Sunday, April 10, 2011

Zoo Zoom 5K – Robin

April 10, 2011 - Sacramento, Ca
Leonie Alesci
It’s nice to return to such a great event! We are excited to be racing with Team Alesci. Leonie and I will do the 5K while the “boys” battle it out in the 10K. The races are separated by 45 minutes - enough time for Troy and I to switch child duty. Our neighbor, Terry, is coming to watch – he wants to support Anna as she runs the 1 mile race.
It’s a beautiful sunny morning…but chilly! I warm up for my race and feel pretty good. I’m hoping to run 6:30 pace even though I’ve had trouble running one mile at that pace during our Tuesday night track workouts. God is in control and all I have to do is give it my all!
Leonie and I head to the start. I see Courtney Cardenas announcing the race and say hi really quick. We pick out our spots. It’s going to be a fast race! There are several clubs, including the Fleet Feet team. It will be interesting.
Ready, set, go! It’s a crowded start! I am barely able to give Anna a high-five as I go by. After a few more feet I make it into a good spot. I’m running too fast and pull on the reins a bit. But I actually feel pretty comfortable so decide to push the envelope a bit. I see a pack of Fleet Feet runners ahead that I’m gaining on. Soon, I’m catch and pass them! Cool!
Mile 1 is 6:28. That felt great! My heartrate is a bit high so I wonder how long I can maintain it. I see a Fleet Feet girl and guy ahead and push to catch them. I also see a little kid running with them - he’s looking strong!
110410_zoozoom_5K_robin_runMile 2 is 6:19. There’s my family! I give Anna a high 5 and just miss Ariel’s little hand. They are so sweet! I catch up to the kid (probably 7 yrs. old!) and tell him good job. I encourage him to catch the same Fleet Feet girl I’m chasing. I pass the Fleet Feet guy and tell him good job. Man, this is starting to hurt now. I keep pushing and hope to survive! I feel like I’m maxed out but I just keep going. I see my wonderful family again and smile. I see the Fleet Feet girl is in my reach. I decide to 110410_zoozoom_5K_robin_finishmake a pass and hope it sticks. I tell her good job and press on.
Mile 3 is 6:26. Pain! I just got to make it hurt a bit more! I round the last turn and push hard all the way to the line. Thank you Jesus!! I’m done and can barely catch my breath…that means I didn’t leave anything on the course. Yes, good day! The Lord is so good!
Go Leonie!
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Leonie Alesci