Saturday, March 11, 2017

Happy Kid’s Du #3–Ariel & Anna (2017)

Date/Location: 3/11/17, Granite Bay
Distance: 1mi R – 3miB – 1mi R
Time: Anna: 29:59
Ariel: 40:25
Place: Anna: 1st age/1st Overall
Ariel: 3rd in age group






10, 9, 8,…,3, 2, 1, go!  I start running up a big hill.  Then I come to a trail and run, run, run.  I come to a sandy area and fall down right on my knees.  I get up and start running.  I go up a sandy hill.  Then I go up another hill and hear people cheering.  I go down a hill and see Daddy.  I run over the creek I fell down on with no problem. 

17192374_10212304039377474_554562579322936118_oI get to transition and get my helmet on.  I run out with my bike and bike up the big hill from earlier.  We turn right at the top.  Then this boys comes up behind me and says “on your left”.  So, I don’t want him to pass me so I speed up as fast as I can.  He sees me doing that and picks it up too.  And, he passes me!

Then I see Anna and she says “go get him!”.  She's in the lead!

Now, I want to pass him back.  So I try to pass on right (mommy tells me later only on the left is allowed) and he blocks me.  I try to pass on the left but he blocks me again. 

17240456_10212304715354373_9011450514657814980_oThen we come to a hill so I able to pass him because he starts walking up.  Then he gets back on his bike and passes me on the next hill.  We turn around and start heading back.

Then I see the sign that says “no passing”.  I think “oh, no!”.  At the pass zone, I try to get by him again.  He actually stops to drink water so I am able to pass him and get a big head start. 17192321_10212304715914387_3559035119261084458_o

Then I come to the big downhill back to transition!  As I'm leaving transition and heading up the hill, the boy is biking in!  I get on the trail and see another boy, Kai, in front of me.  We call him Lego boy because he wears a Lego jersey. I pass another boy as I'm trying to catch Kai.  At that time, the boy from the bike comes out from this trail that was not on the course and gets ahead of me.  17218405_10212304041657531_7662488655473733704_oSo I try to pass him again. He's sprinting because he knows he's close to the finish.  Then we go up the sand hill and down.  There's Dad!  He cheers me to the finish!  I didn't beat but I'll try to get him next time.



Before the race, I was nervous because my right knee is bothering me.  So Dad massages it right before the start.  And, he tells me to not go too fast if it hurts. 

When they say go, I start running fast and it doesn't hurt!  I keep running and get on the trail.  I'm running along the trail and I'm imagining that right now is the swim in the Ironman (2.4 miles).  I run through some puddles and jump over some.

I run across the road to another trail.  I keep running and I see a big sand pit up ahead.  I can't wait to get to it because it means I'm almost done with the run.

17191684_10212304036977414_2671724201237148737_oWhen I get to the sand pit, I run across it and through some trees.  And run into a clearing and jump over a little creek.  I see Daddy cheering me on.  I run to transition and get my helmet on.  Then, I run to the bike start and jump on my bike. 

I start biking up the hill.  I cross a bridge.  I bike around this loop.  I'm imagining I'm biking 112 miles in the Ironman. 

I finish the loop.  I head back to the bridge saying good job to everyone along the way. I see Ariel too.  I tell her good job too.  I cross the bridge and drink some of my sports drink.

17218343_10212304714114342_2778138742171613678_oI get back to transition and park my bike.  I start the run.  My legs feel numb from all the biking but my knee feels good!  I run to the same trail and do the same route.  I again jump over puddles and in puddles.  I look up and see Ariel heading back on the bridge.  I shout “good 17191858_10212304714594354_242700418047591807_ojob!”. 

I run across the road onto the trail.  I keep running and get to the sand pit.  Through the trees and out to the clearing once again.  I don’t see Dad.  I jump over the river, run around the corner and see Dad.  I sprint into the finish line and point to God as I finish.  17239896_10212304035137368_4968056519484960616_o

Afterwards I realized I didn't have to jump over the creek because they built a bridge that blended in.