Friday, July 4, 2014

Coronado Independence Day 15K–Robin

July 4, 2014 – Coronado, CA





Anna Soares, Detrik Heidt, Jan “Grammie” Heidt

It’s an early wake-up time to get the girls, Grammie and I to the starting line.  The hard effort pays off though as we get a great parking spot!  I really miss Troy this morning and wish he were here!  I know that he will be toeing the line at our friend Karen’s 5K as I’m finishing up my race.  I do have my parents, my sweet girls, my sister-in-law, niece and nephew so I’m not too lonely.  Detrik, my nephew, will be racing with Anna and my mom in the 5K. 

I hope Anna’s race goes well.  Two days ago she stepped on a bee and her foot has been sore since.  I also hope my race goes well.  My hamstrings have been extremely sore and tight for weeks now.  Stretching seems to help little now so I have a “Monster” massage scheduled.  It’s a real toss up on what will hurt more, the race or the massage.  Troy describes these massages as being attacked by a bear!

Detrik, Anna and I need to do a last minute potty break.  Usually I try to find a “secret bathroom” around race starts, but there are no options like that today except the long porta-potty lines.  As time ticks down to the start of the race, I pray for us to make it on time.  Detrik entertains Anna and I and puts us at ease.  Finally we are done and I give hugs and literally race off to catch the start of my race.  The 5K goes off 10 minutes after so the kids and Grammie have plenty of time.  I nearly run right into another athlete on the way but manage to dodge them in time…”so sorry!”  Phew, I’m here…thank you God!  I say a prayer for the Lord to help me battle through the pain and discomfort.

The gun goes off and so do we!  Right off the line, I can feel the hamstrings.  They are sore but not terribly tight.  Once I get past the 5 mile mark, things will get interesting!  I hope to go under 1 hour and 10 minutes.  My PR is 1:06:28 but I don’t see that happening!

Mile 1 is 7:02.  It’s beautiful running along the Coronado golf course.  Folks have already set up their chairs for the fireworks show tonight…dedication!  The hamstrings hurt but I can still move pretty well(=

Mile 2 is 7:03.  We hit the strand.  Still hanging in there but feeling tired.  This race is flat as a pancake but it’s always tough!

Mile 3 is 7:06.  Running on the Sub-Base now. It’s a cool treat to go behind the scenes of our military…especially on the 4th of July!  Hamstrings still sore and feeling a little tight.

Mile 4 is 6:52.  Alright, finally broke 7min pace!  Thank you Lord!  Physically and mentally getting tough!

Mile 5 is 6:48.  Surprised I can go this pace!  The hamstrings are getting mad now.  I notice that focusing on running on my forefoot, running tall and smooth helps.  And talking to the Lord and keeping my thoughts on Him help a great deal too.   

140704_coronado15k_robinMile 6 is 7:06.  Getting tough!  I do well when I focus on form and Christ but I find myself getting distracted and experiencing great discomfort! 

Mile 7 is 7:08.  Ugh!  Thank you Lord for helping me stay strong!  The last 2 miles of the race is always the toughest!  

Mile 8 is 7:11.  Hamstrings getting super tight!  Lord, help me!  I try to go with a faster guy going by.  It helps get me going faster and is a good mental break! 

Mile 9 is 7:12.  Home stretch now!  Dig, dig, dig!  Lord, almost there!  Thank you!  I really have to focus on keeping my form together.  I look at my watch and see that I will be under 1:10 140704_coronado15k_robin2and maybe close to my best time!  Wow, that is crazy!

Finally, I can see the finish and can hear the kids, my parents and Kristin cheering.  I cross the line and hit my watch.  Wow, 1:07:35, just about one minute off my best!  I’ll take it!  Thank you Jesus!





Age Group



15K 1:13:21 W40-44 3rd
DETRIK HEIDT 5K 34:21 M0-9 29th
ANNA SOARES 5K 34:33 W0-9 22nd
JAN HEIDT 5K 42:09 W75-79 4th