Saturday, February 8, 2020

Happy Kids Du #2- Ariel-2020

Date/Location:1/18/20, Granite Bay
Distance:1mi R – 3miB – 1mi R
Time:Ariel: 26:59
Place:Ariel: 1st, 11-12 Year Old Girls


5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go! I start to sprint. I pass some kids and now I’m right behind the girl from last time. I think to myself I’m going to beat her. I’ll stay right behind her till the very end then pass her. She’s getting farther and farther away from me. I try to stay with her, but it’s too hard. I went too fast at the beginning and it’s very tiring already. Some boys that I passed before pass me again. I don’t give up though. I push myself to go a steady fast pace so I don’t lose the lead group too.

I go through a lot of turns. I run across a road. I run up a little hill and then on a long flat path. I think I can see her. She’s really far ahead. I don’t know if I will be able to catch up to her, but I want to make the gap between us smaller. I am almost at the end of the path. I see the boy in front of me look down at the path below us and start going down. He stops right before he touches the rocks as if it was too hard for him to get down to the path. If he did, he would be cheating. I go to the turn and then down a small hill. I run along a long path and run through the finish line.


I run into transition ready to start the bike. I throw on my helmet and bike off. Dad says I’m 1 minute behind her. I grab my glasses, get my bike and run my bike out transition where I get on and ride off.


I put my glasses on and I bike up a big hill. I can’t see her yet but I feel if I bike really fast I’ll see her soon. I bike on a flat road. I bike down a hill onto another long flat road. I see her way ahead and start peddling faster. She is already at the end of the long flat road. I don’t think I will be able to catch her but I will try. I at least want to make the gap smaller. I keep biking along this road. I go up a gradual hill and then down a hill into a sharp corner. I bike up and down some hills and then enter into big, long turn. I go up and down again. I pass some kids that passed me on the run. I see a hill coming up so I go into a higher gear than normal so I can catch up to her but it gets hard so I go back into the low gear. I make it to the top and then go down a steep hill into a really sharp turn. I go back up and down the hills.


I go back to the big turn. I get back to the long bumpy road and this time I don’t see her. I think I might see her but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her. I know I was biking as fast as I can but she’s not even close. I bike faster because I’m setting a new goal to beat the two boys in front of me. I’m pushing myself a lot. I get really close to one boy and then I pass him. I get closer and closer to the other boy but he is really fast. I bike down the big hill into transition. I get off my bike and take of my helmet. I run out of transition and start the run.



I start running again. I am ahead of both boys now. I keep running up and down small steep hills and going around small sharp turns. I hear a voice and it sounds like the place where we cross the road. I didn’t remember the rough very well and keep running straight. I get to the road but its not the one I was looking for. I see some volunteers and they tell me I went the wrong way. I run back to the path I was on and see the boys that I tried so hard to pass fly by. I realize my mistake. I was not looking and went over the yellow tape. I can see them ahead. They have gone a good distance but I don’t give up. I keep running through a path surrounded by weeds. I know the road is coming up soon because I’m starting to remember the course again. I get to the road and cross it. I can see one of the boys and make my goal to catch him again. I run up a small hill onto a flat rocky path. I see Daddy and tell him I went off the course on accident. He says “keep going…you’re almost there!” I can’t see her anywhere. I get close to the turn around. I start going faster but so does she. I push myself all the way to the finish line.


Later my Dad tells me she went all out on the bike. I ended up getting 2nd girl over all.