Sunday, March 1, 2020

Napa Marathon-Robin-2020


3/1/2020 Calistoga to Napa, CA


26.2 Miles (Marathon)




45th/111 (W45-49)


1/2 Marathon:
Marathon: Diane Kato, Marilyn Watson Terrazas

It’s been a tough 2.5 weeks leading up to this marathon.  I injured my hip in the middle of a track workout.  Last weekend, I transferred from a half marathon to a 5K.  It’s been a mystery trying to figure it out.  We went to urgent care a few days after thinking it was a possible tear.  But after some massage, research online and talking to a physical therapist at the marathon expo, and doing various stretches and motions, it points to a tight TFL. After a rough run on Thursday, I’ve decided I need to put more focus on the Lord and cut out distractions esp. on my phone like social media and news.  I’ve spent time in prayer, worship and in the Word.  I’ve gone from stressed and worried about this race and the future to content and calm.  Only the Lord is able to make me at peace…I’m not naturally calm. 

The plan is to start tomorrow and be ready to pull out at mile 2 or anywhere in between.  Anna has a volleyball tournament tomorrow and we’ll miss most of her day unfortunately but we planned this marathon well before. Our planned departure is 5 hours after the race starts.  So I have up to 5 hours to walk if I want to and enjoy the day…or pull out and cheer on others along the way.

Napa 20301_0635

Troy and Ariel drive me a short way to get a little closer to the start.  We pray togehter and then I’m off. 


I walk and get in line for the porta potties.  There are few bathrooms and long lines.  I have 20 minutes until the race starts.  I don’t need to warm up or get a good spot on the line so I’ve got the time.  I meet a gal in line from Fresno, Tanya.  I ask her goal time.  She’s going for a 4:20. I tell her I’ll pray for her. The line is moving slowly and I tell Tanya we’ll make it. Some volunteers come over and tell us it’s 3 minutes until the start.  Boy, that got people to pick up the pace! 

I get to the start with less than a minute to spare!  I’m off!  Right away the hip feels sore.  I try speed walking and also shuffling.  They both feel about the same.  I’m behind the last pace group of 5:30.  It is humbling being in the back. 

Ariel and Troy are waiting at Mile 1.3.  It’s easy to spot Troy because he’s wearing his yellow FCA Endurance jacket.  I wave. 


I feel emotional and tell Troy “this is humbling”.  I tell them I’m ok and will keep going for now. 


I’m at about 12:16 pace.  Ariel tells me they saw our FCA teammate, Marilyn Terrazas.  I’m glad they got to cheer her on!

Ariel and Troy are waiting at Mile 3.7. I smile and wave.  I’m at 12:30 pace.  I continue on!


I am able to pick up the pace.  Yay!  I catch up to the 5:30 pace group.  One of the two pacers is super hilarious.  I get some good laughs from him as I go by.

Ariel and Troy are waiting at Mile 5. I smile and wave.  I’m at 12:10 pace.  I continue on!  I hear Troy joking with the funny pacer.  

Each mile gets better but I’m still sore.  Thank you Lord!  I want to glorify you.  Please show me how.

At mile 7.3 I can see Ariel and Troy getting out of the van.  I wave to them and point ahead to let them know I’m continuing on.

By mile 8 my average is down to 11:24. Still sore but not worse. Alright! 

Suddenly, I feel a snap in my hip like a big guitar string being pulled across. I then start to feel more pain. I walk a bit and then try to run…oww!  Oh boy, I think I’m done.  I hope I see Troy soon!!

I try to run every so often but mostly walk fast.  The 5:30 pace group catches me and they encourage me to run.  I smile and tell them my hip hurts but thank them for the encouragement.

Ariel and Troy are waiting at Mile 9.6.  I stop and tell him what happened.  He suggests massaging the area.  After a quick bathroom break he massages me.  It’s tender but seems to give a little relief.  I try running…oww.  I tell Troy that I think I’m done.  He says ok and I take off my race belt with my race number. I tell Troy we can just head off to Anna’s volleyball tournament now.  He reminds me that the plan for leaving to see Anna isn’t until 12:30pm.  It’s 8:45am now so he suggests I just walk some more and enjoy the time to myself.  They’ll pick me up at the next accessway.  I agree and put my race number back on.

