Saturday, May 11, 2019

Folsom Super Sprint–Ariel–2019

Location: 5/11/19, Granite Bay
Distance: 400yr S – 6.5miB –  2mi R
Time: 1:00:17
Place: 2nd, 14 & Under  Girls

(Robin was too sick to race so Ariel raced in her place.  This was her longest triathlon!)


The race director says 10, 9, 8, 7, and I am still getting my cap on. Finally, I get it on right, when he says 2,1, go! I start to swim. This is my first super sprint (longest triathlon) so I'm kind of scared. The water isn't that cold and it's kind of warm. Dad says that this is like four 100 yd swims in the pool which should be easy. I keep swimming straight and keep looking up to make sure that I'm not going the wrong way. I try to stay with the people I'm swimming with, but I'm not doing that well. I hope I can catch up to Anna on the swim. She's really fast so I don't think I will. I see Dad swimming with me. Dad told me that he was going to swim with me because it was my first super sprint (longest swim). Dad is doing the Olympic which is an hour after mine so he was going to do a practice swim with me and help me. It is a win-win!

I go around the first buoy and keep swimming. I'm swimming in like a rectangle. I can see that the other race is going to start soon so I try to swim faster. I'm trying to swim as fast as I can so no one from the next wave will catch up to me. I go around the second buoy and I'm starting to feel good. I can see the finish line now. I see that there's a person in front of me I wonder who that person is. And then I realize that that person is Anna. I swim to the finish line just as Anna is finishing getting off her wetsuit. I take off my wetsuit and then quickly run transition.


I get on my bike and bike out of transition. I bike up a hill. I am biking the same bike course as the Happy kids' Duathlon series. In the place where I usually do a U-Turn, I keep biking onto a course I have never been on. I keep getting passed which doesn't feel that good.

I get to a really big hill. People are still passing me. The bike has a lot of up and downs and it’s winding. There a lot of spots that are not flat but are like hills. There are a lot of winding spots and up and down rodes and some with both.

Then I turn and go around a small turn-around in a parking lot. Then I bike straight. I’m heading back to the start now. There is a guy with a camera who is taking pictures of people.

And now I am back onto the course I was on before and I finish the rest of the course that I did on the Happy kids' Duathlon.


I get into transition and I take off my helmet and start running out. I keep running. This course is also like the Happy Kid's Duathlon. On the course, I see these people in orange outfits. I wonder if they are friends or if they are on a team. I like their group. I keep running.

I see a path of the Happy Kid's duathlon but I turn off onto a road which goes straight until the turnaround and then goes on to a path. As I pass some racers, a girl says “that girl is amazing. She used normal shoes on her bike!”

I keep running. I come to the turnaround and get a drink of water then I keep running and running. I'm on the path now. I keep running on it. I see the people on the road. I keep running and start to recognize this part of the course. I remember the boulders from the last race I did here. Again, this is part of the Happy Kid's duathlon course. I go through the boulders and now I'm on the straight away. I run as fast as I possibly can and finish.

Then I realize that Dad hasn't left yet for his race. Anna and I run down to Dad's race start as fast as we can run. We get down there right as they are starting to say 10, 9, 8, .., 2, 1, Go! We cheer Daddy on as he starts to swim but I don't think he hears us.

I finished in 2nd place in my age group. Anna finished 1st place in her age group. And Dad finished 2nd place in his age group.