Saturday, November 21, 2015

2015 Davis Turkey Trot 5K–Robin


November 21, 2015 – Davis, CA






1st, F40-44 (Out of 30)


5K: Dave Campbell; Soares Girls: Ariel, Anna & Robin
10K: Dave Campbell, Leonie Alesci, Troy Soares

Wow, this is my first race since Ironman Coeur d’Alene in June! This is definitely the longest break in racing I’ve had in years! Doesn’t matter the fitness I have or distance I run, I always feel nervous and with high expectations. That is why I look to Jesus and get into my Bible the first thing this morning. He is my peace and confidence so I need not stress out or worry!

Today, Ariel will be running the 5K mostly alone. Troy will start out with her and then head off to the 10K start. Then, once I finish, I’ll run back to her and run her in. I pray that she will have fun out there and make some friends. Anna is now a veteran running alone. Hard to believe she’s already 10 years old!

This race is always great because we get to see the Alesci family and the Campbell Family. Leonie Alesci is running the 10K. Dave Campbell is pushing his small grandson in the 5K and his 2 older granddaughters in the 10K. Troy, the girls and I pray together before we part ways at the starting line.

As I line up for the start, Dave tries to get me to take him on. I decline knowing he will leave me in the dust even with a stroller in hand. I run into a college running friend, Kathy, and we catch up after many years. The race is delayed for 15 minutes. I get the chance to spot Troy and the girls lined up a bit behind. I hear the course has changed and try to communicate that with hand gestures to them but they don’t understand…oh well, they will understand. Just praying that Ariel will have fun and find her way!

Okay, ready to go! We are off! I’m running hard but feeling good. The half marathoners are starting with the 5K and a bunch of them are ahead of me! I’m running side by side with the 1:35 pace group. I check my watch and the pace looks fast. It’s still early on though! A lot can still happen.

Mile 1 is 6:48. Alright! I’ve pulled away from the 1:35 half marathon race group and slowly moving up in the ranks. I hoped to be able to run just under 7 min pace for the whole race. Looks like that is a real possibility because my energy is good for once. My new sweet potato breakfast inspired by my good friend Trixie Bradley is really working well. I tried it last weekend when I paced Anna in the cross country race and I felt well fueled and not the more common sluggish feeling. The girls and Troy tried it too so wondering how it is working for them.

151121_davis_turkey_5k_robinMile 2 is 6:52. Alright again! Interestingly my quads are feeling sore likely because I haven’t run this fast or hard in a long time! Still feel strong though! My energy is great! Thank you God!!

The half marathoners go left and we go right to an overpass. I can see the other racers coming and wonder and hope to see Ariel. Sure enough, as I cross over I see Ariel below. “Ariel, it’s Mommy up here!” She looks up and her face lights up. “Great job Ariel!!” Thank you, Jesus, for the opportunity to encourage her!

Through the park next to Davis High we go! I’m running alongside a boy whose Dad is telling him where his competition is at. I encourage him to use the downhill for speed and to keep going.

Soon we turn right on B Street and it’s a straight shot to the finish! There is a girl right in front of me and I push hard to catch up. It’s as if she senses that and picks it up too! I’m hammering all the way down the long stretch and still cannot seem to make ground!

Mile 3 is 6:26. Can I break 21 min? I can see the clock and it’s just over 21. No matter, I’m happy to be able to go this fast. The girl continues to elude me and then suddenly she pulls off course. Oh, she wasn’t an official racer. Wow, she really helped me a lot and I’m thankful for the that.

I cross the finish line and am glad to be done. My legs are tired and sore but the rest of me feels great! Love those sweet potatoes! 151121_davis_turkey_5k_robin_finish

I run back on the course and see Anna coming in! She looks strong and is smiling! “Go Anna! Nice job!” I continue on for a bit more and see Ariel! We have a fun time running together. She tells me all about her race in between deep breaths. What a girl!

Thank you Lord for my wonderful family! I feel blessed!