Sunday, June 3, 2018

Auburn Sprint Tri–Robin & Ariel - 2018


6/3/18 – Auburn, CA


0.3m S – 8m B – 2.4m R


1:05:45 (8:34- 1:16 – 33:20 – 00:45 – 21:48 (9:05 pace)


FCA Endurance Relay, 1st Place


Int’l – Dana Haldeman, Dave Campbell, Elise Winter, Kris Kennedy, Leila Sermek, Rosie Kracher, Troy Outman, Troy Soares

Sprint– Anna Soares, Chase Visser, Josh Cagney, Sydney Lewis, Timothy Hess (FCA), Wyatt Hamilton

Robin (Swim-Bike)


This year, I’m doing the sprint relay with Ariel!  This way, the whole family can compete AND we can do our FCA run Aid Station for the entire race. Traditionally we’ve done the aid station for part of the day.

I meet Troy and Anna at transition.  We reunite with our local teammates and bay area teammates Tim Hess and his daughter.


Just before we see Troy off, a bunch of us get together to pray.  It’s so nice to have others with us united in Christ!

After Troy takes off, Anna and I get a warm up in together.  The water is perfect!  This year I feel more at ease with Anna competing…thanks to Jesus!  He has shown me that she can definitely hold her own out there.  Last year, I was honestly concerned that she would get hit or panic.  So cool to see her excited and confident!

Our swim is quite short.  We actually have to cross the path of the Olympic and Long Course swimmers coming back at the first buoy.  This could be interesting!  Before the race starts, I warn Anna to be careful there.

Ready, set, go!  I get a good start and am in 3rd place heading out.  The top two girls quickly distance themselves from me.  At the buoy, I take a quick look and see the coast is clear.  I cross with no incident.  I hope that’s the case for Anna too! 

I continue on to the next buoy.  I notice a girl in my age group to the side of me.  I pull ahead at the next and last turn buoy.  I’m headed back to the finish already so I push hard.  It just feels great swimming open water.  I love it!

I make it to shore and pull off my wetsuit.  As usual lately, I have trouble kicking it off.  I yank it off manually and then race to my bike. (3rd woman)


I have a pretty quick transition.   I decided today to run out with my bike shoes on instead of putting them on my bike.  I didn’t have great success at Wildflower so I’m playing it safe.  I run out of transition and hop on my bike.  (Still in 3rd place, with 6th T1 split, for women). I feel good as I head out. Thank you Lord! 

I climb the big hill out of Rattlesnake Bar Park…phew!  Boy my legs feel tired!  I keep pushing knowing this bike ride is over soon.  Even though my legs are hurting, I am still passing riders going up Rattlesnake Bar Road. 

180603_auburn_tri_sprint_robin_bikeThere is a relatively flat stretch so I get in my aerobars and push.  I see my friend Anne Thilges as I turn onto Newcastle road to head up to Shirland Tract.  Great to get some encouragement!

My legs continue to feel tired but I still continue to pass some riders.  I turn onto Shirland Tract and start climbing.  As I crest the first climb, I can see Sydney Lewis ahead of me on the big switch backs. I mentally prepare myself for this part.  It’s tough!

I dig deep and push up the switchbacks.  Soon enough I’m flying down the backside and catching up with Sydney.  I tell her great job as I pass.

There are more hills ahead.  I sure am looking forward to turn on Auburn Folsom and flying to T2 to meet Ariel!

My legs continue to complain as I climb.  I finally make it to Rosemary, my neighborhood!  Now it’s time to fly downhill!

I really feel like I am flying.  It’s so fun to be racing right past my house!  I get on Auburn Folsom and continue to push hard.  I pass Karen Nickel’s neighborhood and it’s quiet this year.  I miss that crew this year!

I turn towards the downtown square to meet Ariel.  The whole main intersection is all shut down for the race!  So cool!

I dismount my bike and run into transition looking for Ariel. (now in 2nd place, with fastest bike split for women)  There she is!  She takes off my timing chip and puts it on herself.  She is excited to head out.  “Have fun, Ariel!”.  I sure hope I’ve given her a good cushion to stay ahead of Anna. We’ll see!


I’m doing a relay with my mom. I’m doing the run. I see the first girl come into transition. Then I see mommy come in. She’s in 2nd place! I take her chip and put it on my leg and start running.

I cannot see the first place runner. There is a guy behind me. I turn on Orange St. then I turn on to Finley St. I turn again and again.

Now I’m running past Placer High School’s track. I turn on Stadium Way then I turn again on Finley St. I turn again on to Brook Rd. which goes up and down. I turn on Channing Way. Then I go up a hill to the turn around.

I see my friends, Gracie, Amelie, and Paisley (“Paisley Pie”).  I turn at the turn around. I soon see Anna! 

I turn again on to Brook Rd. then I turn on to Cherry Ave. I do a big Zig Zag then I turn on to High St and race down the long home stretch. (Finish 2nd for women, 1st for relay, with 6th fastest run split)


At the awards, I got to sing a song with the Reggae band singer.  It was about our Father in heaven which was cool!  And then I got to volunteer at the FCA Endurance Aid Station.