Sunday, May 22, 2011


May 22, 2011 – Auburn, CA
Swim 1K – Bike 30K – Run 7K
1:55:04 (20:15-2:25-1:00:17-1:06-30:59)
Dave Campbell, Debra Plant, Marcia Dellwo, Trudi Hughes-Scott
Today, I'm reminded of what Troy talked about at last night's Iron Prayer service.  God might have a plan B for anyone's race.  It's something you cannot plan for but through faith in Christ can be tackled.   God's plan B for me might be no race or drop out of the race today.  Last night Ariel got really sick with congestion and a fever.  I slept in her room out of concern for her breathing.  This morning the fever was gone but she was still very congested.  I told our babysitter that I would carry my cell phone in case she got worse.  I told God that I was content in stopping at any moment and heading straight home.
I coast downhill from home to the start at Rattlesnake Bar.  It's a cool morning but not freezing like last year.  I find Troy as he's about to get in the water.  We pray with/for each other.  My prayer is that he'll stay warm this year and feel comfortable in the water.  I find the transition area Troy reserved for me on a curb in T1.  This is perfect!  I then see Dave Campbell and his daughter Sandy.  We talk some smack because today we are each determined to beat each other...of course in a friendly way.  We see Michael Cook with his camera and I pretend to give Dave a punch.
As I head down to the start, I run into Trudi Scott.  It's so great to see her beautiful smile out here!  I also run into some local gals, Marcia Dellwo and Debra Plant.  I catch a glimpse of Troy as he goes out for his second loop.  He's definitely in the top 20...yeah!  I get in and warm-up.  It feels good for 62 degrees.  As the girls Sprint wave waits, we watch in horror (less strong word needed here Troy) as the men's sprint field pummels a bunch of long course swimmers coming in for their 2nd loop as they go out.  Oh, that's hard to watch! 
Okay, time to go!  I hope to be one of the top finishers in the swim.  We'll see!  Ready, set, go!  I'm relieved there was a break and we are not swimming on top of anybody.  A girl takes off and very quickly she's way out there.  I'm swimming with about 3 girls and find a good draft for a time.  Like always, I seem to get behind someone who has trouble swimming straight.  It's no big deal.  I just press on alone and zone in on the first buoy. 
As I round the first buoy, I have trouble seeing the next one so I follow the crowds.  We are way out here!  I see it!  I push to the next one.  I'm wondering if there are girls near.  I'm mixed in with the sprint men wearing the same caps so it's hard to tell. 
I round the buoy and now it's a long, straight shot back to shore.  I'm feeling good and my stroke feels strong.  I'm really pulling the water well today.  I might be in the top 2 or 3?!  That would be cool!  I get to shore, jump out and rip off my wetsuit.  Kick, kick, off!  Yeah!  As I run into transition, I see a sprint girl leaving.  Hum, is that 2nd place?  I throw my stuff in my bag, put on my gear and go! 
110522_auburntri_sprint_robin_bikeTime to climb!  As I head out of Rattlesnake Bar, I'm feeling strong.  Thanks God!  It's so nice to be racing on roads I ride all the time!  As I head up the 6 mile stretch of climbing, I make it a point to encourage others.  This is no easy ride we're doing!  I catch up to the sprint girl and tell her good job as I go by.  I wonder if I'm in the lead.  We'll see soon enough!
I make it to the top of Shirland Track and down the backside.  Ah, downhill, nice!  This time we turn left on Maidu and head up Auburn-Folsom Road to Pacific Ave.  I definitely like this change and appreciate a chance to ride in my aerobars.  We ride past the finish line and head up towards Hwy 80. 
110522_auburntri_sprint_robin_bike2Once almost to 80, I start seeing guys coming back.  They are flying!  They've got to be 20 minutes ahead of me!  I start looking for Dave.  He's around here somewhere.  I'm also looking for other girls.  It's hard to look and ride uphill but I continue to scan.  I'm just thanking God for letting me feel so strong especially with the little sleep I got last night. 
As I'm about to turn and ride over to Bowman Rd. and the turn around I see Dave.  I give him the "I'm watching you sign" and a smile.  He looks great!  It looks like it's going to be very close today.  Within a few minutes, I'm at the turn-around.  I don't think I've seen any girls...interesting!
It's fun coming back and flying down Lincoln Way.  I let go of the brakes and fly down the hill.  I'm terrified and excited at the same time!  I'm so grateful for my mtn. bike experience and the Copperopolis Road Race.  Both have given me confidence descending and I can see a real difference today!  At the bottom, I hear Trudi cheering for me as we ride past each other...and I cheer back.
I push hard all the way back to T2 at Railhead Park.  I run to my stuff and am able to make a quick transition.  My legs feel pretty good going out.  I run down the channel trail and dodge runners.  It's narrow and uneven footing and I could easily go down.  I make it to Maidu.  Mile 1 is 7:28.
I now get to enjoy the long down hill to mile 2 in the canyon.  Halfway down I see a girl running out in a Cal Berkley outfit.  Wow, is she leading this race or is she a relay? She's really flying!  If she's leading, she's got a good 10 minutes on me at least!  Impressive!  I tell her good job and give her a smile.   The question is, where's Dave?  I push hard and hit Mile 2 at 6:55. 
There's Dave!  Wow, looking strong!  I cheer Dave on and hit my stopwatch.  It's going to be close today!  I make it down to the new segment of the course that Brad Kearns added.  I thought I knew all the trails down here!  It's narrow and the footing is a bit tricky.  I get into a good grove on this undulating trail and push it.  As I pop out, I can see another lady heading down to the same trail.  She's not far behind so I better pick it up!  I hit mile 3 at 7:23. 
110522_auburntri_sprint_robin_finish2It's mostly uphill now!  I've run this hill so many times but it still takes it out of me.  I catch up to Steve who I met at the Iron Prayer service last night.  I tell him good job and encourage him to push hard to the finish.  I make it out of the canyon and the finish is near!  Mile 4 is 7:32.
I run under the overpass and into Railhead park.  I can see the finish!  I sprint to the finish and look to Christ as I cross the finish.  Thank you God for this race!  Thank you for keeping Ariel safe so I can do this!  I am so grateful for this opportunity!

Go Dave!
Go Trudi!

Name Age Group Place Swim Bike Run Time
Dave Campbell M50-54 3 20:26 1:00:37 30:06 1:54:14
Robin F35-39 1 20:15 1:00:17 30:59 1:55:04
Trudi Hughes-Scott F40-44 2 24:29 1:08:40 37:51 2:04:17
Debra Plant F50-54 1 23:34 1:09:19 41:22 2:18:19
Marcia Dellwo F50-54 4 27:55 1:19:33 51:14 2:48:47