows” it doesn’t seem as daunting today. I get up and over the last hill, which is a challenge, and it’s downhill…weeee! 
I turn into a relatively flat and curvy industrial area.  All is going well until I make a right turn.  I start to slide out.  Oh no, I’m going down!  Amazingly, I recover. I apologize to the guy behind me who had to quickly react to this.  I thank Jesus and start to cry.  It is too close to home and brings the emotions of the week back.  I know I've got to keep going and I ask for peace from the Lord.  I soon feel relaxed and get my focus back.
I turn on Latrobe road and tackle more rollers.  Lee McKinley goes by and encourages me and, soon after, so does Faron Reed.  I’m getting passed by a lot of guys but no women.  The techniques Troy gave me are really helping me keep my mind busy.  It is getting difficult to get comfortable in the saddle and my hamstrings keep taking a turn cramping.  I just pray and ask the Lord to help me feel better.
Mile 24.  A girl in white goes by.  I remember her from the last few years…a great rider and a nice girl.  If my hamstrings hold up I should be able to pass her on the run…but I need to get through this first.  I see her up until the next turn onto Jackson Road.
Mile 35.  I hear a thump and look back on the road and see nothing.  I feel for my thermo bottle and it’s gone.  Bummer, those are not cheap.  I didn’t see where it went and since it was empty, it’s no use going back to look for it.  I thank the Lord I poured into my aerobottle some miles back.
Soon I hear a woman’s polite voice, “can you please move over so I can pass”.  It surprises me and I almost jump from fright.  We are in a nice wide bike lane but there is a rumble strip taking up some space.  Although I’m already on the edge of the road, I do my best to move over some more.  She thanks me as she goes by.  For some reason I find myself annoyed by all of this…and then amazed that I am annoyed because she did ask very nicely…the emotions that pop up in racing!
At the aid station I plan to grab water.  First I pour out most of the water in the bottle I have to lighten the load but still keep the bottle for future use.  Then I grab a bottle from the volunteer.  It drops right out of my hand!  The last volunteer is holding sports drink so I tell him no thanks.  Bummer!  My mind starts to panic thinking I'm going to run out and it's too hot to go without water!  I hear the Lord telling me not to worry and that He will work it out.
140608_folsomtri_lc_robin_bike4Mile 46.  I turn onto the South Canal bike path.  There’s Jesse Ellis volunteering!  I wave and he takes my picture as I go by. This next stretch is basically 9 miles of straight and abandoned bike path.  It’s used weekly as training for cyclists learning to time trail and yearly for the Folsom Cyclebration Bike Race Omnium (which unfortunately has been cancelled this year). 
140608_folsomtri_lc_robin_bike3Mentally, I’m getting bored and physically I’m getting worn out!  My position is pretty good but I can still feel the hamstrings!  A few guys pass me and then slow down.  One seems to be drafting off the other.  I find myself getting too close so I push hard to pass and get away.  I want no part in this situation!  The surge gives me something to think about and take my mind off these last few miles.
Mile 52.  The end of this path must be near.  I’m so looking forward to the run! 
Finally I’m off the canal and heading into T2…yeah!  I see bay area FCA teammate, Kristine Hodson, and then Francie Campbell again.  “How did Dave do?”  She tells me good. 
140608_folsomtri_lc_robin_run_outI’m super stiff running to my spot but I’m still able to make a quick transition.  Here we go!
Once I get going I feel good and I’m surprised that I’m running sub 8 min.  It’s warm out here…it’s going to get interesting!
Mile 1 is 7:58.  I wonder if I’ll see anyone I know.  Most of the International Distance athletes are done but there are still some plugging away.
Mile 2 is 7:51.  Feeling good at the moment.  I see the first girl coming back…wow!  She looks strong.  Soon there are 3 more girls.  I never saw these girls at all so they swam fast and stayed out in front of me on the bike.  They look pretty young so maybe I’m winning my age group?
Aid station, 2 cups of water…one for my head and one to drink!  I make sure to keep the MyAthlete GPS unit free of the water by holding it away from my hip.
Mile 3 is 7:57.  I see Connie Wilson and I stop to pray with her.  She has had some issues at the end of her races but she looks strong today…God is good!
Aid station, more water!  And then the turn-around where there is a nice volunteer with no 140608_folsomtri_lc_robin_runshade!  I hope he gets a break soon!  Back to the aid station and more water!
Mile 4 is 7:58. As I head back I can see the girls running behind me.  If I can hold this pace, I think I can stay ahead.  I pass the girl in white and tell her good job.
Mile 5 is 8:12. There is a climb and it slows me down some but I still feel pretty good!  Aid station, more water!  The first girl is coming back already for her last loop.  I think I count 3 after her again.  There is Lee!  I missed him the first time.
Mile 6 is 8:05. I start to feel a side-cramp coming on.  Soon it hurts so bad I slow to a walk.  I’ve got to keep running or I’ll never want to start up again.  Plus Troy would love to be able to race today so I don’t want to waste this opportunity I’ve been given!  I pick it up again and try to stretch out my side and breathe…and I pray!  It continues to hurt badly but I try to wave and smile at the spectators and other athletes.
Mile 7 is 8:53.  The cramp is gone but the hamstrings are getting tight.  Ugh!  The good news is that this is the last loop! 
It’s getting very warm.  Thank you Aid station for the cool water…what a difference that makes!
Mile 8 is 8:41.  Here comes the first girl.  I see her flinch with pain but she keeps going strong!  “You’ve got this!  You are way ahead!”
Mile 9 is 8:49.  So ready to be done!  This feels like torture!  Grabbing ice now.  It's getting hot!
Mile 10 is 9:02.  I make it to the turn around and that guy is still there and still smiling!  I tell him good job and to take a dip in the lake. On my way back I can see one of the gals behind me has passed a bunch of the girls and is looking strong.  Must try my best to stay ahead!
Mile 11 is 8:36. Like a horse who is heading home to the stable, I am picking up the pace a bit   I catch a girl who was ahead and tell her good job. 
140608_folsomtri_lc_robin_finishMile 12 is 8:41.  Oh my gosh, so close!  I hit that hill again and make it better than expected.  I just want to finish and jump in the lake! 
Mile 13 is 8:21.  I can hear Nick Tuttle!  I turn the last corner and there is Dave cheering me on.  Go!  I look up to God and thank Him for this day!  So glad to be done!

