Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Resolution Run–Ariel


1/1/18 – Resolution Run -Auburn, Overlook Park


5k Trails


39:35 (Last PR 37:13, 2017)


1st W0-10


10Mile: Bailey Shykowski, Manouch Shirvanioun, Scott Eckardt
10K: Anna Soares, jesse Ellis, Season Eckardt
5K: Ariel Soares, Debbie Booth, Elisabeth Katsura, Emerson Booth, Leah Booth

I am at the starting line for the Resolution Run 5k.  I am standing with Leah Booth, her mom, and brother.  Behind us is Elizabeth Katsura. Elizabeth runs at our track workouts each Tuesday. 

T180101_resolution_run_5k_arielhey start counting down “10, 9…3, 2, 1, go!” I start running through the parking lot.  I am close to the front of the pack.  Elizabeth is running right in front of me. 

We run down a steep downhill going towards the river.  My stomach starts to feels weird. I am running up a steep uphill I stay right behind Elizabeth Katsura. I see my mom and start run faster. She said, dad is coming. She passes us. We keep running. Then Dad passes us.  He says “why are you walking the hill?'”. 

Then we get to the Aid Station.  I get some water.  We then go up another steep hill.  We go down hill for a bit.  What a relief!  There is a stream and we cross it. 

Now we have one more big hill!  We go up!  After another short downhill, we go up and out of the canyon.  I can see the parking lot.  I start sprinting.  I run to the finish line which I can see.  I finish.  Then I see Elizabeth finish.  I see Leah who has already finished.  I am tired and glad to be done.  180101_resolution_run_5k_ariel_finish