Monday, January 23, 2012

Whole Foods Running School Kids Run (1mi)

Robin is racing the 10k.  Anna & Ariel are at the start of the 1mi kids run following a warm-up routine by the familiar running clown guy.  Anna is at the front, right on the line.  Ariel & I are near the back.  We met another 3 yr old, Aiden, doing the race, too.  Brad Kearns gives everyone instructions and warns the kids not to knock each other over at the start.

Ready, go!  As the pack bolts off the line, Ariel and I slowly make our start in the calmer section of runners.  Despite her longest race yet, Ariel has stated that she’s going to run the whole course.  She’s got a good efficient jog going and a joyful smile.

Only 100ft into our run we see a kid down.  It’s Anna!  Another parent is with her making sure she’s ok.  She got knocked down and a little scraped up but I think the surprise of it all is what’s really causing the tears.  We pull to the side, check her over, and Anna says she’s going to continue on.  Here we go.  Ariel is still determined and making it look easy.  While Anna is transforming from a slight limp to a full stride.  I’m so proud of my girls.  They both have smiles and are having fun running.  I think Anna is finding out it’s also fun running from the back rather that at the front… because there’s lot’s of kids to encourage as you go by.

Ariel is making good on her promise.  Not stopping.  Just playfully jogging along.  Unknowingly meandering left and right.  Nearing the finish, here comes Anna, running back to finish the race with her sister.  Suddenly Ariel is getting some chafing… in those sensitive areas.  It stops her momentarily, but seeing Anna coming to help gets her going again.  Somehow she ignores the chafing and finishes, running the rest of the way!

The big success today was seeing Ariel run the whole way smiling, and seeing Anna find a smile after a traumatic crash-and-burn at the start.  The girls sit down and excitedly go through their finishers goodies bag and then into the food line.  Nothing tastes better than food you had to run to get.  They’re loving it.  Thanks, God, for a successful race,