Saturday, July 4, 2020

Firecracker 5K–Ariel-2020


7/4/2020 Auburn, CA


5K (just under)




6th (Female)


Cossentine: Bailey & Matty; Gallo: Emily, Enzo & June; Ganzenhuber: Gannon, Steve, Zachary; Nickel: Ben & Ellie; Soares: Anna, Robin & Troy; Anna, Bernie, Krista & Julie Sopky; Mona Baughman, Caryn Galeckas, Suzanne Hartley, Jennifer Wright


5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go! I start running. I see Ellie a little bit ahead of me, so I catch up to her and start running with her. We turn to the right and keep going straight. Ellie and I are running together still. We run down a hill by the fire station. Ellie points out the chalk signs they made before the race.

We turn to go up a long hill. I hear Daddy behind me. I turn around and see him getting closer. He passes us. At the top of the hill, we keep going straight and pass a different Anna, Anna S, that is Ellie's friend. She starts running with us, but then gets far ahead. We start going down a long hill. Ellie points out some more signs. One says go, Ariel. I tell Ellie I'm going to go fast down this hill. I pick up speed. Ellie catches up with me again.

We pass the green gate and go down the hill. I see Anna S again. She stops and waits for us. Anna S starts running with us too. I go a little faster down this hill and then we start running up a gradual long hill. Ellie gets a cramp. Anna S and Ellie start walking. I keep running.

After a little bit, they catch up to me. We go a little farther. Anna S starts walking and falls behind. We turn up a steep hill and when we get to the top. I tell Ellie I'll see you at the finish. I start going faster. I see another one of Ellie's friends up ahead and I want to pass her. I keep a good steady pace. I run up a small hill and then down a hill. I turn onto a neighborhood road and I can hear cheering. I sprint faster and I see Ellie's friend ahead. I sprint up a small hill. I'm pretty sure I can't catch her but I still try. I turn and sprint into the finish line. Almost. I finished with 28 minutes.