Sunday, December 4, 2016

CIM Relay (Troy & Anna)


December 4, 2016 - Sacramento, Ca


Marathon Relay. Troy 13.5 mi. Kris 7 mi. Anna 5.7 mi
Note: The CIM Relay Races started in 1995.




1 of 15 Co-Ed Fitness Club. 43 of 739 total

Relay Teammates:

Troy Soares, Kris Kennedy & Anna Soares

Other Teammates:


*Catch Us If You Can: Leonie Alesci, Liesbeth Brouwer, Megan Sebra

*Others: Isaac Josifek

Track/Local Friends

*Pacers: Jim Kepfer, Melissa Johnson, Lee McKinley, Jamie Frink, Tim Twietmeyer

*Racers: Bob Erhart, Carrie & Steve Chavez, Christine Val, Helen Martin, Karen Nickel, Melissa Penwell, Michael Cortez, Mike Pirnat


It’s going to be a perfect day for running.  It’s always exciting being part of a relay, knowing others are counting on you.  Even more exciting that my teammate, Anna, 11 years old, will get to end at the marathon finish line along with thousands of others.  She’s been talking about this since last year when she watched other Relays finish.

I pick up Karen, Mike, Issac and Jim and head to the start.  It was the same plan as previous years but this time the 20 min bathroom wait has made the situation dire.  Karen and Mike are doing the marathon and there’s only 7 min to the start!  Jim is a marathon pacer and has special VIP priveleges so probably didn’t wait in any lines.  It’s Mike’s first CIM so I run off with him to get him through the bag check and to the starting area.  With only a minute till the start we’re still trying to make our way to the 3:10 group.  I hope Karen & Isaac got a good spot.

Go! It’s a really slow start with hundreds in front of us.  Mike & I run together, moving slowly around others.  I bump into Michael Cortez from Tuesday Night Track.  Although a 100mi ultra runner, he’s doing his first marathon!  We both comment on it being crazy to find someone you know amidst thousands.

Mile 1. 7:36.  Turning onto Oak we get the first feel of effort on the slight climb.  Our pace is slower than planned (7:00 for me, 7:15 for Mike) but Mike seems very relaxed and fine with it.  I especially want his race to go well because I didn’t get him to the start early enough. 

I want to get us back on track but without effort so I coach Mike about the rollers, easing up them, and making up time down them.  It goes well.  We run near the edge of the road to get clear road ahead.

Mile 2. 7:02.  The road is clearing up more.  I get water but Mike doesn’t.  I encourage him to take some of mine.  I also realize the best I can do for his race is pray for him so I ask if I can and say a quick prayer for God to give us both good races.  He’s thankful and we continue on, using the downhills to our advantage.

Mile 3. 6:40. We’ve passed the 3:13 pace group.  We also pass a Forward Motion pack including Carrie Chavez!  Great to see her and chat a little.  She will surely do well.

The weather is perfect.  I have a base layer, arm warmers and gloves but I’m warming up quite fast and the sun is coming out.  Mike sheds his long sleeve.

Mile 4. 6:52. I get more water.  Making sure I drink a lot because I’m going to need a big effort soon to reach my goal and water is critical for good muscle function.  Spectators have been great as usual.  A group of volunteer girls are trying to yell the beat of the Rocky “Eye of the Tiger” theme, very funny.

Mile 5. 6:49. I tell Mike we’re now under his 3:10 goal pace but it’s ok because of the downhills of this first half.  He seems comfortable and happy with the race

Mile 6. 7:01. Another gradual downhill stretch.  The road is wide and plenty of room to run smooth now.  We’ve caught the 3:08 pace group.  I remind Mike that we started a little behind them so he’s really ahead of them.  He agrees this is a good group to stay with.  I encourage him and keep saying to stay relaxed.  And that I’m going to push ahead.

Now it’s back to my race.  I want to get to transition on time (about 8:34 am) and with the slow start I’m not sure how it will play out but figure on just running as fast as I can :)

Mile 7: 6:49.  Feels good.  I drink a lot of water.  I plan my first gel at 8mi and look forward to it

Mile 8: 6:46. Another fast mile.  I enjoy a gel and a cup of water.  I think about God’s blessings and appreciate him being with me.

Mile 9: 6:52. All going well.  Even with some hills on this mile.  I can’t wait to get to the little town at mile 10 where the H.S. band plays and I get another gel.

Mile 10: 6:46.  Love the town.  Even feeling more tired now, I appreciate them all being out here.  I eat my gel and now have to make a quick porta-potty break since I skipped using the bathroom before the start of the race.

Mile 11: 6:58.  Had a very fast bathroom break but still lost about 20 secs.  Determined to make it up.  Pushing hard!  My calf feels a little tight, and the achilles acts up a little, so I take some moments to go easier before picking it up on the downhills.

Mile 12: 6:50.  The last long straight away.  My spirits are lifted when I see the 1/2 Marathon arch.  But then I realize it’s still another 1/2 mile to transition.  I pick it up even more to see what I can get for a 1/2 marathon since I haven’t done one since my last marathon.

Mile 13: 6:38.  fastest mile yet!  Great, 1:31 1/2.  Now, feeling done, but gotta try to catch the 3:03 pace group before I had off to Kris.  After seeing them for a couple miles, I finally pass them!

Mile 13.5  I see Kris easily and he’s smiling.  We have a great exchange.  No stress, just happy to be doing this together.  I send him off with, “May you feel the Lord’s pleasure.”  I hope he has a great run.

Robin is here ready to get tagged by her partner, Liesbeth.  I take Anna & Ariel and head off to the final exchange where she will start her momentous run…


WP_20161204_004I see Chris and I get ready to run. Chris gives me a High-5 and then I take off the chip on his leg and put it on mine. I start running and I feel great and I can’t stop smiling.

Mile 1. 7:23. I keep running and see an aid station. I get some water and then I keep running.

Mile 2. 7:38. I run over a bridge with lots of people cheering for me and everyone else.

Mile 3. 7:53. I keep running and seeing people cheering and people playing instruments

Mile 4. 7:47. I am still smiling while running and I 161204_cim_relay_annaknow I am close to being done

Mile 5. 7:44. I see a Christmas tree and the finish on the other side of me and I get excited. I hear somebody call my name and I look and see my friends Ellie and Ben cheering for me. Then I turn the corner then turn again and see the finish and sprint and beat one girl while sprinting and finish.

Mile 5.8. 6:54 pace.  Wow.  I get a space blanket, some food and take pictures with my team.  That was great!