Saturday, November 21, 2015

2015 Davis Turkey Trot–Anna & Ariel


November 21, 2015 – Davis, CA


5km Run


  • Ariel – 33:07, PR! (Previous Best 37:18)
  • Anna – 27:57, PR! (Previous Best 29:39 – ;Previous DTT ‘13 - 31:25)


  • Ariel - 5th out of 10 (1-7 Year Girls)
  • Anna – 6th out of 30 (10-11 Yr Girls)


5K: Dave Campbell
10K: Dave Campbell, Leonie Alesci, Troy Soares (Daddy)


I was with Daddy before the race. The starter said go! People were running past me. Daddy and I ran and ran and told stories. We also talk to a couple older girls and Daddy says, "see you made some friends already."  Then Daddy left me to go to run in his race. I was little scared to be running alone. After that, I saw my Mom crossing a bridge above me. She called my name and waved at me. I said "Hi Mom!". I knew I was close to the bridge. I finally got to the bridge and saw a lot of people below. I ran through a pretty park. There was a man playing weird music. Then I saw Mom waving at me and calling my name. Mom helped me finish the race. And I got a medal! I was glad to do the race and I was okay running alone. (No race pictures of Ariel appeared to have been taken =/).




I got in my place at the starting line and started doing exercises.

Then they said, "on your mark, get set, go!" I started off running. I felt good. I saw different kids as I passed them. We turned and turned as the course went on. I saw the 1mile sign. I kept running and saw the 2mile sign. I got some water at the aid station. Then I kept running and saw my mom running towards me. She gave me a high five. I saw a girl and a boy running with their dad I tried to stay in front of them. I heard them say that we were close to the finish line. Then I saw the finish line and 151121_davis_turkey_5k_anna_finishsprinted. I finished!

The end