Saturday, May 11, 2019

Folsom Super Sprint–Anna - 2019

Location: 5/11/19, Granite Bay
Distance: 400yr S – 6.5miB –  2mi R
Time: 48:20
Place: 1st, Overall Female + 14 & Under  Girls

We are at the triathlon and I am setting up my transition. I am running out of time but I feel ok. I finish and need to hurry. I then realize I need to be body marked. I go over and wait in line. I thought they would let me go ahead because my race starts in about 5 minutes. They didn’t body mark me right away and after I finished, I had to run down to the water. Ariel went to get something from the car and didn’t get body marked. She will be fine though. It is now 2 minutes until I have to race. I get on my wetsuit with dads help and get ready to go. The race director gives a 30-second countdown and I run over quickly and ask him a question. Ariel was going to do a relay with mom but mom was sick so that Ariel is now doing the whole race by herself. I ask him if Ariel should swim in this heat because she has a different cap and originally was supposed to be in a different heat. He said for her to be in this heat. I quickly tell her and dad this. My Dad was also going to swim with her because it was her first sprint. I line up and there is 5-seconds until the race starts. 5, 4, 3, 3, 2, Go!

I start swimming and feel good. It is a 400-yard swim, but seems longer. After swimming for a while, I look back. Ariel and Dad are swimming close to me. I start to pick it up. I pass the first buoy and am about halfway. It is choppy and I start to feel dizzy. I keep swimming and try not to slow down. I keep looking ahead to make sure I’m going the right way. I finally get to the second buoy and head for the shore. I swim strong but still feel a little dizzy. I swim to shore and look down. I watch as the ground appears and gets closer. I hit the shore and start to take off my wetsuit. As I am taking off my wetsuit everything looks like it is spinning. I try to stand up and take my wetsuit off but I fall over. I try again but I fall over. I take off my wetsuit in the water and then start running. As I run the dizzy feeling goes away. I get in transition and get my bike and bike gear and head to the bike out.

I jump on my bike and start biking. I bike out of the set-up area and start to slip my feet into my bike shoes. It takes me a while to get the shoes on. When I try to put my foot in the shoe, it would move. I finally get my feet in the bike shoes and take off. I get to the levy and start to bike hard. Because I was slow in the swim, I wanted to pick it up and get farther ahead in the bike. I get off the levy and start riding through the trees. It is a winding but relaxing bike course. There is some uphill but not too much. I keep biking. I fly down one hill and take the corner tight. The bike course is fun and I thank God for getting me this far. I remember that I am doing this for him. After biking for a while, I make a turn onto a road I have never been on before. I bike for a little bit and then realize that I am in a campsite, no one is camping though. I then turn around and go back. I bike and look for Ariel. Before I get to the road where I turned in to the campsite, I see Ariel. I continue on the road and come to a parking lot where a guy takes my picture and I turn around and head back to transition.

I see people biking as I am biking back and I am surprised to see many adults behind me. It is the super sprint though, so the adults doing it aren’t as experienced. I get to the hill I had flown down and now I have to climb it. I get to the top and I am close to the levy. After a little bit, I hit the levy. It is windy as I bike across but I keep my head low. I get to the other side and get ready to unstrap my feet from my bike shoes. I see a biker ahead of me starting to take his feet out of his bike shoes. I take my feet out of my bike shoes and pedal down to transition. I get in transition and jump off my bike.

I put my bike and bike gear by my wetsuit and put my running shoes on. They were a little tight and it was difficult to slide them on. I finally get them on, grab my visor and run out of transition. I see Dad as I start running. He cheers me on. I also see the guy that was ahead of me on the bike. I focus on him and gain ground.

When we hit the trails, I pass him. I run through the trails and enjoy the view. The trail hits the road and I see two people ahead of me. I pick up my pace slightly. I hope I can catch up to them and maybe get first woman overall. I feel content with whatever place I get. About half way down the road, I catch up to the man who was ahead of me. We say good job and I keep running. I can now see the lady in front of me. I think I am going a faster pace meaning that I should catch up soon. We are getting close to the end of the road and I am closer to her. I pass her right before we turn. There is an aid station at the turn and I grab some water. I accidentally cut her off a little bit, but say sorry.

It is all trials now. I zip along on the trails feeling good. I start to recognize the trails now and know that I am close to the finish. I cross a road and then I am back on the trails. I then come out of the trails and hit a dirt road. I know this dirt road leads to the finish. I smile as I run down the path. I turn the corner and see the finish. I sprint in. I finish strong. Ariel also finishes strong getting 2nd place in her age group. We watch Dad later and he too finishes great with 2nd in his age group.

Praise the Lord for He Is Good, His Love, Endures Forever.