Sunday, February 9, 2014

Davis Stampede 5k and Kid's Race (Anna & Ariel)

February 9, 2014 – Davis, Ca
Anna – 5K
Ariel – 1/2 Mile (.4mile actual)
Anna 30:59 PR!
Ariel 4:28
Anna 4th (F1-9)
Ariel N/A

Other Teammates:

Grammie, Mommy, Daddy

Ariel's 1/2 mile Race.

140209_stampede_kids_ariel2I ate breakfast.  Had to hurry to the starting line.  I'm happy and not scared.  We started.  Anna is running with me.  Daddy, too.  I feel like I'm running fast.  I'm smiling.  Daddy says I'm doing good.  It's raining just a little and I like the wetness on me when I feel hot.  It's getting tiring now.  Here comes the finish line.  Yay! They give me a ribbon for finishing.  I'm glad to back with my parents and Grammie &140209_stampede_kids_ariel_finish2 Papa.  I'm glad they were watching me run.





Anna's 5k Race.

140209_stampede_5k_anna_grammy_startMy Mom & Dad put a trashbag over me to keep me dry from the rain. Luckily it's not raining right now.  I pray with my family.  I have a lot of energy right now.  I do a little stretching.  The race director says, "10, 9, 8, 7, … 1.. Go!"  I start running.  I run with Grammie until we cross the starting line then I run ahead by myself.

1mi: My legs are starting to really hurt now.

1.5mi: I come to an aid station and give them my trash bag and drink140209_stampede_5k_anna a cup of water.

2mi: I see the finish line, but the cones make us turn another way and continue running.  I'm getting very tired.  I'm glad I didn't get cramps this time, but my legs did hurt the whole time.

140209_stampede_5k_anna_finish3mi:  I turn and see the finish line up ahead.  I'm running as fast as I can to get there!  I was really happy that I finished.  I wait for Grammie to also finish.  I wait about 6 min and then I see her.  I give her a hug when she finishes.  We both did good.  I was 4th and Grammie was 2nd.

Name Race Age Group Place Time
Jan Heidt 5K F75-79 2nd 42:30
Troy Soares 1/2 Mara M45-49 3rd 1:28:14
Anna Soares 5K F1-9 4th 30:59
Robin Soares 1/2 Mara F40-44 4th 1:38:29
Ariel Soares 1/2mi (.4m) N/A N/A 4:28