Friday, July 4, 2014

Coronado Independence Day 5K - Anna

July 4, 2014 – Coronado, CA



22nd/36, 0-9 Age Group


Detrik Heidt, Jan “Grammie” Heidt, Robin “Mom” Soares

I was at the starting line with my cousin Detrik.  Detrik and I decided to stat together.  And, then they said “Go!” and we started running together.  We stayed together all the way out.  There was a turn around.  We turned around and started running back and we saw other people running to the turn around.  We saw Grammie running and we said “hi”. 

We kept running.  Then my foot started hurting because a few days ago I stepped on a bee and it hurt. I couldn’t really walk well this morning and now I’m running a 5K and my foot is hurting again.  I started running slow and Detrik ran up ahead.  Later, I kept running and saw Grammie again and then I saw Detrik waiting for me.  I knew why he was waiting for me because he wanted to finish with me. 

We started running together and then we saw the finish line.  And we held hands and ran in together.  Detrik slid on his knees as he finished and I just ran in.  We waited for Grammie and I saw Detrik running with her.  Before Grammie finished, he jumped out of the way because he already finished.

It was fun because I was with my cousins, Detrik and Anika!




Age Group



15K 1:13:21 W40-44 3rd
DETRIK HEIDT 5K 34:21 M0-9 29th
ANNA SOARES 5K 34:33 W0-9 22nd
JAN HEIDT 5K 42:09 W75-79 4th