Name Race Time Age Group Place Swim Bike Run
LEE MCKINLEY LC 5:03:17 M50-54 2nd 33:18 2:46:33 1:38:33
FARON REED LC TBD M60-64 TBD 34:06 2:46:09 TBD
ROBIN SOARES LC 5:29:40 W40-44 1st 33:46 3:00:01 1:52:50

4:09:22 W 4th 39:31 3:20:57 NA

DAVE CAMPBELL INT 2:15:48 M55-59 1st 26:32 1:07:59 39:10
ELISE WINTER INT 2:20:47 W40-44 1st 24:16 1:09:21 44:48
SCOTT HODSON INT 2:27:54 M50-55 2nd 25:27 1:10:15 48:15
MIKE BRADLEY INT 2:39:59 M40-44 7th 30:40 1:11:43 53:49
TRIXIE BRADLEY INT 2:48:12 W40-44 5th 30:14 1:16:21 57:51
CONNIE WILSON INT 3:48:45 W65-69 2nd 32:46 1:36:08 1:33:21

STEVE CHAVEZ AQBIKE INT 1:32:31 M 2nd 25:00 1:05:26 NA
SARA MCKINLEY AQBIKE INT 1:50:31 W 1st 26:20 1:21:42 NA

KRIS KENNEDY SPRINT 1:50:41 M45-49 5th 16:44 1:00:03 29:18
TODD OSTERBERG SPRINT 1:53:01 M40-44 10th 18:30 58:15 33:12
JANELL PETERSON SPRINT 2:07:22 W45-49 9th 21:19 1:02:15 37:42

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Robalos vs. Orangevale–Anna & Ariel

June 7th, 2014 –  Auburn, CA  
  1. 100 Yard Medley Relay, 2nd swimmer, Breast)
  2. 25 Yard Backstroke
  3. 25 Yard Breaststroke
  4. 25 Yard Butterfly
  5. 100 Yard Freestyle Relay, 1st swimmer
  1. 100 Yard Freestyle Relay, 1st swimmer
  2. 25 Yard Free
  3. 25 Yard Back


  1. 2:02.54 (Team Previous Best – 1:46.39)
  2. 35.11 (PR – 30.41)
  3. 34.43 (Previous Best 29.34) 
  4. 43.43 (Previous Best – 47.62)
  5. 1:50.90 (Team Previous Best – 1:42.37)
  1. 3:09.10 (Team Previous Best 3:23.08)
  2. 54.54 (Previous Best - 57.60)
  3. 48.92 (Previous Best - 1:14.63
  1. 3rd  
  2. 14th
  3. 6th
  4. 13th
  5. 4th
  1. 2nd
  2. 7th 
  3. 10th