I head off doing a quick walk.  I try running again and find that it’s bearable to jog.  Thank you Lord!  I just want to follow Your lead!

Ariel and Troy are waiting at Mile 11.5.  I smile and wave.  I’m running pretty comfortably now and tell them I’d like to keep going. Troy shakes his head in amazement and says he’ll pick me up past the half marathon. 


As I continue on, I feel soreness and doubt my decision to go on.  Lord, help me get to the next meet spot. 

I start to feel more comfortable and continue to run.  I make it to 13 miles. Yay!  I just ran a 10:11 mile! My pace is 12:01.

I start to feel better and better.  My pace gets quicker…9:27 mile!

Ariel and Troy are waiting at Mile 15.  I smile and wave.  I tell them I’m feeling good and the soreness is very minimal.  I want to keep going.  Ok!


8:53, 9:02, 8:40, 8:32!  Wow, Lord this is incredible!  I think I can actually finish this marathon.  If it’s Your will though not mine!  I’m passing people like crazy and it reminds me of running a leg of the CIM relay within the CIM Marathon.  I try to encourage others along the way.

Ariel and Troy are waiting at Mile 18.5.  I smile and wave.  Troy and I look at one another and we are both thinking the same thing…What God is doing here is AMAZING!  Well, let’s keep it going as long as God allows it!  I ask Troy if the “big” hill is ahead…yep, around Mile 19.  I tell him I might actually have an issue of bonking (running out of energy) now.  He says that’s a good problemt to have.

I continue on and don’t see the hill yet.  I overhear a guy saying they moved the start back to make the finish line more direct so that means the hill is a little further now.

Up and over the hill.  It feels great!  9:15 mile! 

I see the 5:00 pace guy and pass him.  I could possibly run under 5 hours for this marathon if it’s God’s will!

I hit the “wall” or 20 mile mark.  A best case scenario option was that I would take 5 hours to walk to mile 20 and then drop out. And here I am running sub 9 min pace at 3 hours and 40 minutes!  Lord this is unreal!  Thank you!! 

I see a runner that looks like Marilyn.  It is!  I stop and ask her how I can pray for her.  She says “to glorify God” and I tell her that is my request too!  I pray for us and then continue on.


I pass up the 4:50 pacer.  Wow!

I average 8:40 for the next 3 miles.  I see Troy and Ariel ahead at Mile 23.  We are so amazed and praising God. 


I pass up a guy with calf cramps and Troy encourages him.  The guy jokes that maybe he should have run some long runs.  I see he’s wearing an Ironman visor and I tell him “your an Ironman, you can do this!”.  Troy cheers me on a tells me they’ll see me at the finish.  The finish?!!!  Even if I have to walk, I’m going to finish!  Oh Praise You Lord!  If I can keep this up, I can run just over 4:30 for the marathon!

I get amped and start picking it up.  I get greedy and start to desire a faster time.  Suddenly I feel a twinge in my hip.  I slow down but it still hurts.  I walk a bit.  God is helping me remain humble and mindful that this is no ordinary marathon!

I’m able to get moving again.  Mile 25 was 9:49.  Boy, it doesn’t matter what kind of pace or effort, the last 2 miles of a marathon seem like an eternity!

I see Troy ahead.  He’s so excited as I am too.  We are just both revelling in this moment.  He tells me that Ariel is waiting at the finish and that he’ll see me there.  He sees the 26 mile sign and says he’s going to run ahead and get a picture.  Some other racers remark that you cannot miss that photo opportunity.


I am so looking forward to crossing the finish line.

As I round the last corner to the finish, I am tearing up and beaming.  I look up to the Lord as I finish. 


Wow!  Thank you Jesus!  I find Troy and Ariel and we stop to pray and praise Jesus.  I hug Troy and cry.


It is so amazing Lord that you gave me this moment.  You were right, You did do something amazing today!  Now it’s my job to tell others so You get the glory!