Saturday, April 5, 2014

STAR Education 5K–Ariel & Anna

April 5th, 2014 – Roseville, Ca
Anna 27:14 PR!
Ariel 41:17, 1st 5K Ever!
Girls 0-14 Age Group:
Anna 1st
Ariel 6th

Other Teammates:

Dave Christensen, Leah Westphalen, Mommy



We got there and put raffle tickets in some bags to win some prizes.  Then we went over to the starting line.  We got to the starting line really early.  We stretched and then we lined up. 

The guy directing the race said “ready, set, go” and we all ran.  We were zig-zagging along a trail.  We saw a little boy who was trying to pass us.  We ran into a shady spot and when we turned, we didn’t see our friend Leah. 

Mom said “I hope there is an aid station” and then we saw the aid station.  I took some water and drank some and poured it all on my head. 

When the race was almost over, we saw Leah.  Leah told us she took a wrong turn.  When we were close to the finish line, we saw Anna cheering for us.  I crossed the finish line.  I got some water and they took of my tag that was on my shoe.  And, then I got some food. 

After that they were doing the prizes and we won a roller skating pass.  That’s all!



We were confused where the starting line was but we figured out where it was.  In the beginning, there weren’t many people there except for my family and our friend Leah and her mom.  I did some stretching on a wood pole.  Then more people started coming to the starting line.

The starter said “ready, set, go”. There were still a few people still coming to the starting line.  I started running.  I felt good and had no cramps.  There were some children in front of me and some behind me.  I started running fast.  I was ahead of all the kids and I was with a few grown ups.  I kept running and there was this lady I was staying with.  But soon she went faster and ran ahead.

I was almost alone but I could still see some runners ahead of me so I could see where to go.  I was looking another way and a runner went past me and said “good job”.  I said “thank you”.  I saw a soccer game going on and I saw some people there looking at me. 

I kept running and got to the aid station. I drank some water and poured it on my head.  They were surprised I was with the grown-ups.

I kept running and lots of cars were passing me on the road but I was on the sidewalk.  I was alone but I still could see the runners ahead. There were two ladies walking a dog and I ran past them.

Up ahead I saw a runner running through some trees.  When I got there I saw a runner turn up ahead.  When I got to the turn, I realized I was really close to the finish.  I started running straight and I turned again and saw the finish.  It was right there.  I ran really fast and I finished!  It was awesome!

Then I waited for Mommy and Ariel to finish.  I saw Mommy running with Ariel right by the finish.  When they finished I was surprised that Ariel had an awesome attitude.