Saturday, January 1, 2022

Auburn Resolution Run–10mi–Troy



PART 1: Bike- Auburn, Overlook Park

PART 2: Resolution Run -Auburn, Overlook Park


Hill Climb #1 – 3m Old Foresthill Rd
Hill Climb #2 - 1.2m Raley's Hill
Resolution Run - 10K Trails


Hill Climb #1 – 18:21
Hill Climb #2 – 6:31
Run: 1:23:03 (8:15/mi pace)


Bike: 3rd Hill Climb #1 & #2

Run: 2nd M 50-54, Overall 5th

Overall: 3rd New Years Challenge


Hill Climb: Anna Soares & Robin Soares

10 Mile: Anna Tortosa, Arash Ghorbani, Craig Rienbolt, Diana Arteaga Falconi, John Justus, Manouch Shirvanioun, Michelle Nall, Robin Soares, Rosie Del Sarto
10K: Anna Soares, Caryn Galeckas, Suzanne Hartley, Wyatt Hamiltonb
5K: Ariel Soares, Ashley Glass, Elizabeth Katsura, Hunter Glass, Seely Fam (Jon, Ardelle, Adalynn, Alice)

It’s a beautiful day!  We started off doing the bicycle portion of the Soares New Years’ Day Challenge.  It was Robin, myself, and Anna this year for the hill climbs.  Anna descended into the Hwy 49 canyon like a pro.  I was proud of her in her first time up the hill challenge.  It was probably the hardest biking effort she’s done.  Robin and I were happy with our times.  Not the fastest but respectable.  It’s great to be at the top of a mountain with your family.. a little closer to God and so appreciative of His blessings. 

After the bike it was a quick change into run clothes, refueling as fast as we could, and then using the 1/2 mi jog from our car as our warm-up.

At the starting area!  We see our dear FCA Endurance friends Suzanne & Caryn and take a picture.  We all pray together for our run, for God’s strength, for God’s blessing and, most importantly, to run for God’s glory.

The race announcer allows shout-outs so I take the opportunity to mention FCA Endurance of Auburn in the microphone. 

We also see a lot of our Tuesday Night Track running friends! 


At the starting line Robin and I get ready.  Anna is sleeping on the grass in preparation for her 10k in 30 minutes.  I meet a triathlete named Craig at the start line.  No one really wants to stand on the start line which means there aren’t many competitive racers today.  But still a pretty good turnout.  Last year it was virtual and many people express their appreciation to just be running together again.  It really feels like a family of runners here.

Go!  It’s a mellow start.. which is good because I have to fiddle to get my Garmin going as we negotiate leaving the park.  The 25 mile bike ride with hill climbs really took it out of my legs and I wonder what the running hills will feel like.  Well, the first 3 miles are mostly downhill so, for now, having some fun!  I run next to a guy named David.  We talk about pace and think we’ll be similar.  But he pushes the first short hill and leaves me far behind.  Now I have a goal to catch back up.

Mile 1 7:17. I have a right heel that has often given me problems, but I’m so thankful to the Lord on days like today when it feels terrific!  I appreciate running so much more when I know it could easily be miserable but isn’t thanks to God.

Mile 2 7:19. I try to be as efficient as possible on the long descent.  It’s hard to go fast and still maintain good form.  I can see David ahead now running next to 2 boys.  Wow, these kids are holding a fast pace for a hard 10 mile race!

At the bottom I get my first taste of the tough, rocky climb.  It’s definitely harder for me this year, I’m really breathing hard.  By the top I see I didn’t really gain any ground on David and the kids.  That’s ok, my foot is feeling great and I know my job, as always, is to give God my best effort, following His instructions and reminders of how to run a smart race.

Mile 3 8:46. I love this flat section. then a tough gradual climb

Mile 4 8:03. I hit the steep descent down the Dam Rd.  I’m trying to swing my arms quicker to increase my turn-over.  I think it’s working as I pass David and encourage him on.  I also pass the 2 kids briefly as they stop for a moment to pick up something they dropped.  I eat a gel in preparation for the water station coming up.  It’s a “cupless” race so I have my water bottle ready to fill.  The 2 kids go by me but they pause at the water station perhaps figuring out how to use their foldable cups with the water jugs.  I just go to a volunteer with a pitcher of water and get a quick fill.  Great pit stop and I’m off.  But the kids pass me again quickly.

Mile 5 7:17. This is the section that I usually see Ariel who does the 5k but she’s gotten so fast that I expect her to be far ahead.  I start the switch-back climb where I’ve passed her before.  I really miss having that short meeting as we pass.  She’s always so cheerful and encouraging.  But instead I see Suzanne and Caryn on the grueling short climb.

Now onto the rollers.  I’m doing good thanks to the Lord and maintaining 8 min pace which I mentioned to David in the beginning as a possibility but wasn’t sure at all about it.

I see the top 10k runner coming back, a familiar face as one of the faster runners in our region.  But not too far behind him is the local-legend cross-country runner, Wyatt Hamilton.  He’s always happy running and gives me a high 5. 


Mile 6 9:16. Anna is somewhere behind him and I would love to see her but I now head around Robie Pt while I expect she’s going over it.  I hope her legs aren’t too beat from the bike ride.  And I pray she doesn’t sprain an ankle.  She’s probably near the spot where she broke her ankle less than a year ago.

I catch the kids and start talking to them, telling them how impressed I am that a 13 and 11 year old can run this course so well.  They latch on behind me and I try to help their pacing and show them some tips.  I love being able to encourage young runners and it makes me run better as well.  I show them how to ease up on the climbing and take full advantage of the descents.

We see the lead 10 milers coming back and I count them to find out I’m in 4th. 

Mile 7 7:58. It’s a tough climb up to the turn-around and I’m so relieved to start back down, even with wobbly legs.  I see David, and then Nicolette, from Tuesday Track, leading the race for the women.

I look forward the most to seeing Robin… and there she is.. smiling, as usual!  I tell her God is helping my foot feel good and that I love her.  I see Suzanne and other familiar faces.

Mile 8 7:59. I start the tough, muddy, even icy, climb up Robie.  I’m really using my arms more to quicken my turn-over.  I’m breathing really hard but God has taught me over the years that I wont die Smile

Down the steep backside of Robie Pt I go by the spot Anna broke her ankle and pray that she’ll be ok this time (I forget that she already went through this section).

I’m at 8min pace still but the hardest mile climb is still to come.  My hope is to keep it from climbing about 8:10 or 8:15 average. 

Mile 9 8:43. Here we go.. steep single-track.. legs are hurting.. a lot of 10k and 5k walkers.. but they’re really accommodating moving to the side to let me pass.

At the final stream crossing it’s slippery and crowded but somehow I get through really well.  My legs are like mush, I thank God they’re able to hold me up in these technical sections.

Finally, with 1/2 mile to go, I feel the energy completely go.  My legs are screaming.  I have to walk a tough section.  But I push through the burn and hearing the announcer know I’m close.  The last climb is lined with supporters.  I hear Ariel, Anna, Wyatt and others cheering.  At the top Anna says the finish line is so close but that last section of sidewalk feels so long. 


Thank you, Lord, it’s so good to be done and I’m so appreciative of the good race performance you gave me!  My foot never hurt which is an incredible blessing.  It’s a thrilling feeling to be done and I can’t wait to cheer in the others and celebrate the races God allowed us to have.