Sunday, December 31, 2017

CIM Relay (Anna)


12/3/17 – Folsom


7.3 Greg, 6.2 Anna, 7.0 Troy, 5.7 Kris


54:07 Greg, 45:54 Anna, 49:03 Troy, 49:57 Kris.  3:19:01 Total.


FCA Endurance, Co-Ed Fitness Club

2nd/24 division, 66th overall


Troy Soares, Greg Biddle, Kris Kennedy

Robin Soares, Mike Pirnat

I get ready for Mr. Biddle to hand off to me and I pray right before I go. When Mr. Biddle comes, I take off around 7:30 min pace. I feel great even though it’s hard to not run fast when people are passing me. I keep a good pace and have fun. I see Leonie up ahead and try to slowly catch her.

Mile 1. 7:23. We both said good job when I passed Leonie. The first mile was great I don’t feel anything.

Mile 2. 7:38. The 2nd mile is good.  I get some water and keep going. It is a little hilly, but the downhills are fun. People are playing music which is very encouraging.

Mile 3. 7:53. During mile 3 there is a big uphill.  It’s like we’re in an old town from long ago. There are bands playing and some of them have trumpets. It is cool to see them playing for us. I remember my Dad telling me that I want to feel good at mile 3 and to not feel bad. I feel great which is good.

Mile 4. 7:47. At mile 4, I am happy because I’m not hurting even though I am a little tired. I remember my dad also telling me to feel good on the hills and make up time on the downhills, so that’s what I do. I pass a girl about my age and tell her good job.

Mile 5. 7:44. When I get to mile 5, I am surprised that I did 5 miles already. Part of my foot is hurting and I am tired but I don’t feel super bad. I pick up the pace because I only have ONE MILE LEFT! I run up two more hills and then in the distance I see the relay exchange. As I get really close, I see my dad. I sprint to him and off he goes into the wild blue yonder.

Mile 5.8. 6:54 pace. I finished breaking 8 min pace I was able to stay close to 7:30 min pace the whole race!