Sunday, August 4, 2013

TBF Kid’s Triathlon (Anna)

8/4/13, Rancho Seco Park, Herald, Ca.
Swim 50meters – Bike 4m – Run 1m

2nd/7 – Age 8 Girls
I’m excited about my race this morning.  I’m glad Dad is doing it with me.  I put my gear (like goggles, race numbers, and baby powder) in a backpack and we both ride out bikes to the race.  We take a short cut.

I find a spot I like and make sure I know where the bike-out and run-out are. This is a good spot.  I try to rack my bike like others, but it’s not too steady.  Dad says to just use the kickstand.

I run now to warm up.  We run across the parking lot, down the grass, and along the road all the way to our camp site.. where mom has oatmeal ready!  The I run back, while Dad goes a different way.  We both get back at the same time.  I think I should go to the swim but Dad says I should ride my bike first.  Ok, that’s done, now down to the water.

130804_tbf (2)Ah, this is going to be fun.  It’s a little cold so I just wade and wait for the older swimmers to finish.  It’s our turn now.  I look to Dad and he says I’m in good position.  When the countdown gets down to 5, I get in position… and then it’s time to go!

130804_tbf (9)Other swimmers are blocking my way but I know I can do this.  I just move a little to the right and then it’s all good.  Around the buoy and to the shore.  Swim went ok.  It was easy.  I think, “I just have 2 more things to do”
130804_tbf_triforkids_anna_bike_bI run to my bike and pull my bike shorts on over my swimsuit but it’s not working well.  I look to Dad and he says forget it so I just put my shoes on and go.  This is the fun part!  We’re going across a bridge.  It’s really long.  I wonder when we’ll get over it but finally we are.  We turn around and go over it again.  When we get back I think, “Yippee, we’re done!”

I get off my bike but then they say, “No yet, keep going”.  A little farther, then I get off.  I find my spot and take off my helmet.

Now the run!  I think, “This will be easy!”  But I forgot about the big hill!  It’s right in the middle.  And then there’s another one near the end.  I have no more breath left.  Good thing I’m almost done. Whew!  There’s a girl next to me so we race each other.  I don’t want her to pass.  Then I finish.

They call me up for an award.  I got 2nd.  I shake hands with 2 of the other girls.  It’s a nice award.  I had a lot of fun.
130804_tbf (31)