Sunday, December 4, 2022

CIM Relay- Troy (Leg 2)-2022


December 4, 2022 - Sacramento, Ca


12.8 miles (Leg #2 of the Marathon Relay. CIM relay races started in 1995)


1:42:13 (12.8 mi. 8:00 pace. 3:35:48 total relay team time)


11th out of 65 Co-Ed Masters

Relay Teammates:

Robin Soares (Leg #1: 13.4 miles)

Other Teammates:


FCA Endurance:  Myself & Robin Soares

Placer Speedsters: Olivia Passaflume & Anna Soares

EV Cain Speedsters: Marisa Nelson & Anthony Eandi

Anna Tortosa & Emily Donlevy


Emily Donlevy, Julian Doak, Jim Kepfer (pacer), Tim Twietmeyer (pacer)

It’s been a tough couple months.  I drive to the 1/2-way point of the marathon with Ariel and Anna.  I’ve been praying for Robin (my partner doing the first leg) that she wouldn’t be soaked and cold at the start.  Thank you, Lord, for letting the rain clear up early and it looking like a better day.  This relay race today will be a good practice of finding joy in the Lord while persevering through difficulty. 

I make sure Anna and Ariel are set, get some running in, encourage others I meet and wait in the exchange point for Robin to come.  I get to connect with our friend Courtney Cardenas who is announcing.  Great to see him.  He gives a shout out to FCA and offers that prayer is available if anyone wants.  That would be great if someone wanted to pray.

I do get to pray with my girls one last time.

There’s Robin!  She’s happy to finish.  I get her chip and am off.  It really is a beautiful day.  I don’t even need my gloves.

From 13 to 20mi. 8:00 pace  I’m trying to run with good form because I have injuries that could flare up any moment. Also trying to conserve because I don’t have much distance training lately.  I stay about 8 min pace.  I smile and encourage others a little because I know I’m not out here just for me.  God has a purpose for each of these races because we’ve given this whole sport to Him.  I see some funny race signs, and some signs that shouldn’t be as well.  I look forward to seeing “The Wall” at 20 miles because that will be about 1/2 way for me.  I don’t know how I’ll do the rest, as I’m already pretty tired and sore now, but I know God will help me through.

From 20 to 26.2mi 8:00 pace. Ok, it’s getting tougher now.  Instead of just cruising, now it’s an effort to keep pace.  Some of the bands give a great momentary experience running through.  Appreciate that.  Now we hit the “Avenues”.  I remember my running partner Dick Kirkpatrick who first told me about these streets in 1996… they count down from 56th Ave to 10th ave where the finish is.  I look at the first street sign and then try to focus on the city far ahead and not look again until it’s in the 40’s… ok, did it!  Thank you, Lord.  Again, I try to ignore the pain, focus on the Lord, and not look until the 30’s.  It’s hard because the miles go by so slow now.  Ok, did it again!  Ok, 1 more time and then I can deal with the last 10 streets as they come.  Ah, so glad to be in the teens now!  Thank you, Lord, things are still working but I’m running like I’m sprinting just to maintain 8min pace.  I’ve been praying for Anna, as she started about 10min behind me and surely wants to catch me.  I would love for her to be able to do that, it would really excite her.  I can see the park now.  I hear the announcer.  Just a 1/2 mi around the block… and still no sign of Anna.  I still pray maybe she’ll catch me in this last straight away at Capitol Mall.  I see Robin and Ariel cheering along the side.  There’s the finish.  Thank you, Lord!  It was difficult and a stretch and still you gave me a consistent, safe, successful run.  You are so gracious!  My leg was 1:42:13 for 12.78 mi which turned out to be exactly 8:00 min pace which is quite a blessing.