Sunday, August 2, 2015

2015 TBF Tri For Kids #3–Ariel & Anna

8/2/15, Rancho Seco Park, Herald, Ca.
Swim 50meters – Bike 4m – Run 1m
  • Anna 28:32(1:16-1:57-16:54-58.32-7:25) PR! -Last year 31:35
  • Ariel 34:33 (1:42-3:43-19:26-1:07-8:33) Major PR! – Last year 48:27
Anna – 2nd – Age 10 Girls
Ariel – 4th – 6 & Under Girls
ANNA In the beginning I set out my race stuff, got body marked and headed down to the swim start. I got my legs wet in the water and it was super warm. And then Dad said I can get my whole body wet because it was 5 min before the race start. The race director came over and told us to line up with the swim buoy. He said "on your mark, get set, go!". Then we all took off swimming. I was swimming crooked but then I straightened out. I got to the next buoy and turned and swam towards the shore. I hit the shore and jumped up and ran up to my bike. I did a quick transition and got on my bike. I started biking and went to the hardest gear. I did not have a road bike so I was getting passed by a lot of road bikes. I was able to keep up with some of them. And there was one girl on a road bike I wanted to keep up with. When we getting closer to the turnaround she was slowing down. I thought if I pedal faster I could catch her in the turn. I went wide into the turn and passed her. After we were heading back, she passed me back. Before i got back to the bridge, i saw her on the side of road crying. I stopped and asked her if she was okay. She said nothing and didn't look at me so I kept going. I got to the bridge and saw Ariel. I said "good job". I went across the bridge and back into transition. I did a quick change and got on my visor. I got on the run course. As I was starting the run I looked at the hill coming up and thought I cannot wait to come down that hill! I got up the hill and got to the turnaround. I finally got to come down that hill. And then as i was coming back saw Ariel starting the run and I gave her a high five. I saw the finish line and I ran right through. I felt great and was second in my age group! ARIEL I got into the lake and got ready to start. Somebody said go and I started swimming. I was swimming fast and I was trying to pass some boys. One of the boys accidentally kicked me in the face. When I finished the swim and got out of the water, my nose was bleeding. I ran to my transition and Daddy was there to help me with my nose.
I started my bike and started passing lots of kids. I saw Anna coming back. Then I saw the turnaround and a girl I wanted to beat. When I made the turn and I was heading back, I caught up to that girl. As I passed, we bumped into each other. God kept us from crashing! We both said sorry. I passed her and I rode my bike back to transition. I saw Mom cheering for me.
I headed onto the run. I saw Anna coming back. I ran fast to the turnaround. And I headed back towards the finish line. I saw Mommy and Anna cheering me on. I crossed the finish line and felt good.