Saturday, November 23, 2013

Davis Turkey Trot 5K - Anna

November 23, 2013 – Davis, CA
5km Run
31:25, PR!
Previous Best 35:18
8th out of 47 (1-9 Year Girls)
5K: Dave Campbell, Tom Harper
10K: Troy Soares (Daddy)
Ready to go!  We lined up and the announcer said go!  We started running.  I was touching the cones on the road for a little bit.  Then I saw Dad running on the sidewalk and I said hi.  Then I gave him my sweatshirt because I was hot. He ran back to the starting line so he can do his race.
Then my legs started to get sore.  They really, really hurt. But Mom said to keep it up and I made it to the aid station.  I drank some water and poured the rest on my head.  I started running again with Mom and my legs still hurt.
131123_davis_turkeytrot_5k_anna_robinThen we turned down the street and mom said the finish line was down the road.  I saw kids I could pass on the way.  And, I was getting closer.  When I was almost there Mom and I held hands and crossed the finish line together.
At the end I got food and a massage from Daddy.  That was my favorite part!