Sunday, October 27, 2013

Victory Velo Duathlon - Troy

Oct 27, 2013 - Victory Velo, Auburn
Run <6m bike="">9m
1:47:42 (42:38 - 1:05:05)
Claudia Sidijaya, Dave Carder, Dan & Dawn & Devon Tebbs, Gary Carpenter, Jesse & Carrie Warda, Kayden Kelly, Leleh Dunkle, Paul Connolly, Robin Soares
My 4th year.  It's free, it's simple, it's a great group of athletes and a great shop (Victory Velo).  I drop off our mtn bikes 1000 ft. below at the river. Jay is there to keep an eye on them.  Robin drops off the kids with McKenna.  We meet at the Victory Velo Bike Shop in Auburn.  Pretty much everyone is in costume.  I'm a fly swatter ready to squash a fly on my head  (Robin had the great idea and it turned out well) and Robin is a fairy.  There's also Wonder Woman's, Beach Guy, and Beer Keg Guy.
Dan Tebbs gives the brief description, a couple pictures are taken, and "Go!"... we're off.

Up the steep Cherry Ave.  Young kid Zack is out in front. Then Paul from the track.  I'm feeling some air resistance from my giant fly swatter but I'm just glad it's holding together well.

We carefully negotiate the rocks along the train tracks.  Then shoot down the Western States trail.  I love the looks of hikers when they see the crazy costumes coming down the trails.
At one point, some walkers point out, "your friends are taking the short-cut.." There's a couple little bypass trails I typically take on training runs and, yep, I can see Kayden and other leaders on it.  That's ok, they're faster than me anyway.

Bounding down the treacherous trails, the swatter and the fly and hanging in there and continuing to chase each other.  The swatter is digging into my back so I readjust a few times.  Along the river below I do my best to make up time.  It's hard work but only a mile to go.  Along Hwy 49 and I know the drivers going by are wondering about the crazy site.

5.8 mi, 42:38.

I come into the bike transition area in 5th place and make a very quick transition.  There's a few people there to cheer us on.  Now to see how biking goes..
I can feel the swatter bending back in the wind.  The trail is really bouncy and along a dangerous drop to the river below.  The aerodynamics are pulling me odd directions.. need to focus and not crash.

I push the climb the best I can.  It's definitely not my fastest.  But it will be fun coming down.  I see more people at the top, tell them Happy Holloween, and then get ready to descent.  I try to straighten my swatter first as it's now falling to the side.  After clipping many low branches, the swatter and the fly are starting to show the wounds of their epic battle.

The culvert trail descent has really been worked on.. there are berms everywhere.. it's definitely a downhiller's delight.  Although, with my costume and lack of practice, I'm not too eager to try any jumps and banked turns.  Just cruising at pre-crash speed and really enjoying myself.

No problem through the tunnel since the swatter is now horizontal to my side.  On the Mammoth Bar trail it's fast and rocky, but lots of fun little ramps and hills.  I'm by myself and enjoying the views. 

Then I see Paul.  His tire is flat.  I give him my pump but it isn't working for him.  He doesn't want  a cartridge, choosing to walk the last mile and catch a ride out.  I just got passed by Doug and another rider so now have a goal to catch them.

Up Stagecoach trail I work super hard and pass them.  They're on single speeds which are tough.  I'm getting chuckles from people seeing the dilapidated fly and swatter now.  I keep my position and finish with everything I got in 5th place. 
9.4mi, 1:05:05.

It was a really fun day.  Robin made it through safely as the first girl.
I'm always relieved that she doesn't crash.  She's good about that, even though she only mtn bikes a couple times a year it seems.  We get the kids and head to chuch.  I'm so thankful that the Lord has heeled my foot (4 years ago) so running, although hard, is a joy and blessing.  Even fun races like this we remind each other are opportunities to give our gratitude to Jesus for doing the hardest thing for us.. making racing seem easy in comparison.  God is good!

·         Guys…
o   2nd Jesse Warda or “Bike Crash Guy”
o   4th Kayden Kelly or “Tutu Guy”
o   5th Troy Soares or “Fly Swatter Guy”
o   8th Gary Carpenter or “Beach Guy”
o   Honorable mention… Paul Connolly or “Biker Dude” was in 2nd until he flatted on the Culvert Trail.  Great effort Paul!

·         The lovely ladies…
o   1st Robin or “Fairy Girl”
o   2nd Dawn Tebbs or “VV Girl”
o   ? Leleh Dunkle or “Wonder Woman” Power Team
o   ? Carrie Warda or “Wonder Woman” Power Team
o   ? Claudia Sidijaya or “Wonder Woman” Power Team