Sunday, October 28, 2012

Victory Velo Halloween Duathlon–Robin

October 28, 2012 – Auburn, CA

5.8 mi R - 9 mi B

2:10:48 (53:52-1:16:54)
1st Woman
Dan/Dawn/Devon Tebbs, Jesse Warda, Melissa Johnson, Troy Soares

The run goes from Victory Velo to the Overlook to the Western States Trail to the Old Foresthill Bridge.  The bike goes from the Confluence Trail, around the Clementime Loop and up Stage Coach.

Troy and I are a medical team this year: Dr. Soares and Nurse Soares.  As we arrive at the store we don’t see as many costumes this year but there still are some good ones: Superman, Storm Trooper (Devon), Shera (Dawn), Conan (Dan), Kitty Cat, Mario, and Ape.  We line up and get ready to run.  This year Devon Tebbs, a third grader and a Skyridge Jog-A-Thon winner, is running with us.  

We take off.  Troy, Jesse and Devon are running quick.  I’m impressed with Devon’s effort!

Mile 1 is 7:52. We are now on the trail heading over to the Western States trail.  Runners coming up the trail giggle and smile as they see me, the nurse, and Superman behind me. 

Mile 2 is 7:18.  I’ve caught up to Devon and he’s still running strong!  I tell him to listen for my Garmin watch to tell us when we’ve completed the next mile.  Doug Houston and Abe Ditman go by.  “Good job!”

Mile 3 is 8:49.  “There goes the beep, that means we have 2 miles to go I think.”  So far, no one has caught Devon and I.  We make it to the Western States 100 mile course.  “Don’t look back Devon, watch the obstacles”.  It’s a steep decent and we are letting gravity carry us down.  Devon is noticing the sights and sounds.  I appreciate that since often I’m in such a hurry to get places I hardly notice those things sometimes.

Mile 4 is 10:12.  Melissa catches us as we get to the waterfall.  Wow, there is a lot of water and I try to make it across without getting my feet wet.  Darn, I stepped in the water…oh, well.  Devon gets across well.  We say bye to Melissa as she continues on. 

Mile 5 is 10:00.  “We are almost there Devon.  No hands bridge is right around the corner”.  The Kitty Cat catches us.  “Stay with the Kitty!”  I can tell Devon is tired but his attitude remains amazing.  As we turn up the trail from No Hands, it gets really steep.  For a moment Devon walks, but then he’s back at it.

Under Hwy 49 bridge and back up onto Old Foresthill Rd.  Soon we can hear his dad, Dan, and others cheering for him.  It lifts his spirits and he flies to the finish.  I try to go with him with no success.  As I get to the finish, I give Devon a high 5 and run to my bike.  I'm the 2nd woman to transition.

As I’m getting ready, Cindy Ditman says hi and takes a picture.  I jump on my bike and away I go!  The first section is along the North Fork of the American River.  It’s much wider and less bumpy as in previous years thanks to a base jumper who had to be rescued.  It’s worked to my benefit and I am able to bike right through without having to get off my bike…yeah!  It also helps I rode this yesterday for practice.

I see another racer in his Victory Velo gear.  As I get closer, I can see he’s just riding a Felt road bike on the bumpy, dirt road…wow, impressive!  As the climbing begins, I’m feeling pretty good and it seems like I’ll catch that guy. 

Once I’m 2 miles up and off the dirt, I’m not any closer to the guy.  My legs are feeling really tired now.  That run downhill really beats you up!  I continue pressing and push through to the top of the road.

The road bike guy continues on the road and I turn off onto the trail.  Okay, here we go.  After some more climbing, it’s time to descend.  Last year, I was stressed and scared going down this.  This time I’m relaxed and calm.  I know I can do better and I know I’ll still need to walk some sections.  Lord, please keep me from crashing.

I make it down to the tunnel feeling confident.  I pull down my shades as I go through the tunnel and focus on the light ahead.  Lord, keep me upright.  I make it through!  I even get down a section I walked yesterday.

Towards the bottom, I get off my bike on a few sections but I’m quickly back on.  I finish the Culvert trail and cross Old Foresthill Road and continue on to the Mammoth Bar trail.  I know the first half will be great and it is.  Then it gets really rocky, narrow…to top it off, I’m on the edge of a cliff…oh dear, a bad mental combination for me.  I do some major walking here.  On one section I try to forge through but halfway chicken out.  For a second I’m teetering on my bike towards the cliff side!  I am able to steady myself and stop…phew!  Thank you God!  After a few riders pass, I walk the rest of this section.

I am able to ride the bottom of the trail and make it back to Old Foresthill Road.  I ride over the bridge and head for the last climb, Stagecoach.  Last year I was dragging here.  I’m tired but definitely have more energy this time.  I catch a Victory Velo guy going up. “Good job”.  He tells me to save him a beer.  It doesn’t seem long until I’m at the top.  Yeah!  I made it!!   Thank you God!!