Saturday, November 23, 2013

Davis Turkey Trot (Troy)

November 23, 2013 – Davis, CA
10km Run
1st, M40-44
5K: Anna & Robin Soares, Dave Campbell, Tom Harper
10K: Troy Soares

It's chilly, but bright and sunny.  It's going to be a great day for running, and for the kid's to enjoy the jump houses and activities the race always provides plenty of.

Francie Campbell and Annie Brothers watch Ariel for me as I head to the starting line.  Anna and Robin are currently running the 5k together.  I stretch well, get pumped up and pray beforehand, reminding myself that the goal is always to give glory, credit and thanks to God.

Go!  Good start. Nice and steady.  I want to break 40 but, again, have forgotten what the pace is.  6:30?  Recently we ran 1 mile time-trials at the Tuesday track workout and I was surprised how fast I was able to go with everyone supporting.  It's such a confidence builder knowing I did a 5:30 mile and only have to do 6:30's today.

Mile 1: 6:31.  Wow, I was kind of pushing it and still didn't get 6:30. This is going to be harder than I thought.  I bear down for the long northern straight section.  I start feeling my left hamstring pulling.  I either have to slow down or think of something to ease the strain on it.  I try a shorter stride but it doesn't help.  Then I remember studying treadmill running and how most of the effort isn't pushing forward, but pulling the leg behind you to in front of you.  My right leg is the strongest, and therefore heaviest, and probably pulls through slower.  So I try pulling it through faster and, sure enough, my left hamstring stops hurting as much.  Thanks, God!

131123_davis_turkeytrot_10k_troyMile 2: 6:29.  Ok, this is good but I've got to go even faster.  I focus on running the tangents and catching people ahead of me.  I also drink at every aid station.  I continue emphasizing my right leg pull-through.  Using my stomach muscles more helps.  And somehow my miles continue to get faster..

Mile 3 6:19.  This is great!  As I think about the 40min goal I'm realizing the pace needed is more like 6:23.  I'm only at 6:26 average currently.  Gotta keep picking it up.  The course at this race is great.  A lot of scenic, winding paths that keep your mind occupied wondering where you are.  I'm 1/2 way and determined to keep up the effort needed to meet the goal.  I remain very thankful that God is helping my hamstring feel good.

Mile 4: 6:19.  Getting closer.. my average is now 6:24.  Ok, this is the "working mile".. use the arms, pull through with the leg, get over the overpass… and then I can just bear-down, stop looking at my watch, and give everything I've got for the last, straight mile.

Mile 5: 6:17.  Terrific!  Ok, I switch my watch display so I don't see the pace and just the time 131123_davis_turkeytrot_10k_troy_finishinstead.  I know Robin and the girls will be cheering me in and watching the clock.  I know I'll make it if I keep up my best effort.. 

Mile 6: 6:15.  Almost there.. can't wait to be done..  I high five the girls and finish!  39:52.  I even won my age group and got some prizes which was completely unexpected.  Thanks, God : )  Just never know what can happen.