Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rebel Rebellion 6K - Anna

November 15, 2015 – Ancil Hoffman Park, Sacramento, CA
Daddy & Mommy
WP_20151115_001 Start Not too many people were racing with us. But there was one girl who was older than me and I think she was in my age group (10-19). Ok back to the start. On your marks, go! I started off. Mom said to tack it easy in the beginning. I maybe went too fast in the beginning. We ran rounded the field. It was ok. Then we stared on the trails, ‘’My favorite’’. It was muddy though. The girl how was older than me got off course. But we helped her get back on track. Then I kept running and trying to keep up with my mom. I lost her for a moment but found her again and again. My mom yelled out we only have to run one lap rounded the track. When we got close to the finish line I sprinted and beat my mom. I got a medal! The end
(NOTE: Mommy ran with Anna)