Saturday, March 12, 2016

Happy Kids Du #3 - Anna

Date/Location: 3/12/16, Granite Bay
Distance: 1mi R – 3miB – 1mi R
Time: 30:55 (8:16 – 13:00  – 9:33)
Place: 2nd overall
Teammates: n/a


Go! And off we go onto the dirt path heading to the trees. It was chilly so I kept my jacket on in the beginning.

This time I wanted to beat the first place girl. I could see the first place girl in front of me. She was turning on the path through the trees. Soon I was on the path following her up and down. We crossed a street and I could see the path leading to the transition spot.

WP_20160312_006I was getting hot with my jacket and gloves on so I took them off and held them while running. I drop one of my gloves but I pick it up. I saw my dad and tried to give him my gloves but he told me to keep holding them to transition. So I did. I put my jacket and gloves by my bike and graded my helmet got my bike. I took it to the line and jumped on and I was off.


WP_20160312_008I bike up the hill and turn. I bike across the bridge and I see the first place girl. I keep biking and it looks like I am not getting close. I bike off the bridge and turn and bike down the hill. Now I cannot see her at all. Turn & twist, I keep biking. Uphill downhill turn and twist. I get back to the bridge and I can see her in the distance. I get back to transition and jump off my bike and take off my helmet and start running.

WP_20160312_010It rained the night before and we had to run in a big puddle and there was no way out. I ran through puddle without caring about it but I did fall with my hands on the dry side. I kept running and saw her in the distance. I crossed a road and kept going on the trail. I come out on the big open dirt road and I see her!


I keep running but I don’t think I can beat her. Someone on the course tells me to catch her. But I do not think I can get her.  I keep running we are now on the trail. I go up a hill and around and see the finish I run and finish. Dad told me that I was about 20 seconds behind her. I got 2nd.