Sunday, August 26, 2018

Good Dog/Dirty Dog 5K

Date/Location:8/26/18 Granite Bay Beach
Distances:5k run
Time:Troy/Oscar - 19:52
Anna – 20:18
Place: Troy/Oscar - 1st o/a, 1st Large Dogs
Anna – 2nd O/A, 1st No Dog
We adopted Oscar, a German Shepherd / Hound mix, from the late Carl Johnson who was a great ultra-runner.  Oscar is good dog who loves to run as a result of the many training outings with Carl.
We’ve been taking him on more runs with other people to calm him down in a crowd.  A few months ago Anna ran a 5k here with Oscar but all he wanted to do was catch up to the leaders.  So we’ve been training him to stay back and run as a team, not as a lone wolf.  Hopefully today he’ll hang back and remember we aren’t as fast as him.
It’s a great group with all shapes and sizes of dogs.  This is really fun.  Dogs are sniffing each other and getting some great social time.  But now it’s time to run.  Anna and I pray beforehand.  Racing is a privilegevlcsnap-2018-11-04-21h21m47s318_thumb granted by God and we want to glorify Him with it.
Go!  Owners and dogs sprinting down the beach access road. 
One lady, ahead of us in 2nd, flying along with her short little dog suddenly has to pull over and drop backvlcsnap-2018-11-04-21h26m26s638_thumb.  Her dog just had to go, race or no race.  I hope Oscar waits till after the race..
So now we’re near the front, running through the trails. 
Mile 1: 6:55. Oscar is being pretty good but I have to call “heal!” a number of times.  A few times I have to reach down to pinch him to remind him to run together, not out in front.
Anna was right with us but has dropped back a little bit.  It’s a fast pace and everything is going well.  No wrong turns, no obstructions, no tripping over each other.  Oscar is having a great time as he jogs along effortlessly while my heart rate is sky-high.
At the farthest point there is a kiddie pool for dogs to drink and an aid station for humans.  We grab water but Oscar is only concerned about getting to the finish first.
Mile 2: 6:43. We run through some sandy areas.  Around 1 turn, the leash knocks over the marking cone.  I stop and look back as Anna picks it up for us. “Thanks, Anna!”
We’re still a few steps ahead of Anna and close to the finish.  There are still some dogs we are passing from the earlier 10k race.  But now we’re at the finish and Oscar calmly strides across as I feel a great relief to be done (and that the course was a little short). 
Mile 3: 6:54 pace.
Thanks Oscar for getting me to run a fast 5k.  Good dog!
I stand at the race ready to start. As the announcer counts down, I get ready to run. He says go and I take off. I am running with my Dad and we are close to the front. In front of us is a girl and her dog. As we are running the girl’s dog, in front of us, all of the sudden starts going to the bathroom while running about 6:00 min pace. He’s leaving a line of turds behind him. vlcsnap-2018-11-04-21h25m52s076_thumb[1]My dad, Oscar and I keep running to the trails. We run zigzags up and down for about .2 miles then hit the road. We start to run up the road and then turn onto a levee. As we run across it, I can see the finish area and the parking lot. When we get to the end of the levee, I grab some water at the aid station. We hit another trail and I can’t believe my dad is keeping this pace. I try to stay with him. We run over sticks and sand, it isn’t wet like the last time I ran here. We run to a road and run down it for about .1 miles. There is an aid station at the very end of the road but my Dad and I both don’t grab any water because we were over half way there. The only problem is that my hamstrings are tight and I can feel them as I run. Also, my nose is really runny which makes me have to wipe my nose a lot.I follow my dad up in front of as we approach a turn. As my Dad turns up ahead of me, he knocks down a cone. I pick it up for him and keep running. When going up the hill, it is hard with the sand. I try to run flat footed but that doesn’t help much. Plus, my hamstrings are hurting like crazy. I don’t walk but I slow down a little bit. I almost want to cry but smile and keep a good attitude for my Dad and God. As I am running down the hill, my hamstrings still hurt but not as much as going upward. I run around a bend and my Dad encourages me from up ahead. He has a good lead and is going strong. I know I’m not going to catch him but I don’t slow down. I get to a flat spot and see a guy with his dog up ahead. I pass him and keep running on the trails. I turn the bend and see my Dad up ahead turning the bend. My Mom and sister cheer me on as I get closer to them. By the time I reach them, my dad has already finished. I turn the last bend and the announcer is at the corner ahead and he thinks my name is Ariel and I give him a friendly stink eye and he says Anna. I nod my head to let him know he’s correct. I turn the bend and the finish line is right there I sprint in and get my medal. I give dad a hug. God blessed the race even though my hamstrings hurt. Praise the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever.IMG_20180826_085831689_thumb[1]