Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Resolution Run 5K–Ariel, 2019


1/1/19 –  Resolution Run: Auburn, Overlook Park


5K Trails


33:25 PR!! (Last PR 37:13, 2017)


3rd, W10-19


10Mile: Anna Soares, Carolyn Goulding, Elizabeth Katsura, Kim McCool, Jesse Ellis, Manouch Shirvanioun
10K: Enzo Gallo, Hunter Glass
5K: Andrea & Ashley Glass, Carrie Warda, Caryn Galeckas, Debbie Booth, Emerson Booth, Helen Martin, Leah Booth, Robin Silski, Seely Fam (John & Ardelle, kids), Suzanne Hartley


10, 9, …., 3, 2, 1, Go! I start running as soon as I get out the parking lot, I start going downhill then we turn and start going down again. It’s steep and I want to go slower but then I remember that dad said that people will slow down on the down hills because they’ll use it as a break and should use it as a way to catch up and improve my time. That’s why I go faster. I hear some people say they wanted to go slow so they won’t fall.

4047-03-764-(ZF-5769-10296-1-004)Then we turn on a road and it feels like it goes straight down. I see mommy running down from another place. I start running faster so I could catch up to her. I am getting closer and closer. As I was passing an older man, he says “I’m going to be tired tomorrow but your not going to be tired” (later he told me he was 70 years old). I start up the hill and the older man passes me. Mommy is getting farther and farther away. There is a photographer and he takes my picture.

The first part of the hill is ok and then it gets harder and harder to climb. A lady says “look at her go”. Finally, I pass that part of the hill and am starting up the next part of the hill. It goes up and then down and then bigger up and then a little downhill. I see some people and one person with a camera as I got closer, I see it is Leah’s dad. He says “go Ariel, good job Ariel”. I hear a lot of people behind me so I look behind me and see Enzo running. I am surprised to see Enzo not with Hunter because before the race they said they where going to run together. When Enzo gets closer, I asked him where Hunter was and he said he pulled something and told him to run ahead.

I was running and it is getting harder for me. I hear someone say “good job don’t let me pass you”. I have to know who was saying that but cannot figure it out. It sounds like my first grade teacher Mrs. Quail. I try to see who it is but I can’t.

I can see the hill to the finish line. The hill is steep but the girl says “light feet you can do it”. I get up the hill and start going faster. I see an arrow and I sprint down down the straight away. I see Leah and her family are cheering me on. I finish as the 5th girl over all. I say good job to the girl that helped me and thank you. She said that I helped her and she said she cheered me on because if I could do it she could do it.