Sunday, June 3, 2018

Auburn Sprint–Anna - 2018


6/3/18 – Auburn, CA


0.3m S – 8m B – 2.4m R


1:09:04 (10:32- 00:41 – 39:04 – 1:05 -  17:40)


3rd Place, 13-15; 15th Overall!


Long –Troy Soares

Int’l – Dana Haldeman, Dave Campbell, Elise Winter, Leila Sermek, Kris Kennedy, Rosie Kracher

Sprint– Ariel &Robin Soares, Chase Visser, Josh Cagney, Sydney Lewis, Timothy Hess (FCA), Danielle Davi (FCA), Wyatt Hamilton

IMG_20180603_063145642_BURST000_COVER180603_auburn_tri_troy_annaI bike down to the race start excited to start the race. I set up my transition and get ready to swim. My mom gets to start the sprint with me because she is doing a relay with Ariel. We walk down to the swim start together. I am trying out a new wetsuit hoping that it will come off my ankles better. We do a warm up swim and then swim over to the start. I see some other girls about my age that are racing too. The starter says 3, 2, 1…and we are off!

The Swim

I start swimming and try to keep up with my mom. She has a different speed in mind. I keep swimming and every once and a while I run into some drift wood floating on the water. I feel good as I swim through the water. I hit the turn and look up to make sure I don’t run into other swimmers that are swimming a different way (for the other distances). I keep swimming and I am almost to the next turn. I get excited as I get closer. I turn and head straight for shore. I keep swimming while looking forward to getting to shore. I try to pass more and more people as I get closer. As I get closer to shore, I get ready to take off my wetsuit. I touch the ground and pull off my wet suit. It slides right off. (15th place for women)  I run up to transition and grab my bike supplies and I am off.  As I run out with my bike, a friend tells me that my mom is only 3 minutes ahead of me. I know I can’t catch her but it is fun knowing I was close to her in the swim. Someday I’ll catch her. (now in 7th place for women, with fastest T1 split)

I jump on my bike and slip my bike shoes on. I pass a girl in my age group and keep biking. I know the area well so it helps to know what is up ahead. I am going up a hill when dad all of the sudden comes biking by. We are both glad to see each other and say good job to each other. I get to flat section and pass another girl. I bike through the trees and fast down and uphill. It is pretty flat, but then we turn and I know that we’re going to get to climb a big hill. I get up the first hill, which isn’t that big. I keep going for a little bit and then I spot the switch backs. I pick up speed so I can get up the hill better. I bike up the hill and do not stop. I make it to the top and go fast down the backside of the hill. I bike up and 180603_auburn_tri_sprint_anna_bikedown a little bit and then reach what some people call “The Three Big Hills”. I start up the first segment of it or the 1st hill. I get to the top of the first segment and drink some water. I try to gain up speed for the next hill. I find points in my head where I will stand up or shift down. I make it up the 2nd hill, which leads right into the 3rd hill. I know I am almost done with the big hills and push hard up the hill. I get to the top and relax and slowly move downward while stretching. I see a girl in front of me who seems like an adult, but when I look at her leg it says that she is 15 years old. I try to pass her on the bike before we get to transition. I pass her then she passes me back. This keeps happening all the way to transition. She comes into transition before me but I know I can catch her on the run. Before I get to transition, I see mom is finished. She handed off to Ariel and is leaving now to run the aid station. (now in 6th for women, with 8th fastest bike)

Transition was not planned out well. Athletes have to run pass their T2 bags in a tent, put their bikes on the bike rack and run back for their stuff. As I run by to rack my bike, I make a mistake and run in front of an old guy. I tell him I am sorry and then rack my bike. When I get to the run, I encourage that man and keep going. (still in 6th for women, and 9th fastest T2 split)

I catch up to that 15-year-old and pass her. I tell her good job and keep running. The run almost goes all the way over to where my best friend Leah lives! My mom told her mom that I would be running over there and I am hoping that Leah will be there. I pass an aid station and drink some water while also pouring some onto my head. As I get closer and closer to Leah’s house I see Ariel coming back from the turn around. I give her a high five and keep running. I then see another friend from our weekly track workout. I tell her good job and keep running. I then turn the corner and I see Leah and my friend Gracie there cheering me on. I tell Leah and Gracie thanks and keep running. I pass someone older than I. I pass the same aid station and pour some more water on my head and also drink a little. I run downhill towards the finish line. I run down it fast all the way to the main road. I can see the finish! I start to run faster. As I get closer I start to sprint as fast as I can. I finish strong. (4th for women, and fastest run split)  I find Ariel and we pray and thank the Lord for letting our races go great. “Praise the Lord for He is good! His love endures forever!” Our whole family had a great races thanks to God!