Sunday, February 18, 2018

Davis Stampede 5K–Ariel-2018


2/18/18 –

Davis, CA






1st (1-9 Females)


1/2 Marathon: Matt Pistone, Robin Soares, Troy Soares
5K:  Anna Soares

My race story

1st mile

180218_davis_stampede_5k_areilI am standing next to a girl I think is my age. The race director says 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go! I start running. The girl next to me spirits ahead. I don’t think I can beat her. I keep running. I hope she’ll slow down, so I can catch her. I turn into a path and run by some houses. We run an underpass. I hear the loud noise of cars over me. There are a lot of flowers in the flower patches around me. I keep running. I see the mile 1 sign. There are two little boys and there dad playing on the grass next to the 1 mile sign.

Mile 2

I keep running. I run under an underpass.  This time I don’t hear cars above me this time. I keep running. I see the girl that I saw starting the race. I think she ran to fast at the beginning of the race. I pass her. I run a bit faster because I don’t want her to pass me. I come to a aid-station. I get some water. The girl behind me dosen’t stop for water, so she passes me when I stop for water. I start running. I pass the girl. I start getting farther and farther away . The path is so pretty. I go under a underpass then get on path again. I keep running. I get to a tunnel and then back on the path. I see the the 2nd mile sign.

3rd mile

I keep on going on the trail. There hardly are any people behind me. I see a girl ahead of me. I say to her good job. Then I hear her say shout up you jerk as I pass her. I feel bad now I though was doing something nice to her. (Daddy thinks she probably wasn’t talking to me) I run around a playgroud. I keep running now I see the playgroud that mom told us about.  I look behind me and I don’t see the girl that was behind me. I see Anna. She cheers me on. I run a bit faster as I enter the parking lot. I run out then into the parking lot. I sprint to the finish line trying to beat a boy in front of me. I finish. I get 1st Place in my age group.180218_davis_stampede_5k_ariel_finish