Sunday, December 7, 2014

CIM Relay (Troy & Karen)

December 7, 2014 - Sacramento, Ca
12.9mi (Marathon Relay - 2nd Half)
1:27:49 (3:06:44 total relay time)
3rd, Coed Mixed

Relay Teammates:

Karen Nickel

Other Teammates:

*CIMfast: Stephanie Holloway & Friends
*Catch Us If You Can: Robin Soares, Leonie Alesci, Megan Sebra
*First Big Run: Jason & Hope Shykowski
*Sovereign Sandals: Todd Osterberg, Nick Elcock & friends

Track/Local Friends

*Pacers: Jim Kepfer, Lee McKinley Michael Cook, Jamie Frink & Tim Twietmeyer

*Racers: Bailey Shykowski, Beth Bourne, Melissa Penwell, Sandy Baker, Scott Eckhardt, Troy Outman

It's a tradition. We do the CIM Relay every year.  Robin does it with her UC Davis buddies and I do it as a FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Endurance team.  This year I'm a 2-person team with Karen Nickel.  I'm doing the 2nd 1/2.

My goal is 7:00 pace for a 1:31 1/2 marathon.  But that's 30 secs a mile faster than my last marathon pace.  I'm hoping my achilles and hamstrings issues will hang in there.  But mostly I want to run with my focus on the Lord.  I know in that case, it will turn out just as He wants it.

The weather is great.  Ariel and Anna are with me scooting around while I wait for Karen to arrive at the exchange.  She's probably going to run a 1:37, her previous best.  Robin is also doing the first 1/2 of the marathon on her UC Davis Team so I'm expecting to see her and Karen come in together.

I see Dave Campbell go by on the EliptiGO bikes leading the pros.  I also see the rest of Robin's team, Leonie and Megan here.  I get a good warm up in.  Achilles and hamstring feel good.

141207_3381Here comes Karen!  Ahead of pace.  Hand off goes great but she tells me Robin's hamstrings have flared up and to pray for her.  As I take off I immediately pray for her.  I know how uncomfortable that can be for her and it's a bummer because she's been working on them so much lately.

Mile 1: 6:47.  I figured the first mile would be under my 7:00 goal, so won't assess until a couple more are behind me.  I'm trying to run tall, efficient and relaxed.

Mile 3: 6:56, 6:45.  After a few miles, I'm surprised to be maintaining a sub-7 pace.  I see friends along the route like Reed, Sean, and others.  I hope they realized I'm only running the 2nd 1/2.  While surrounded by many runners, I look to my side and see Bob Erhardt from work!  We're both amazed to be running side-to-side in this crowd.  He's doing the whole marathon and going for 3:19.

Mile 5: 6:52, 6:51.  Bob settled back as I pushed forward.  Still so happy, and thankful to God, to be averaging sub-7 pace!  Another marathoner (Jacob) matches my pace and says it's really helping him to stay with me.  I encourage him and even pray for him.

Mile 7: 6:47, 6:53.  At the famous 20 mile mark.  The "Wall".  But fortunately for me it's only mile 7.  I'm amazed Jacob (the guy I met) is still with me.  He's negative splitting his marathon which is really hard to do.

141207_3409Mile 10: 6:54, 6:46, 6;47. 3 miles to go and so happy and appreciative to be at sub-7 pace.  Maintain I can even pick it up a little bit…

Mile 12: 6:40, 6:39.  This is going great!  After the bridge I picked it up.  Jacob held on for a mile before dropping back.  With 1 mile to go, I'm really sore but try to pick it up even more.  That's when I feel the hamstring start to go and quickly slow it down a little.  I hear Dylan Cook and Nicole cheering for me.  It really makes my day.  Now I just have to run as smart as possible to keep up the pace without blowing a hamstring.

I come around the corner and thank the Lord as I finish. imageMile 12.9: 6:37 pace.  Actually was able to negative split!  Thank you, Lord.  Our team finished 3rd in 3:06:44.  Thanks, Karen!