Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 Crown City 5K Run–Ariel & Anna

July 4, 2014 – Coronado, CA

  • Anna 29:39
  • Ariel 37:18
  • Anna 23rd
  • Ariel 47th


Anika & Detrik Heidt, Jan “Grammie” Heidt


I start off the 5K with Anika. We run under a big American flag!  My moms comes and joins us.  There is a lot of people running down this bike path with me!

All the sudden I get bumped by these runners going the wrong way.  I fell down.  I got up and kept running.  Anika ran ahead and Mommy stayed with me.

We saw Anna and Detrik coming back.  Anna said the turn-a-round was coming up soon.  A little late we saw Anika running back.  We made the turn-a-round and started back.  We saw Grammie. 

My legs are hurting but I feel good.  We run back to the finish.  Mommy ran out so I can finish by myself.  I finished well.  Anika, Detrik and Anna were cheering for me.  I crossed the finishline and got a star medal.  I liked it!


My cousin Detrik and I were going to run the Crown City 5k on the 4th of July. We lined up at the back of the pack because there were no spots in the front. When the starter said go we had to walk to the start because it was so crowded. We started running at 9 min pace. We stayed at 9 min pace and went under the bridge and onto the bike path. We kept running to the aid station and got some water. We drank some water. And then we ran to the turnaround. We turned around and started running. Detrik said "everyone is watching us be tortured!" So we kept running. We saw a drone with a camera getting ready to take off. We saw Mom, my sister and then Grammie.

We get to this ditch and Detrik sees a boy about his age. Detrik runs ahead of the boy and then the boy passes him back. I said "don't worry about it!". We just kept running and passed him. I said "see, we passed him!". Detrik said "thank you!". I said "you're welcome!".

We go under the bridge again. We see the finish line! We are running through and holding hands. I have let go to stop the watch so I can get our time. We ran under 30min!





Age Group


DETRIK HEIDT 5K 29:39* M1-14 51st
ANNA SOARES 5K 29:39* F1-14 23rd
ANIKA HEIDT 5K 33:50* F1-14 39th
ARIEL SOARES 5K 37:18* F1-14 47th
JAN HEIDT 5K 41:39* F75-79 3rd