Sunday, May 8, 2016

TBF Happy Kids Duathlon #5 (Ariel)

Date/Location: 5/8/16, Granite Bay
Distance: 1mi R – 3miB – 1mi R
Time: 39:44 (9:37 – 17:32 – 12:35)
Place: 4th age / 19th overall
Teammates: Anna

WP_20160508_07_59_35_ProWP_20160508_002The race director says "10, 9, 8…” and then “go!". We all take off. The kids are starting out way too fast and I'm trying to go my medium pace. I get a cramp. Must be from the bite of banana mommy gave me. We go through the trees and bushes and then Daddy pops up out of nowhere! And he says"go, Ariel, go!".

I run down a hill and up a hill. I can see the street I'm going to bike on. I ran a little bit more and Daddy pops out again cheering for me!

WP_20160508_008WP_20160508_007Then I run through more trees and bushes. I see a parking lot. Then Daddy pops out again cheering. Then I run up a hill and down a hill and through more trees and bushes.

I feel great and my cramp is almost gone. I run through two big rocks and Daddy is there cheering. I can see the finish area! As I'm finishing my run, I'm trying to sprint to pass a big boy. I can't catch him. Then I come into transition and get my helmet on. I take a big drink of water and run out with my bike.


I get on my bike and I see one of the boys I've been trying to catch. We bike up a big hill and his dad comes to cheer for him. And then I think to myself "I wish I hadn't let him go so far ahead!".

imageAs I'm biking, a bug flies into my mouth! Yuck! Then another bug flies into my eye. I can't see as well and I fall over and crash. Then I cry a tiny bit and get back on my bike. I hope I haven't gotten too far behind that boy! I see one of the volunteers cheering.

I go up a hill and down a hill and then I see Anna! I go up another hill and down. I turn into a dirt pasture surrounded by weeds. Then I see the turn around and I go back the same way I came in.WP_20160508_012

I make it back to transition. I am still upset from my crash. I head out on my run. I ran through trees and bushes and see Daddy cheering. I run up a hill and down a hill once again. After more trees and bushes, I see Daddy again!

I go a little bit more and see the two rocks. The finish is close. There's Daddy again. I run down the dirt path with Daddy cheering me on from the parking lot and running with me.  Anna has finished and is ahead cheering.  When I see the finish line, I sprint in. So glad I did this on Mother's Day!WP_20160508_014WP_20160508_017WP_20160508_08_53_16_ProWP_20160508_020image