Monday, January 1, 2018

Anna–2018 Resolution Run


1/1/18 – Resolution Run -Auburn, Overlook Park


10k Trails




1st Woman Overall, 1st W13-19


10Mile: Bailey Shykowski, Manouch Shirvanioun, Scott Eckardt
10K: Anna Soares, jesse Ellis, Season Eckardt
5K: Ariel Soares, Debbie Booth, Elisabeth Katsura, Emerson Booth, Leah Booth

I prayed right before the race with Leah and Ariel. As the race started, I feel good and ready for the long 6 miles. The downhill feels nice and I stay with this girl and run ahead. Up ahead I see this boy that is like 10 years old. I think he probably will slow down and I will catch up. I’ll just see what God has in mind.

When starting on the trails going uphill, I feel good. I think of a song while running and feel good running with the Lord. I keep running up, up, and up.  I hit my funny bone on my water bottle and my whole arm goes numb. When I get to the aid station I turn right for the loop. The loop is shady and nice. I run by a lot of walkers and over to Highway 49. I do a short out and back and I see the boy that was ahead of me in the start. He is still running fast. I am impressed and thank God for letting me run. After the out an back, I start to climb this steep uphill. I see a guy up ahead walking and am able to pass him before I get to the top of the hill. I run down the hill on the other side and he catches up to me. We run to together.  I talk to him and find out his name is Miles. I talk to him about God and find out that he knows there is a God but just didn’t really believe. I talk a little bit about God and then we talk about our pets. I tell him about my dog Oscar who was a hound. He said me “Oscar is your running partner always with you.” I said “yay Oscar and God, always with me and there for me.” We started to go up a big hill and he starts to walk. He tells me he will see me at the finish if not sooner. I keep running up the hill and know I am almost there. I really feel like God helping me through the whole race because I never walked or stopped except when the trail was so crowded or if I had to move over to let people pass. I never felt tired but full of energy. As I come up the last hill into the parking lot I can see the finish. I spirit in and point to God. I love Him and He loves me! I thank Him so much for giving me a great race. I later see Miles and say good job to him. I won first women over all for the 10k.  I put a sticker on the back of my award that says “Couldn’t Have Done it Without God”. Leah, my best friend, and Ariel did well and got 1st in their age groups in the 5K. Leah with the help of God got 2nd girl overall for the 5k.  She was just behind a fast high school girl. Praise The Lord For He is Good! His Love Endures Forever!