Saturday, March 31, 2012

Davis Stampede Kid’s Race (1mi) Anna

We just had breakfast and now I rush to the starting line.  This time I stand a little farther back with kids my size.

The starter says, “Go!”.  I start running, hoping not to fall.  After the first turn, I’m running good, but I get a cramp in my left side, and in my tummy, and in my neck, and in my shoulder.  It’s hurting.  After the next turn I looked back and saw Daddy coming and stopped to tell him about all the cramps.  Daddy said to keep going, but slower, and hope it goes away.  I hear Daddy praying that it will go away.  After the next corner it started feeling better.

Now we have to do the loop again.  At the first corner, all the cramps started hurting again.  But my other shoulder was now hurting!  But I keep going.  Sometimes I feel like I’m running really fast.  And sometimes slow.  And sometimes I run through a pile of leaves.. just because it’s there.

After the 2nd loop, we have to run down-and-back on a long street.  I’m breathing so hard but I have to keep going.  I hear Leonie yelling my name so I look back and wave.  I’m catching some bigger kids.  Another girl my age catches me as I make the turn and high-5 a soldier.  The soldiers were helping direct the race.  I high-5’d 2 of them.  One was a girl and one was a boy.

I catch the girl and then right before the finish I catch another girl and then right at the finish I tied with another girl.  I was breathing so hard.  They gave me a medal.  I laid down on the ground.  Daddy came quickly and told me I ran a little over 8.  I was amazed, but I was still too tired to say anything.  But I was happy.  I got some water.  And then I run back to see Ariel.

There she is!  She’s coming down the road.  I run to her and grab her hand and finish with her.  My little sister did great.  She got a medal, too.

Result: 8:12!!