Sunday, February 9, 2014

Davis Stampede 1/2 Marathon–Robin

February 9, 2014 – Davis, Ca
Half Marathon – 13.1 miles
4th (W40-44…New Age Group)
Other Teammates:
Anna Soares, Ariel Soares, Jan Heidt (My Mom) & Troy Soares
It’s been a fun weekend with my parents visiting and the start of the Olympics!  My Mom and I just celebrated our birthdays together on Friday.  We are both aging up today…she is moving up to the 75-79 category and I’m moving up to the 40-44 category.  I felt so easy going about aging but doubts are creeping in.  I am amped to try and go for a PR and run sub 1:30 today.  I’ve put in the distance training and speed work…but probably not enough speed work.  It has been raining like crazy but it seems like we are going to get a break so cannot use that as an excuse for missing the goal.
Anna and my Mom are running the 5K together & Ariel is hanging out with Papa until her 1/2 mi race.  Troy and I say goodbye to them and get on the starting line.  There are pacers here and I ask Troy if I should try and stay with the 1:30 group.  He says yes.  As the countdown begins, Troy’s Garmin has yet start up and be ready.  I tell him to get his regular watch ready.
140209_stampede_halfmara_troy_robin_startReady, set, go!  Right off the line the pace feels fast but I try to relax and tuck in behind the 1:30 group.  Troy is with me and since his goal is to go faster than me I ask him why.  With a smile he says “Anna told me to make sure you’re okay for the first mile.”  Aww, what a sweet girl!
Mile 1 is 6:39.  Troy takes off and I hang on to the pacer.  I feel way over my head but I push anyway hoping to just survive!  Thank God that there is no rain!  I’m getting really hot in my long FCA top with the tight rash guard underneath.  We were expecting the rain and the chill that comes with being wet but that isn't the case. 
Mile 2 is 6:54.   Wow, this is tough!  I feel like I’m overheating and my energy is burning up quick!  I don’t think I can keep this up but I’m determined to go after my goal!
Mile 3 is 6:53.  I decide to back off the pace…it’s just too quick and I’m not even close to the halfway point.  I’m feeling upset for not being able to do it and for not starting out more conservatively…such a contradiction.  If I can just stay ahead of the 1:35 pace group, that would be good!
Mile 4 is 7:14.  Hanging in there but already feeling wasted. Maybe I’m really feeling my age now.  Maybe my best years are behind me.
Mile 5 is 7:20.  More people are passing me and I’m getting more frustrated.  But I’m still ahead of the 1:35 group!
Mile 6 is is 7:15.  We turn off the road onto a dirt path that runs behind a golf course.  It’s uneven and hard for me to keep a good rhythm.  I hear a bunch of foot steps behind me and dread the worst…they’ve caught me!  Sure enough, the 1:35 pacer flies by and I cannot react.
Mile 7 is 7:48.  I can feel myself spiraling into a state of negativity.  All I can think is this stinks!  I take a Hammer gel.
Mile 8 is 8:05.  God reminds me that I’m wearing my FCA gear and that I’m competing for Him.  All I’ve been thinking about is myself.  I begin to pray and cry out to Him in my head.  He reminds me that I tell Ariel to say “CAN” instead of can’t.  I CAN!  I feel my attitude turning around and I have more energy!  I start pulling away from some runners that came up on me.
Mile 9 is 7:24.  Thank you Jesus for helping me get going again through Your Encouragement and Power!  I feel more relaxed and optimistic that anything can happen! I make it to the only hill on the course, the overpass across 80.  My pace slows down but I keep looking to Him and I am joyful.
140209_stampede_halfmara_robin2Mile 10 is 7:50.  3 more miles!  I CAN do this with the Lord! 
At the next Aid Station, the volunteers are not holding out cups so I grab one off a table.  It’s empty and too late to grab again unless I want to turn around and go back.  No way, I want to keep moving forward.  I feel the frustration and anger flare up in an instant.  Lord, please help me keep focused on you!
Mile 11 is 7:26.  Thank you Jesus!  Almost done.  I’m fighting my flesh to keep looking to the Lord.  I CAN do this!
140209_stampede_halfmara_robin_finishMile 12 is 7:40.  I’m hurting and my legs are really tight.  I CAN with You Lord, I CAN! 
I see the last aid station and call out for Gatorade.  No one steps forward until I pass by.  Again, the frustration hits but I look right back at Jesus. 
The finish line seems so far away but I push as hard as I can. 
Mile 13 is 7:46.  I turn the corner and look for my family.  I see Troy and smile and he says “great smile”.  I cross the line and am so relieved it’s over!  Wow, that was hard physically and emotionally!  I finish and thank Jesus for helping me! 
Name Race Age Group Place Time
Jan Heidt 5K F75-79 2nd 42:30
Troy Soares 1/2 Mara M45-49 3rd 1:28:14
Anna Soares 5K F1-9 4th 30:59
Robin Soares 1/2 Mara F40-44 4th 1:38:29
Ariel Soares 1/2mi (.4m) N/A N/A 4:28