Friday, July 8, 2022

Crown City 12K - Robin -2022

Date/Location:July 4, 2022 – Coronado, Ca – Racing Since 2011
Time:1:10:31 (9:27 pace)
Others:12K: Anna Soares

(Story below...)

It's been a rough week. A lot of difficulty and challenges. God has been sustaining me and helping me to press on. It's also hard because Troy and Ariel couldn't make it and Grammie has retired from doing this race.

My hamstring is sore warming up. I noticed that yesterday on a short run. I hope it will improve as the race goes along. Anna's hip is feeling tender. She's going out conservatively and will try to pick it up towards the end. She'll start with me.

We find our way up front through the thick crowds. It's packed as usual.

The race director gives his traditional Independence Day movie speech. So funny! Never gets old.

Ready, set, go! Anna and I take off and run under the huge American flag. The hamstring does not feel good but I push on. I want to help Anna get out at a good pace. We run under the iconic Coronado Bridge.

Mile 1 is 8:22. The top 5K runners are already flying back. Anna says it's too fast for her hip and tells me to go ahead. My hamstring isn't warming up. I hope it does.

Mile 2 is 8:31. The hamstring is actually getting worse! I slow way down and it still hurts. Anna goes by and wants to slow down for me. I encourage her to keep going and she does.

I'm now running past the Navy base and heading out along the Strand towards Imperial Beach. Man, this hurts! I stop to stretch.

Mile 3 is 10:05. The top 12K runners are heading back already!
I try to pick it up a bit. Runners are constantly going by me but I'm not stressing about it. I'm really concerned about being able to finish this race. 

I see Anna smiling coming back. I hope the hip is ok! I give her a quick high five and she's gone.

I make it to the turn around and I'm just counting the miles constantly. I want to stop!

Mile 4 is 9:23. Lord, please help me get through this. It is so hard to focus! I think back to all the struggles. I miss Troy! I wish I could see his face right now.

I try every so often to look for women ahead I could pass. Trying to be competitive, however, is not much of an option right now.

Mile 5 is 9:47. I try all kinds of different ways of running to relieve the pain. Nothing consistently is working. It's not worse, thankfully.

Mile 6 is 9:43. Back by the golf course. I see the bridge. I want to be there now and be done!

I make it to the bridge. Thank you Lord! Almost done!

Mile 7 is 9:39. Hang in there! Finish line ahead! I see Anna waiting for me straight ahead.  Thank you Jesus! So good to stop! But also so good to experience God's help because when life gets hard, stopping isn't an option.