Monday, July 4, 2011

Coronado 15K - July 4, 2011 (Robin)

July 4, 2011 - San Diego, CA
Troy Soares

What a fun treat to be able to race with Troy...and to have the kids taken care of.  It's so logistically much easier!  After searching for parking for 15 minutes, we squeeze into a spot with my Mom's little Scion!  We jog to registration and get set to race.  I don't feel very energetic but I am excited for the adventure.  I've never raced this distance so it should be interesting!  Especially since I don't have my Garmin, my tech crutch, or a Hammer gel.  Troy's advice is to cruise the first 3 miles and then act like I'm doing a fast 10K.

There are quite a few folks out here today!  We line up near the front behind a girl that looks like a pro triathlete.  There are a few other girls here with big headphones on.  The announcer is telling the group to line up according to pace and to not to become a speed bump.  I wonder about those girls but you never know!

They play the national anthem and I thank God for this great country.  Troy and I say a prayer and it's time to go!  Ready, set, go!  I get out quick and settle into my pace.  The girls with the headphones pull away along with a bunch of other runners.  I should talk...I'm the speed bump!  We jump on the bike path and go under Coronado bridge.  I'm feeling good and hope I'm running about 7:30 pace. 

Mile 1 is 7:26.  Alright!  I just need to keep this pace for 2 more miles.  I see the girls with the big head phones and they're still pushing hard.  I'm impressed!  I tell them good job but I don't think they hear me.  I can still see Troy in the distance.

Mile 2 is 7:19.  Good.  I'm feeling comfortable and at the moment not very competitive.  Here comes the first aid station.  I grab a Gatorade and hope it gives me some more energy.  Pretty soon we turn off into a Naval base.  Cool!  It's always a treat to go behind the scenes!

Mile 3 is 7:42.  Huh?  I feel like I was holding the same pace.  Well, time to pick it up anyway.  I start by looking for the closest girls to pass.  I start to feel the competitive juices start to flow.

Mile 4 is 6:54.  Alright!  The lead runners are already coming back!  Wow, they look strong!  I see the pro tri gal in 2nd place.  She looks great!  There are a lot of folks coming back!  I hone in on 3 girls and work to pass them.

Mile 5 is 7:00.  I see Troy coming back and we high five each other.  He also looks good!  I've passed 2 of the 3 girls by the time I make the out and back.  I push to catch the next.  I tell her good job.  In the distance there is a blond runner and I make a new goal.

Mile 6 is 7:18.  That seems off.  Oh well!  I decide to try to catch the blond girl by mile 7 and then push hard to the finish.  Along the way, I see some tough folks.  A girl that must be about 7 years old, a girl running with a broken arm in a sling and a Marine with his full gear on.  I'm impressed!

Mile 7 is 6:49.  Alright!  I push more and my body pushes this is uncomfortable!  Thank you Lord for helping me through!  I know with You, I can persevere!  I pass the blond girl and look to another girl ahead.  She appears to be slowing down so maybe I can catch up.

Mile 8 is 7:13.  Okay, don't hold back.  I push and I can see that the other girl is pushing, too.  I'm giving it all I can as I head back under the bridge.  I see Troy and he tells me it's like a cross-country finish on the grass.  Thank you Lord for this day!  I cross the line spent and happy.  Wow, that was tough but fun!