Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Resolution Run 10 Mile-Anna-2020


1/1/20, Railhead Park, Auburn


9.7 mi (new course with short turn-around)




1st F10-19 (6th o/a F)


10Mile: Robin Soares, Troy Soares, Manouch Shirvanioun, Wyatt Hamilton
10K: Hunter Glass, Suzanne Hartley
5K: Ariel Soares, Ashley Glass, Caryn Galeckas, Debbie Booth, Elizabeth Katsura, Leah Booth, Seely Fam (Jon, Ardelle, Adalynn, Alice)

We show up at the race start with only 10 minutes to spare. My mom thought the race started at 1:00, but this year the race started at 12:00. I get my parents and check in and get ready to run. My friend Leah, who is doing the 5k, warms up with me. I get to the start and pray with my parents. Then the announcer counts down. 10, 9, .. 3, 2, 1, Go!

I start running right behind my Dad. My new water bottle I got for Christmas keeps bothering me. I am able to tuck it into my new vest, which I also got for Christmas. I am running right with my Mom and Dad. As we run down and down, my Dad jokes that if we can all stay together we’ll only have to write one race story. Up ahead I see a girl in pink.  She looks young but she’s very far ahead. Maybe I’ll catch her in the future. We climb up a small hill and then we keep running down. I pass the first Aid Station but get nothing. They don't have cups in this race so I brought my water bottle. They are giving out water just no cups. I run down the hill at a good speed. My Dad says to try and get an 8:15 - 8:30 min pace. Go fast downhill and slower uphill and it will average out. I start to lose my Dad at the end of the hill. He encourages me, then disappears around the turn. I go around the turn and start up the trail.

I know this trail so well. I have run up it multiple times when helping my friend Leah train for her first half marathon. I start up the trail and catch up to my Dad without trying. I stay behind him as we run up the trail. At the top, my legs are tired and I try to relax because I have a long way to go. I’m already past 2 miles and feel good. My Mom is behind me and I'm going to try and stay ahead of her. She’s still close and really good at hill climbing. Her only weakness is that she doesn't like to run fast downhill. My Dad goes ahead again and I stay at my pace worried my Mom will catch me. As I'm getting closer to where we started, I know my friend will start her 5k soon. I keep looking at my watch to see if I’ll make it to see her start. I get to the start area and see all the 5kers running downward. I missed her, but I might be able to see Ariel.


I turn onto the 5k course and have 6 Miles left to go. I am running fast downhill and it’s hard to slow down. I have to zig-zag through everyone because I’m running through the walkers. I know that I have to be careful about running fast downhill, but I know that I’m gaining distance from my mom. I see my dad up ahead running down. Next to him is a friend of mine named Ashley. I keep my eyes on her as I get closer. I finally catch up to her and tell her good job. I get to run on flat as the road levels out, which feels better than straight downhills. It’s then downhill again till I hit the trail going uphill. I think I see Elizabeth from the track, but I’m not sure. I get close and then say hi and good job. I was right it was Elizabeth. I run on the trail and pass people. I hit 5 miles and it is surprising it's gone by so fast. I only have 5 miles left, easy peezy. I look up ahead and see a little girl in a yellow shirt. It’s Ariel! I see my dad not too far behind and know that he’s probably trying to catch her. I speed up a little to try and catch her too. I’ve never caught her before because I’ve been too slow. I run on the twisty trails getting closer. I get to a twisting hill and start climbing.

I remember this hill from last year. I see Ariel up ahead with Dad in front of her. I cheer her on and tell her good job. I get closer and tell her good job in person. I then get to the 10k and 10-mile turn. I turn and start running an out-and-back section. On my way out, I see my friend, Hunter, coming back from the turnaround. He’s doing the 10k. I cheer him on and he tells me that my Dad’s just ahead of me. I know my Dad’s close but I’m not going to be able to catch him. My main goal is to stay ahead on my Mom, which I’m doing pretty good at. I’m about 6 miles now and feeling good. My Dad said I can take my gel between miles 6 and 8. I feel good so I'll have it at mile 7. I run on the twisty trail and get to an Aid station. I don’t grab anything and continue running. I’m running around Robie Point a trail which I ran quite recently. I’m feeling a little tired and the hill is getting to me. I also made a goal that I wasn’t going to walk, like last year. The hill’s looked great to walk but I kept running. I looked back when I could see a good amount of trail behind me. I’m pretty sure I see my Mom and it scares me. I thought I was farther ahead. I see Susan and say hi. I then twist my ankle on a rock but keep running. I get upset and feel like I want to cry. I don’t and focus on God. I know it’s a test from God and I feel like each race if I can complete God’s test the rest of the run goes well.

My ankle doesn't bother me and I continue running. I see some people I know and say hi. I am passing a lot of 10kers that had got to the trail before me. I see the highway ahead where we turned around last year. Later, though, I see my Dad coming back and he says the turn around is closer. That sounds great, I'm tired and want to finish. Soon enough I get to the turnaround and run back. It’s a little sketchy because it just says turn and doesn't tell you if it’s for the 10k, 10 miles, or both. I see my Mom on the way back and tell her the turn around is close and sketchy. I keep running and it’s flattish so far. I’m at 7 miles and I get to take my gel. It’s a new flavor and tastes pretty good. I then get to a long uphill that I know very well. I really want to walk it but I keep running. A lady walking encourages me as I run up the hill. By the time I get to the top, my feet are on fire. I then get to go down a steep downhill and I try to control myself as I run down. I pass the Aid Station and get to slow down from the hill. My feet are less firey and my legs are sore. I get to another downhill and I try to control myself again while going fast. At the bottom, I make a turn back onto the 5k course.

I now have 2 miles to go. I’m excited but it’s going to take awhile. I know the trail pretty good because I ran on it a lot during the cross country season. I get to an uphill that leads back down again. I know there's a big uphill ahead where it will be hard to keep running. I’m passing a lot of runners because they’re all the walkers from the 5k. I go up a steep and rocky trail and run all the way. I run to the top and my legs are tired, but I keep running. I run down and cross a muddy creek. I then run back up to the flat part of the trail. I’m less than a mile and ½ away from the finish. As I run around the curves of the trail I know the steep hill is coming up. I turn the corner and start climbing. There are people on the trail and I tell them “on your left.” I have to run up a steeper side of the trail to get by some walkers. I finally 200101_resolution_run_10m_anna_finishget to the top and my feet are on fire again. I get a small downhill over a creek again. I then start climbing up the next hill before I turn onto a trail going downwards. Last year we didn’t run on this trail so it’s new. I run behind the Overlook and it’s difficult to pass. I have to squeeze by people as I say “on your left.” I’m careful to not push anyone off the trail. I hit some gravel and I know the finish is so close. I want to sprint in when I get there but my legs are really tired. I slowly start to speed up as I take the last short trail. I hit the pavement and pick it up. I turn the corner and try my best to sprint down the runway. I get to the finish and point to the One who got me through it all.

I had a really successful race and thank God for it. For the first time ever I beat my amazing mother. My best friend Leah did great placing 1st woman overall and 2nd 5ker overall. Ariel did great and got 2nd in her age group. God gave me a great race getting 4th Women overall and 1st in my age group.

Praise The Lord For He Is Good, His Love Endures Forever