Saturday, September 25, 2021

Save the Legs Triathlon (Troy) temp

Save The Legs Triathlon (Troy) 2021


9/25/2021 Sacramento, CA


2.3mi Swim – 56mi Bike – 4mi Run


5:17:18  (1:07:56-6:54-3:24:33-4:01-33:53)


My family is supporting me in a mock triathlon made up of a 2.4mi swim (on the IM Sacramento course), 56 mi bike (from Sacramento to Auburn) and 4 mi Run (around neighborhood).  We call this a “Save the Legs Triathlon” because of it’s short run and use it when getting close to the Ironman.

A friend, Erica Chan, who is also doing IM Sacramento, set the swim portion on the actual course.  We arrived at the American River beach area and were greeted by the IM Swim Course director’s assistant in a boat.  Because part of the course crosses the busy Sacramento river, it can be very dangerous so she came out to help us.  We also had a kayaker, a paddleboarder, and Courtney Cardenas was supporting with his ski boat after he had just finished supporting Tim Sorenson’s triathlon team doing the same course.

Robin & Ariel helped me get ready and then took my bike to the swim finish at the “Pyramid Building” in West Sac.  About 20 of us started casually.  The water in this part of the American River is hardly moving, shallow, warm and stagnant smelling.  Despite being warm, I still start getting cold because I waited for an hour for the rest of the swimmers to show up.  Still, it’s a thrill to be swimming down the middle of the river in such calmness.

We go under the I-5 freeway bridge and the Jibboom St bridge, which is cool, and then are directed to the beach to re-group before crossing the busy Sacrmaneto River.  This is where Courtney stepped in to help with his P.A. system-equipped wake-boarding boat, “Ok, swimmers, follow me, I’ll get you across and then stay to the right”.

The water got suddenly colder in the faster moving Sacramento.  I’m trying to swim faster to stay warm but really it’s just trying harder without going faster.  I’m glad I swam here a few weeks ago so it looks familiar.

We get out at the ladder on the Etenesh Zeleke Public Dock where I see Ariel waiting for me.  I realler appreciate Theresa, Vince, and Courtney for the swim support.  It was well done with good directions.  But now I gotta bike!

Thankfully, besides my bike, Robin brought my jacket.  It’s been a scorching summer so I had no thought of needing a jacket for the bike but it was vital.  I get cold to the core and it takes so long to warm-up.


Over the I-Street bridge, left on Jibboom St, but it’s blocked.  I go around and through holes in the fence because I don’t know another way around.  Finally onto the American River Bike Path.  After 16 mi I’m warmed up and I’m thinking straighter.  I’m drinking Vitargo and trying to ride comfortably.  I didn’t realize it was “Bike the Parkway” day, a lot of bikes out and bike aid stations are set up.  It doesn’t impede me, though.

On Folsom Rd I’m able to open it up more.  But have to wait at some lights.  I eat 1 of my sweet potatos (needs more salt).  On Auburn-Folsom Rd I’m riding pretty well.  Robin and Ariel come by with encouragement.

Near Horshoe Bar Rd, Anna shows up on her bike (after her Cross-Country long run) to help me in my last 15mi.  She’s good at drafting.  We have some good talk and laughs.

When we get to Old Town Auburn, I push the last climb home and feel ready for the run.  Robin & Ariel have an aid station set up.


It feels pretty good.  Oscar and Robin are with me.  Warm day now.  4 miles feels short so I push it.  1/2 way I run part of the Placer High Cross Country course and then through the neighborhood to home.

Thank you Lord for letting it all go well, especially being able to run well.  And thank you for my family that supports me with food and company.  They’ve helped me get in shape again after the last year off and now I finally feel ready for the Ironman Smile