Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tri for Kids #3 - Anna


8/12/18, Rancho Seco Park, Herald, Ca.


150m S – 4mi B – 1mi R


Anna 21:58 PR!  - Last Year 24:46  


Anna – 1st Age 13 Girls; 1st Overall Girl

180812 TBF Kids Tri (1)5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Go! I start swimming and try to get way out front so I won’t get bumped. I’m feeling good. I can see the ground below me which is nice. One person keeps hitting my foot. It is annoying. I try to kick faster. When I get to the first buoy, I am happy to get there. I swim to the next buoy and see a lot of kids in front of me. Once I pass the second buoy, it’s to the shore for me. I start swimming until my hands almost touch the ground. I stand up and start to run. I pull off my cap and goggles and run to transition. I grab my helmet and glasses and run out with my bike.

I jump on my bike and start pedaling. I slip my feet into my bike shoes that are attached to the bike. Once my feet are in the shoes, I am to the bridge. I can see bikers up ahead and am determined to catch them. I slowly catch up to one of the girls and then go for the next girl. I pass the next girl who is my friend from the Pleasanton California Tri. She encourages me. As I reached the end of the bridge, we start going downhill. I hear her say something and see a turnaround sign. I slow down thinking she said this is the turnaround spot. But she then yells for me to go to the next turn around. I say thanks. That turn around was for my dad’s run course. I hit the turn around and start to bike up hill. I get to the top and see Ruth. I cheer her on and bike across the bridge. I make a few mistakes on the way back. I draft a little, but I’m not going to make that mistake again. When I am coming off the bridge, I get ready for the run. I start to slip my feet out of my bike shoes and see my friend doing the same. Once my feet are out, I try to speed ahead to get to transition first. I get into transition and quickly get into my shoes and am off.

180812 TBF Kids Tri (33)My friend starts the run a little bit before me, but is only 2 second ahead. I pass her on the way out knowing that I am stronger on the run. I pass the aid station and don’t grab anything. I drank on the bike so I feel good. I hit the dirt and keep my eyes on a boy in front of me. I pass him and then start going up a hill. I see another boy in front of me and know I won’t catch him since he’s going strong and has been in the lead for most of the time. But I keep running not slowing down. I hit the turn around and turn around. I start running down. I cheer on my friend and keep running. I run down the hill and cheer on more people. I am feeling tired and the finish is not far away. As I run off the dirt I can hear my mom cheering while she waits to see Ruth come off the bike. I hit the grass and quickly look behind than run to the finish. Half way down the chute I sprint in. I finish! At the end I really admired my friend’s spirit. At Pleasanton she won and was nice about it and then I won here and she was the same. I want to be just like her.

Praise The Lord For He Is Good His Love Endures Forever.

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