Saturday, April 16, 2016

CEM Rescue Run 5K-Ariel & Robin-2016


April 16, 2016 – Grass Valley, CA




Ariel 44:15

Anna 44:16

Robin 23:59


Ariel, 1st in Age Group

Anna, 1st in AG

Robin, 1st in AG


Anne & Brad Thilges, Ben Thomas, Eden Rock, Ken Campbell, Lauren Langhofer

Ariel’s Story (Anna Paced)


I line up with Anna on the start line. We all pray together and then they say “go!” We run around a cone and start to climb up a hill. I tell Anna I’m already tired! When we got to the top we then ran down. Then we see these girls. Two of them look about my age and another is young and looks almost my age. Anna encourages me to catch them and I do. We climbed again and then went down across three bridges. One of the girls is right behind me.

We got on a canal and a girl was playing a ukulele. I like that the canal is flat. We met up with some grown up runners. We pass some and some pass us. I have gotten further ahead of that one girl. I feel so thirsty and get some water at an Aid Station.

The course turned off the canal and we went up more hills! I start complaining that I feel so weak. Then Anna says what if you see the smiley face (which means the race is now downhill and almost over) and I say I won’t be as weak. Right then I see the smiley face…yeah! I run as 160416_cem5k_anna_ariel_finishfast as I can down the hill and soon we come back to the Aid station. I hear my Mom calling our names. I look through the trees and see her. I start running faster.

We meet up with Mommy and Anna pretends that she and Mommy are chasing me like burglars. Soon I can see the finish line! I run very, very fast and I finish the race. I feel great! I’m so happy I was able to stay in front of those girls!  Anna and I win our age groups too!

Robin’s Story


Feeling a bit tired this morning but still excited to support this awesome ministry.  As I’m warming up, I run into an old childhood friend of Troy’s, Ben Thomas.  He and his wife Jen are training for their first marathon.  He looks like a natural runner and I”m sure will do well!

We line up and the director of Christian Encounter Ministries says a prayer.  This is a treat and unique part of this event.  To God be the Glory today for sure!

Ready, set, go!  I and my virtual partner (aka Me last year) start the race.  I hope to beat Me or at least run the same pace.  After a short flat section, it’s uphill!  This race is probably 70% climbing which makes it challenging physically and mentally.  It does flatten out and dips down to one of the CEM’s ponds.  Over a few bridges and it’s up to the canal.  One of the CEM students is playing her ukulele.  Its nice motivation!

MIle 1 is 8:19.  I’m already behind Me but not giving up hope yet!  Aw, love the flat canal!  It’s a nice break but it’s still tough.  I can really feel the fatigue!  I grab some water at the aid station.  It’s warm already out here and I’m thirsty!

Mile 2 is 7:26.  I’m still behind Me but working back until we turn off the canal and go up again!  I forgot about this part.  Ugh!  Well, just got to make it to the downhill!  I’m am able to see folks coming up the canal road as I’m running across the way and parallel.  I hope to see Ariel!  Anna is pacing her sister today since she has her Happy Kids Du tomorrow.

We again connect with the canal and I know I’m home free now!  Downhill, here I come.  I pass the ukulele, get off the canal and hit the downhill.  Woo-whoo!!

Mile 3 is 7:20.  I see the finish line and finish strong.  My time was slower than Me but not far off.  I’ll take it!  Thank you Lord!  That was very tough!  It’s so good to be done.  I turn around and head out to see Ariel and Anna in.  I hope it’s going well!