Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sierra Trail 5K–Robin

October 20, 2012 – Granite Bay, CA
5km Run (3.48miles actual)

FCA Teammates:
Desiree Swift; 1/2 Marathon – Karen Nickel
Desiree and I drive down to Granite Bay.  Troy is watching her kids along with mine so he’ll be doing his own sort of race!  On the way down we pray for Karen who is starting the 1/2 Marathon an hour before our race.
This race is to help me get tuned up for the Davis Turkey Trot 5K stroller race.  Trail running is tough and hopefully will put stress on my body similar to pushing a stroller with a 40 lb. kid, Ariel.
We pick up our gear at registration.  It’s a perfect beautiful morning.  Desiree and I warm up and wonder how Karen is doing out there… somewhere.  Desiree’s hamstring is bothering her so we pray just before the start for that and for us to be a good example of Christ out in the race. 
As I line up for the start, I regret not looking more closely at the map online. I was betting on following someone else but there are only 45 people doing it so it could get lonely and desolate.  I know that TBF always marks the course well but you never know.
"On your mark… get set.. go!"  In the first hundred yards I am leading the race.  I start praying “Lord, please help me go the right way.  I don’t want to mess up anyone’s race.”  There are lots of arrows marking the way and each time I don’t see one for a bit, I hold my breath and pray.
The course starts to spiral.  We keep winding up tighter and tighter.  Oh Lord, this doesn’t seem right.  Soon the spiral seems to reverse and we are heading against the back of the pack.  Arrows seem to confirm that I’m going the right way but it just seems weird.  There is a runner behind me and he doesn’t seem to be complaining so we must be good!
Mile 1 is 6:52.  I’m happy with that!  I continue to pray step by step and continue to find my way.  Thanks God!
Mile 2 is 6:41.  We are heading back towards the finish!  It’s good to know that it’s almost over and the pressure of finding my way will soon end.  We start merging with and passing the half marathon runners.  “Where did you get that energy?” a guy says.  I tell him we are 5Kers and that he’s doing a great job.  Where do we go now?  Up ahead, I see a sign pointing to the left for the 5Kers.  Yeah!
Mile 3 is 6:54.  That last mile had a lot of tight turns which slowed the pace.  I’m still happy with my effort.  As I continue to run I can tell this course is going to be long.  I continue to dig and hope my legs have over 3.1 miles in them.  It seems quiet behind me now and I’m tempted to ease up.  I’m reminded of my upcoming stroller race against Dave Campbell.  I cannot let up when he’s around so better not here either!
I finally see the finish!  I make it across first.  Wow, thanks God!  I’m soon followed by 2 other girls and then a guy.  Wow, girl power at the finish today.  I wait for Desiree and she brings in 2nd for our age group.  Great day!  Now it’s time to wait for Karen to finish.