Saturday, January 2, 2016

Resolution Run 5k (Ariel)


1/1/16 – Auburn, Overlook Park


5k Run




3rd (under 10 girls)


Mom, Dad, Anna, Leah

Suzanne (Hartley), Leah, Anna and I got ready for the race. We heard the announcer say "10, 9, 8..3, 2, 1, go!". I noticed three guys started when she said 3. I was surprised.

I started running. I felt really good until all the hills started coming and I started getting cramps. I was watching the virtual runner on my watch and trying to stay ahead of her. On the second mile, I couldn't see the virtual runner anymore. Suzanne tried to help me fix it but it did not work. So I had to run without it.

I found a boy ahead of me to chase. So I started chasing after him. I couldn't beat him but I was close behind.

WP_20160101_001I saw the finish and started racing fast. I heard Suzanne shout, "Ariel, your dad is coming!". I looked behind me and I saw my dad chasing after me! My dad couldn't beat me so he asked if we can finish together and we did! And, I got third place! I was surprised! Thanks to Suzanne who helped me get third place!